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  1. eprovenzano

    New to me 2001 KTM 380 EXC Update

    The plastics are stock 2001 with a new number plate.
  2. eprovenzano

    Stuck carb slide YZ 125

    It was running pretty good but when he took it for a spin it died when he got back to the house. No biggie I thought it was almost out of gas. A few days later he went to ride it and it just wouldn't run. I could tell it was flooding out but couldn't figure out why. I could ride it but it was difficult to keep running. I pulled the carb and find this With the pilot jet dislodged I can't believe it ran at all. Lol. While it's off and sitting on the bench I'll clean everything again just to be sure all is well. We have s big ride planned for the weekend and I want it to be ready
  3. eprovenzano

    Stuck carb slide YZ 125

    I realize the jetting is not perfect, but at this time I'd rather let the new owner enjoy his new toy before jumping back into the carb... I'll address it within a few weeks.... after he's had some seat time.
  4. eprovenzano

    Stuck carb slide YZ 125

    Pulled the carb so I could get to the slide. Moved the clip from the 3rd spot to the 2nd. Started the bike and the idle was much higher than before. (Where it needed to be). Started with the air screw at 2 turns, after tweaking it's at 3 +. Its still running a little rich, as Its still a little slightly blubbery but much much improved. Yes I could move the needle clip to the top spot. But I'd rather let the new owner ride it 1st and then make that decision The new owner finally got a chance to ride his new bike. He's been riding my rescued KDX, but the YZ has a lot more punch. The look on his face as he roared by... Priceless. This project was really fun and I suspect will only get better with time.
  5. eprovenzano

    Stuck carb slide YZ 125

    Thanks guys. I looked the the carb last night. I had no choice but to force the slide up and out of the carb. I cleaned everything with carb cleaner and it is now smooth as butter. The slide did have some white "gunk" on it. Yes it's worn, but I'm thinking it was just from sitting too long. I did get to take it around the house a little. I know the jets are open, as it idled well, and the top end is strong once you work to get it there.... It's the low to middle is where is blubbery.. I adjusted the air screw with little success. It's running to rich (too much fuel) not enough air. So I'll drop the needle one notch and will reset the air screw back to 2 turns out and adjust from there. With a newly rebuilt bottom end with all new seals plus and a new top end, the compression of the engine is completely different than before thus requiring an adjustment in jetting After a little more adjusting and the new owner will have a bike he can enjoy.
  6. eprovenzano

    Stuck carb slide YZ 125

    My son's friend purchased his 1st dirt bike, a non running 91 YZ125. It had a bad crank, (lower rod bearing) and a new top end that was ruined because the bottom end was trashed (I hate when someone thinks a new top end on a bad crank is a good idea)... We rebuilt the engine with a new / used crank (no play in main bearing) new crank bearing, new top end, and a lot of cleaning of internal and external parts... Considering its age, all internals were really in great shape.. We assembled the engine and she fired up without an issue... We ran her through a few heat cycles just to make sure there were no leaks, and all fluids were staying where they are supposed to be... Other then a higher then normal idle everything seemed to be fine. We rode the bike around the house a few times, and all was well. My son and the new owner loaded the bikes to have a day of fun doing their best Ricky Carmichael impressions... When they get to the track, they find the throttle on the YZ is stuck at 1/2 throttle. To troubleshoot, they removed the carb from their boots. They removed the screws from the top of the carb they tried to pull the slide out of the carb, but it wouldn't budge, it's stuck... I rebuilt the motor, but did not open the carb... yes I know better, but they wanted to get out and ride... and honestly after the heat cycles and riding it around the house, the last thing I would I expect to happen is a stuck slide... The bike is now bike in my garage / work shop with the carb hanging by the throttle cable. Since the bolts on top of the carb have been removed, the carb cap and spring are out about an inch. The slide is up about an inch as well... Before I left for work this morning, I sprayed PB blaster silicone spray onto the top of the slide. The silicone did flow down over the slide, Tonight when I get home, I'll pull the bottom of the carb off to maybe see why the needle is stuck or possibly a piece of dirt / debris is keeping the slide from moving... If I can't see anything obviously wrong, I'm thinking I may need to put the carb into boiling water for a little bit to hopefully free it up... Just looking for any suggestions or tricks to free up the slide...
  7. eprovenzano

    Rebuilding 1991 YZ 125 need manual

    Thanks guys... I appreciate all the help and suggestions
  8. My son's friend getting into bikes (on a shoe string budget) picked up a 91 YZ 125. The PO told him it needed crank bearings, but it had a new top end. Well the dummy put a new top end on a bad crank... so yep he roached the new top end.. (I hate when people do that..) My son's friend picked up the bike for $300... Everything other than the motor is is excellent shape... I was quite surprised by it's overall condition. Swingarm and linkage bearings are tight and well greased, wheel bearing are tight, there's a little play in the steering stem bearing, but for now we'll just service them. I pulled the motor, pulled the cylinder, and split the cases. Honestly other then the bad crank and roached piston, it's in great shape for its age. Since this is his 1st big, I'm teaching him how to maintain his bike. I'd like to pass along a manual with the bike if I can find one... Does anybody have a 91 - 93 YZ 125 manual, or if you could point me towards one, I'd really appreciate it.
  9. My son's friend is getting into the hobby of riding dirt bikes and is looking at picking up a 98 CR125. Based on the pic I've seen and the details I was given from the CO, for the price it's not too bad of a purchase (especially since they may work out a payment plan.) CO claims new top end with receipts. From what I can tell from the pic, plastics are decent (may have been painted,hard to tell in the pic), chain way too loose, (can't tell condition of sprockets) worn rear tire, front seems OK for now, broken clutch perch (still functional, but needs replaced) and the seat was cut down to the base... My son's friend as all young adults are... is a little short of cash so I'm trying to head off any potential money pits... I'm not familiar with Honda's of that era and am looking for a little advice... The clutch perch and seat / seat foam will be replaced. I'll be the one to teach him how to maintain the bike... Other than the usual items to look for on an older used bike (wheel bearings, brake pads / rotors, swing arm bearing, linkage bearings, fork seals, steering stem bearings), are there any other issues I need to look for... Example Suzuki's have soft clutch baskets and are prone to wear... I'm thinking more along the lines of clutch issues, ignition, tranny, starting, jetting etc. I'm hoping this model is reliable... As with any young person with a new bike... they just want to ride... I just want it to be safe and reliable... Thanks for any and all feedback
  10. eprovenzano

    KDX220R buyer help

    Not to hyjack the thread, but I've had to overcome a few issues with my 91 KDX. I've found if you need power valves for your 89-93 KDX contact Brock at BDK Racing http://bdkraceeng.co.uk/tc/products.php?253. They're made of stainless steel... you'll never have to replace them again... A water pump from a 95+ can be made to fit... The input shaft is the same, the gear is the same, the output shaft needs to be machined down and shortened..
  11. eprovenzano

    Ktm 200 exc harder to start when hot.

    Pinging is lean, hard start when warm / is lean, she needs more fuel. I'd try moving the clip position. I think your too lean on the clip position.
  12. eprovenzano

    1991 KDX 200 basket case reborn

    Well I finally got to take the 2 honey for a spin around the house. First off let's get this straight... I've been riding bid bore bikes for most of my adult life... What I've found is she doesn't have the snap of my KTM 380, but she's not supposed to either... To me it was a little toy... A fun toy... The power was pretty smooth nothing too abrupt... Plenty of power to get you there, and more than enough to put a smile on your face . It will be the perfect buddy bike I'm glad I took on this project ... Overall including the bike purchase I have around $450 in it. Since it will be a buddy bike I know it's going to get dropped, plastics scratched, etc. so what... This is what I bought it for. It will be nice to have a buddy bike to help introduce our hobby to others interested in trying out our sport. My wife who was against this project from the beginning said wow you did a nice job... Then she asks why didn't you replace the broken shroud instead of fixing it... Because I was trying to be as cheap as I could... And every time I bought parts for this bike you complained. Yea she drives me crazy...
  13. eprovenzano

    Drowned kx125

    Just saw this thread... don't be afraid of a drowned bike if the PO did the proper sequence after the bike was drowned... If you drown a bike. pull the spark plug, kick or put the bike in gear and spin the rear wheel to get the water out of the combustion chamber. Remove the air filter, Stand the bike up on the rear wheel to ensure all water is out of the exhaust... reinstall plug, and kick, bump start the bike... ride the piss out of it, get the engine warm (hot) to drive off any moisture... When you get the bike back to civilization, change the tranny fluid, clean the air filter, and check swing arm and linkage bearings. Pull the exhaust the and look at the piston... look for any scarring. The type of water the bike is drown in makes a huge difference... clean / clear water... not too big on an issue.. muddy, dirty water... plan on doing some motor work...
  14. eprovenzano

    Drive Shaft & Output Shaft Stuck ...

    I'll bet the crank isn't centered... When you 1st pulled / installed the crank into the crankcase 1/2, are you sure it bottomed out? If it's not in all the way, even by a fraction of an inch, when you put the other case 1/2 on and torque it down, its putting pressure on one of the bearings causing the crank to be bound up...