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    450 HP Numbers

    2003 YZ450F: High Compression JE Piston Ported Head Hot Cams Jardine Ti System Tuned Carb Modified Airbox This MX bike put out slightly over 53 RWHP, does'nt sound like much ? But, you know what? It was usually the first bike to the first turn and was never passed on a straitaway with a 300+ lb. rider! btw: The complete bike or motor is for sale!
  2. YZDAD1

    Rim Choices...

    $600 kit, $700 laced.
  3. YZDAD1

    Rim Choices...

    Sent pictures to all who inquired...........
  4. YZDAD1

    Rim Choices...

    Go with Excell, you will not be sorry. I've purchased some "deep deal" wheels and had to replace them after only one ride!!!! BTW, I've got a complete set of black excells, buchanan heavy duty spokes, yamaha hubs, pivot works bearings, etc. to make a complete pair. I'll sell them as a kit or laced up and ready to go, your choice. send me an email address and I'll forward some pics.
  5. YZDAD1

    262 kit and AMA rules?

    That's why I took the overbore pistons/kits out of my boy's bikes and went back to stock bore. By the way, you can check them out for sale at the "Auction site" http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4559535204&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4559538828&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  6. YZDAD1

    tuners and engine builders

    My goodness, I never realized the motorsports industry was like that.......... LOL!
  7. YZDAD1

    Looking for a top triple clamp...

    I've got a nice Billet "Fly" top clamp for 1"1/8th bars. Excellent condition, my Son is sponsored this year and I have to change brands. $50 blmen@cass.net or 734-279-2731
  8. YZDAD1

    Called dealer/RECALL

    Several in stock at my local dealer, seen them today. Magnum Powersports 1-888-242-4FUN.
  9. YZDAD1

    Ron Woods Intake Dyno! Terrible!!!

    LOL!!! I'm sorry if I misinterpreted your statement, but knowing you.....I don't think so! Anyway, has anyone hooked up an EGT about 1.5-2" off the exhaust port exit and matched it with an air/fuel number? Just a thought......
  10. YZDAD1

    Wiseco High Comp Pistons??

    I ran the Wiseco high compression 97mm in my son's '03 450 all last year with no issues. Took it apart and it looks like it's ready for more (needs rings is all) pin bore & wrist pin are fine too along with no damage to crank or piston skirts.. JE makes a great piston as well.By the way, the Honda "05 can use the '04 piston if you relieve it to clear the piston squirter (Hmmn, would the Wiseco also clear the crank if it would have been relieved/checked? ) Is CP currently making any dirt bike pistons? They will/should be good also. Vertex should be real good too, although I currently have no experience with their products. By the way, with the 97mm high comp Wiseco, Hot Cams, ported head & Full titanium Jardine system it made 53 rear wheel HP.
  11. YZDAD1

    Help! I need a shock

    I've got one for you, real nice $125 delivered.
  12. YZDAD1


    You can try or do a couple of things. Yes you could "double up" the base gasket, or better yet get an aluminum shim style base gasket of the correct/needed thickness. Are you running the OEM Yamaha gaskets or Cometic? I've seen a difference with them "squishing". Or, you can trim the lid of the piston the necessary amount and run the base gasket you have (that's what I do). If it's only knocking at idele and runs well, I'd be surprised if you don't find light contact between the head and piston. By the way, you may find it only hits on a side (left or right) which could warrant an inspection of crankcase to cylinder and crankshaft all being "true to the world". Good luck and keep looking, I'm pretty confident with Wiseco pistons (JEs Too!).
  13. YZDAD1

    JE Hi Comp... which ring?

    Use the "gold" one with the "silver face" , the "black" one is the second (scraper) ring when you have a conventional 3 ring stack.
  14. YZDAD1


    How does "rg" always seem to want to participate like this ? Is he crying for help ? Does he want to "come out" ? Let's get back to the motorcycles
  15. YZDAD1


    If it were me, I would take a real good look at the top of that piston and the deck of the head. You may be surprised to find that you have some contact there (is it the high compression piston?). I really doubt you'll hear an audible knock with a piston @ .004 versus .0015/.003. Especially after it warms up (that piston will seek out the cylinder wall). But you will hear the contact of a piston contacting the head (even lightly) or if you have the high compression piston and the air/fuel/spark is incorrect and it's detonating. I'd look beyond the piston a little bit further. Just my opinion amd some experience, "been there done that".
  16. YZDAD1

    Storm Rear Suspension Linkage

    He's got it for sale on "Ebay" right now. His new suspension does not require it. You can pick it up for a deal and test it. If you like it, you got it cheap . If you don't, relist it and let someone else give it a go..........
  17. Check it for an aftermarket replacement clutch cable. Sometimes they are too "universal" or mismarked/packaged. I had the same problem with our '03, bought the OEM Yamaha cable, problem solved.
  18. YZDAD1

    Opinions on stroked 426

    I have no issues with running or recommending Wiseco pistons, either in standard or high compression. They will give you good performance and service life at a good price too. I'm not sure but does'nt the "R.P.M.s & Eric Gorr" Kits use Wisecos? I've had real good performance & quality with JE pistons also. It's really your choice or stock OEM for your rebuilds, but they are only available in standard compression. I hear the new "Vertex" pistons are real good quality too, but I have not tested them yet.
  19. YZDAD1

    Opinions on stroked 426

    You can "static" measure the piston dome protrusion or how far down in the cylinder it is with an indicator either with the base gasket you want to run or without it and measure the base gasket thickness along with head gasket thickness and calculate what the minimum piston to head will be. "642MX", have you had the head back off since you put it together? If not, and it sounds like you've exhausted a lot of other potential problems you may want to pull it off and check for piston to head contact. Or if you know of someone with a borescope you could borrow, this would enable you to look through the spark plug hole and check. By the way, I ran Wiseco's this year in my boy's 450 (+2mm High Comp 53 RWHP) and 250F (+2mm High Comp 37 RWHP) and the pistons look absolutly perfect after a good season of racing/riding (pin bores,skirts,lids) I'll zyglo them and check for cracks, but they look like they have plenty of service life left in them.
  20. YZDAD1

    Fast Bike

    Are you the same "SlowOne" in TX that had the 426?
  21. YZDAD1

    Opinions on stroked 426

    Your partially correct, the domes are "bigger" (more volume) and take up more of the combustion chamber space. But, the aftermarket parts that we install in our "hot rods" are small production run components that may or may not match entirely to factory specs (even though they are high quality parts). I know that if a base or head gasket is a little thinner or a piston has a slightly different compression difference you can have the flats of the piston (or dome) smacking, tapping or "kissing" the head. This make an audible sound , mostly at idle that most take for granted as piston slap. And sometimes it goes away when the engine warms up because the piston swells up and stabilizes in the bore (less rocking) and the aluminumn engine itself can slightly grow and the noise subsides. Most hard core race engines have the piston to deck "cozied up" and will actuall touch slightly or be close enough that carbon never forms on the deck surface of the piston and head. The actual touching usually occurs during the overlap stroke as this is when the piston dome is unloaded, when the piston is on compression the actual compressing of the oil film, bearing clearance, rod deflection etc. allows the piston and head not to touch. Whew!
  22. YZDAD1

    Opinions on stroked 426

    No, I did not machine the stock piston down, I used a JE in this particular engine. I had plenty of time on this engine, my Son raced it in the 250 / Open Novice class and practice rode it on our practice track. If it was unreliable, we would know by now! "642MX" your "piston slap" may not be as much piston to bore slapping as much as "piston to head" hitting with your high compression setup. There real close, check it out.
  23. YZDAD1

    Opinions on stroked 426

    I would think if you wanted to go economically the stock head is fine. Also, are you looking to bore and stroke? Poweroll did not recomend the both of them together but being the "adventurous type" that I am I went with both since I was looking for the best bang for the buck. Poweroll likes to clip the lid of the stock piston 1mm (crank goes up 1mm and down 1mm = 2mm increase in stroke) Anyway, I thought that to be more of a reliability issue than an increase in bore and a good piston. By the way, the cost from Poweroll for the work is the same price with or without the piston machining!?!That part I was a little unhappy about, I guess they machine the piston for free ! Anyway, Cometic gasket company made me a thin aluminum spacer that I sandwiched between 2 base gaskerts and it created a leak free factory like installation. You really have to look hard to see the shim between the gaskets. It will make all your riding buddies with there newer 450's really twist their throttles to keep up! p.s. PM me for my low buck recipe to make this happen for minimal $$
  24. YZDAD1

    Opinions on stroked 426

    I used the Poweroll +2mm stroke crank mod ($394) with a JE +2mm piston (std.compression) along with porting the head, Thunder Alley Exhaust and 450 exhaust cam. Makes a 459cc engine with great power and torque and zero reliability issues after 2 seasons of use it's still going strong! I actually sold the engine to a fellow TT'r and as far as I know he's still riding it.
  25. I've got a YZ426 engine that I would like to sell someone for quad use as I cannot sell the bike it is in because everyone who rides it says "I've ridden stock 426's and this one pulls way harder! I have too much trouble hanging on and would have trouble riding/racing it" That said it consists of the following: 459cc +2mm JE piston with a +2mm stroke crank, ported head with Kibblewhite Stainless Valves, '03 YZ450 Exhaust Cam, Total Seal Gapless Piston Ring, Boysen water pump impeller. I'll also include an extra stock bore cylinder with a new JE piston along with the electronics & match tuned carb. $2K