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    I'm on vacation, so I probably won't respond as normal.
    Still need 84/85 KX80 front end, PM for details.
    I do bad things to unloved and abused PW80s.; Resistance is not futile, resistance is voltage divided by current.
    I may not be able to avoid growing old, but I'm trying real hard to avoid growing up.

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  1. Smacaroni

    power modifications

  2. Smacaroni

    power modifications

    The one that opens first seems to make sense it would be thinner, or perhaps both the same thickness since the early opening ones would be finger shaped while the late opening one would not.
  3. Smacaroni

    power modifications

    See if you can get dual stage reeds. Boyesen makes them for the 80, so maybe they make one for the 50.
  4. Smacaroni

    power modifications

    That's what I thought. How does your pipe line up against the reeds? You want to ensure the opening end of the reed cage isn't restricted. If anything, I would flatten the reed opening side to maximize the area while reducing obstruction. The "back side" isn't going to net any gains.
  5. Smacaroni

    power modifications

    What's the recess for? Can you post the original? Again, I've only messed with the 80s, never the 50s, so I think I know, but I'm not sure. Showing me the factory piece, I may have some suggestions.
  6. Smacaroni

    How to tame a monster

    Change the sprockets so the torque isn't applied as hard, granted, it will be faster top speed. Take timing out assuming you can adjust the stator position. Be sure to mark the current timing. Put a fender washer in the exhaust, this will reduce the efficiency of the expansion chamber causing it to put less fresh charge back in the cylinder. This is a race bike, maybe you should consider stepping your rider down to something that won't scare the crap out of him? It's very important to make little kids feel like they're in control. If they feel scared all the time, they'll eventually tell you they simply do not want to ride any more and that's far worse than buying a different bike.
  7. Smacaroni

    DS-80 dies when under any load, will idle, won't pull...

    Ok, I don't have experience with the DS80, but I do have experience with the oil injectors on many bikes. They work very well. Many have problems as soon as you think you've outsmarted the engineers and "converted it to premix". Some bikes will actually suffer catastrophic failure when the oil injection is bypassed as these specifically inject oil into areas that do not get enough oil. Put it back to stock oil injection. Unfortunately I don't have any parts for that bike, but I bet eBay does.
  8. Smacaroni

    DS-80 dies when under any load, will idle, won't pull...

    My next guess is something electronic. Pull all the plugs apart, clean all the contacts, clean all the grounds. Look for frayed our distorted wireds.
  9. Smacaroni

    DS-80 dies when under any load, will idle, won't pull...

    Intake leak? Spray carb cleaner around all the joints. If the RPMS change, you've got a leak
  10. Smacaroni

    power modifications

    Remember there's only one gear on the PW50, so you need a wide power band. You can make a lot of power with a 50cc smoker, but the cost is the power band is very narrow. Good luck. Also, I suggest you start a thread on your experiments as you learn from others, others can learn from you.
  11. Smacaroni

    power modifications

    You can always try. If you can build an exhaust to match your PW's port timing, I bet you can get a good result. Still will be less gain than moving from a toddler bike to a mini trail or race bike, but cheaper, so long as you already have the tools. I've not used this, but check it out: http://www.torqsoft.net/exhaust-design.html I'm pretty sure this is the one I started messing with, however, my fabrication skills are lagging behind my imagination. http://www.iwt.com.au/private/Pipe_dsn.zip I simply don't have the time to actually do any pipe work. The first one is web based, the second requires download and unzip. Good luck.
  12. Smacaroni

    power modifications

    Look at the boutique 50s, Cobra and such. Be warned, they're much more maintenance intensive. A used XR50 should be around $600 this time of year. You'll spend a lot more than that in home upgrades. Plus it'll be a 3-speed transmission.
  13. Smacaroni

    Suzuki JR80 compression?

    reeds, head and base gasket, what does the piston look like? Not an expert by any means, but a PW80 with a new top end 80PSI is acceptable.
  14. Smacaroni

    power modifications

    You wasted your time messing with the oil injector, 35:1 is too lean. Put it back in, sell it and buy a CRF50. It's a toddler bike. The only improvements you can make that are of any significant value are QT50 rear end and YT60 cylinder.