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  1. bazzer450

    Red Bull Straight Rhythm

    Just make it a production rule ?? Anything that is available from the manufacturer simple. Just because a few manufacturers are innovators and the others have no interest in the in the technology ,shouldn't make it limiting . Besides this is just a spectacle .One that i thought was a lot more fun to watch than MEC. Nothing on the line, just a bunch of guys racing dirt bikes on a sat night !
  2. bazzer450

    Red Bull Straight Rhythm

    no . its the head ,cylinder, power valve,piston and sx ignition
  3. not sure what else you can do on a saturday night for around 10 bucks but ?? (https://www.supercrosslive.tv/plans?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc_search&utm_campaign=sx_vid_pass+mec+canada&gclid=Cj0KCQjwr4beBRDNARIsAGZaZ5c-C1PgcBgNMzH-GbQcKBzHmwjKTKg2jJkNhIRa_-ktUJBhWlwiV-YaAgnTEALw_wcB) also if you have telus tv in canada they have the channel .
  4. bazzer450

    rumor has it...

    Hmm ..It just keeps getting harder and harder to wave the ktm banner
  5. bazzer450

    Sonora Rally 2018

    ya I not sure on the power my 500xcw had no problems . heavy duty stator is most likely a good idea . The damper as well will help .
  6. bazzer450

    2015 vs 2016 350 XC-F

    Like Zach said ... Good luck finding one next summer ! They were hard enough to get this year. So I think the question would the 15 or a 17 if you plan on waiting You can do a lot with a couple grand in mods ... but you still dont have a new bike
  7. bazzer450

    Congratulations (golf clap)

    some of the other rags ... not so good
  8. bazzer450

    350 xcf or 340 xcw

    All you need to be is honest about your intent and what you want to do . The xcf is for sure more race oriented harder edged than the xcw .Is one better for gnarly ?? depends on the rider and how aggressive you ride and what kinda riding you do . You don't get many frills on the xc if all you do is slow technical trails and dont like to push or race the xc-w is the choice. My xc f does just fine in the gnarly and the faster pace stuff as well .
  9. bazzer450

    Xcf 350

    Good point ! With the 13/49 with out taking out a link you are length in the wheel base almost to the end.I didn't notice much difference in the steering but will pay attention next ride
  10. bazzer450

    Xcf 350

    Well I think the 50 would be fine if the riding was really tight and gnarly ... I found on the faster single track 2nd /3rd stuff the 49 is better the 50 really starts making the gears to short and you end up shifting to much and the power gets a little to snappy, and you start to lose some of the great traction you have with a little taller gear . So my favorite for the stuff I ride will be the 13/49
  11. bazzer450

    Xcf 350

    I just put on a 50 tonight I am going to try it tomorrow but I am thinking it might be to jumpy, but then I can just switch between a 13 and a 14 depending on the trails.but I really think the sweet spot is the 49
  12. bazzer450

    Xcf 350

    mine is in the garage. I know because the stock 14/50 is pretty fast for the single track and even more so for the track.I went to 13/49 I would use that gearing on the track it really helps second out for snap
  13. bazzer450

    Xcf 350

    To be honest I assumed 14 because my 15 sxf was 14 and my 16 xcf is 14 ìf you are right about the 13 tooth then of course I would be wrong In any case a lower gear combo might help out ?
  14. bazzer450

    Xcf 350

    Just a thought .. what gearing are you running ? I know that it works better with a 1 or 2 teeth bigger on the back . I would try 14/52 or 13/49 cheapest way to get a bit more snap ..don't think you need to worry about running outta speed with the xc
  15. I think you are missing the point of the 350 xcf ... you cant compare it to the wr if you want all the features you have with it you should stick to that. you will have all the same issues you discussed about the xc that you will with fx whether the 250/450. you are right about about the yamaha motor being bullet proof ! but I had over 200 hrs on my last 350 no problems at all I haven't ridden the fx series from Yamaha but that would be your bike to bike comparison like you said you would have to work on the suspension on either one and if you can do it on the kyb you will be able to on the 4cs this years valving is the best yet I think. depreciation ... I dont think its any worse /better than anything else I think it is just there is more of them around .. I think if you are considering a 350 you should look at the husky It might hit all your marks.