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  1. Was the bike burning oil before you went end over end? If not then just fill it back up and run the bike for about five minutes and see if it stops smoking. I did the same thing on a steep downhill. The oil came in through the breather and my bike looked liked a bad two stroke. If the bike is still burning oil after 5 or 10 mins then you should look at other things. Lee
  2. Here is a file that has a detail manual for the fork and how to take it apart. It's for the 43mm but not much different then the 48's. It's a big file and could take awhile to download. Lee http://leemarple.home.attbi.com/520_FORK_REPAIR.pdf
  3. Lee520

    Water pump shaft seals

    Hey guys thanks for the info, I should have posted this before I reinstalled my seals. I now know I can not drive those seals into the carrier without damaging them, good thing they are only 2.00 apiece. Pressing them in is the only way to go. I am still curious if you can install them the other way into the carrier?
  4. I noticed when I replaced my water pump shaft seals the open part of the seal was facing out when installed in the carrier. This makes it a very touchy operation when you reinstall these seals because there is not much of a lip to press these back into the carrier. Has anyone tried to install them the other way. With the open part of the seal facing in towards the carrier? It leave a much larger surface to press against when reinstalling them??? I can not see any difference in the way the rubber will seal against the shaft either way they are put on. Lee
  5. Lee520

    HOT INFO on full synthetic oil

    Not all auto oils are low in phosphorous and zinc. Check out Mobile One 15/50. http://www.ibmwr.org/otech/oilreport.html#charta Lee
  6. Here is a site that has done a fairly comprehensive study on motorcycle oil vs auto oil. It will take some time to get through it all but the graphs will help. http://www.ibmwr.org/otech/oilreport.html#charta One interesting conclusion: "Mobil 1 motorcycle oil: is it worth buying? The viscosity of this bike oil has been changed from Mobil 1's standard 15W-50 to 20W-50. This just happens to be what Harley specs for their bikes. If you smell a marketing ploy here, you may want to trust your nose. The additive package appears the same amongst all the 50 weight Mobil 1 oils." Lee
  7. Lee520

    My rear is killing me.....

    A little Baby Powder works wonders
  8. StormTrooper you must not be riding the "New" 03 Model KTM. It's the one with no metal-to metal contact in the motor or the transmission and you can only get them in Canada. If you are ridding one of those US models then you need the zinc in your oil as an extreme pressure, anti- wear additive. The zinc is only used when there is actual metal to metal contact in the engine (US Model KTM). Hopefully your oil will do its job by forming a cushion or buffer between the moving parts and this will rarely occur. Now as for the SS Filters...... Lee
  9. From what I've read Exxon did not change to a SuperSyn additive due to government regulations. It was to allow Mobile 1 to pass a much wider battery of industry oil standards. The ingredients of this additive is still secret so who knows if it's better or worse for your motorcycle. As far as motorcycle specific oils yes they do add more Zinc and Phosphorous then auto oils. The zinc in your oil comes into play only when there is actual metal-to-metal contact within your engine, which should never occur under normal operating conditions. I believe the main thing about any oil is how long you keep it in your motorcycle and how you ride it. In my Harley I use a motorcycle specific oil because I change it every 5000 miles. The oil I use in my KTM is change every 150 to 200 miles. Under those conditions I do not think it matters which oil I use as long as it does not have the Energy Conserving label. I use the Synthetic oil because it handles heat better and leaves very little residue in your engine and clutch. If I was racing all the time in extreme conditions, (hot and high rpm's) then I would use a motorcycle specific synthetic oil to give me the added protection. To answer your other question yes I changed from a Synthetic to a Semi to see if it would help in the clutch growl first thing in the morning. The first ride was better but by the second ride it was back. I am now going back to the full Synthetic Oil (15/50 Mobile 1). Lee
  10. Lee520

    Lights : On/Off Switch?

    If you use the hi/low switch to go on/off then you would be limited to either high, low, or both but you could not switch between them unless you use the second switch. But yes it should work with a little experimenting. Lee
  11. So Mobile can charge twice as much for the oil?? It's kind of funny that two years ago Mobile had no problem with using the 15/50 auto oil in motorcycles. Now that they have a motorcycle specific oil the 15/50 "Auto" oil is bad for your bike?? Lee
  12. Well here is another "informed" site on the subject of Synthetic oil, they seem to know what they are talking about. http://www.performanceoiltechnology.com/syntheticsslipperinessandwetclutches.htm http://www.performanceoiltechnology.com/convertingtoamsoil.htm Myself I have used Mobile One 15/50 for two year now. A year and a half in my 520 and six months in my 450 without any problems at all. Recently I tried a Synthetic Blend and it stopped some of the growl when starting in 2nd gear or first thing in the morning. From everything I have read Synthetic just protect your engine better then Non Synthetics. Since I am no expert and have no way to test them, all I can do is read what other Experts have said about the subject then make my own decision. I think everyone will have to do the same. I am not trying to convince anybody one way or the other just passing on info. For me I will always use a Synthetic oil or Blend in my bike, and my truck. Lee
  13. Lee520

    Headlight question...

    The nice thing about the 03 450 EXC is you can switch to the high beam by changing the wires on the back of the bulb if you are not getting enough light from the stock setting. You may have been able to do this on other year models, not sure since this is the first EXC I have owned. Lee
  14. My intent here was not to start the great debate over Oil brand or type. I believe that has been discussed to some length and everybody has their own opinion and preference. I was just interested if anyone else has changed from a Synthetic to a Semi Synthetic and noticed less clutch slipping. The Mobile One I used was the 15/50 red cap, and the Semi was a brand without the friction modifiers. Lee
  15. Lee520

    Front caliper rebuild HELP

    You see thats the problem with the Honda it's just to fast, so when you crash you break more bike and body parts. I'm much slower on the KTM so I do not have that problem. Now thats informative!! O'ya I agree, Pat I would check those pins in the caliper to see if your brakes pads are floating freely. If not only one side will be pushing against the rotor and it will cause the problem you described. If that doesn't work "sell it and buy a KTM" Lee