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  1. californiacarver

    Enduro settings for aer 48 fork

    Interesting might have to give it a try. Bike seems a little harsh in the roots and rocks I feel like it could be better. New to me 2017 350 XC-f 220lbs need more time to ride to be certain.
  2. californiacarver

    Saturday Feb 23

    Hooked up yesterday with the 707 riders @ Indian Valley. Lots riders 12-15 in the 707 group alone with approx. 20-25 in other mixed groups. Never been then before it lots of road with parallel connectors. Place is already drying out fast due to very porous terrain. We didn't ride the technical stuff due to the size and ability of the crew. There is some good hill climbs that can be fun and challenging. All in all its good place if you need a fix from all the other closures an after a rain.
  3. californiacarver

    Saturday Feb 23

    I'm down for a lap. Be surprised if Gtown is open. If so maybe mid morning to let the dirt warm up. Many years ago rode some awesome single track around Concow when the snow levels dropped. Sure the Camp Fire and other measures have put that area out of commission. Anybody Know?
  4. californiacarver

    Ranch Fire Impact Update

    It's a little hike with 40-50lb pack to launch pad from top side 17n63 and trail 34 meet. The real hiking starts when you land out in the middle of no where. Launch faces east and can be seen as your driving down into Davis Flat. We were granted permission by the forest service few years back to bring in the heavy duty astro turf. Hopefully its not a big melted mess. Ok enough blabbering about Paragliding. Itchin to ride
  5. californiacarver

    Ranch Fire Impact Update

    Yes that is pre-fire footage. What I'm hearing is the fire stopped near the Potatoe Hill ridge-line. But the good canopy riding above might be scorched.
  6. californiacarver

    Ranch Fire Impact Update

    Yes we fly from Spring into the Fall. Link to the current Paraglider Open Distance Record for Potato Hill. https://ayvri.com/scene/gdkz46225z/cjs6g489000013b64w4hew0lo
  7. californiacarver

    Ranch Fire Impact Update

    Not my video but here you launching from Potatoe Hill. Going bat shit crazy with this weather. Next season might need to convert the 501 into a Snow Bike. Not sure how much of a presence Snow Biking has in Nor Cal. Anyone has one got to try it for the first time a few weeks ago what a freaking hoot!!
  8. californiacarver

    california Ranch Fire Impact Update

    Thought I would share a post below from Paragliding Group. As we launch from Potatoe Hill, St, Johns and Middle Creek which is impacted as well. Sounds like its going to be a while. UUuughh The status of the Ranch Fire area hasn't changed. The area remains closed under Forest Order No. 08-18-17. The information is posted here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd603582.pdf We are in the process of defining our Hazard Tree Management project which involves approximately 7,500 acres where hazard trees need to be treated. This work needs to be done prior to reopening areas. The winter weather always impacts our forest roads so that will be something that needs to be addressed when conditions allow our employees to evaluate areas again. We are also exploring opportunities for volunteer events and should have more information on that in late spring or early summer. We understand people wanting to return to their favorite recreation areas and we are doing everything we can to reasonably reduce risks and reopen areas as quickly as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions. Sincerely, Punky Moore Public Affairs Officer 530-934-1137
  9. californiacarver

    Back in the Saddle - Georgetown Thursday Ride Jan 31

    Nice meeting you fellas. Thanks for letting me tag along. Good day with primo conditions.
  10. californiacarver

    Back in the Saddle - Georgetown Thursday Ride Jan 31

    Any objections with a tag along? Not sure if I can squeeze out of work yet. Should be primo