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  1. 01erionracing

    Pics of your street legal Dirt Bikes

    Thanks for the suggestion BBdirtbiking. i am wotking on the fron LED blinkers.
  2. 01erionracing

    Pics of your street legal Dirt Bikes

    Thanks for the suggestion. I am working on the front LED turn signal.
  3. I think it looks good but I dont see the transfer switch?
  4. 01erionracing

    Class-C RV mpg

    Mine is 2001 E450 26' get 8-10 mpg wihout trailer and 6-8mpg with 18' enclosed trailer in the back.
  5. Alex951 For the 110 volt I bought 1 small power distribution box with double blade 2 circuit braker from local Home Depot. I run total 4 AC outlets at 4 corners and 1 inlet from the outside. I then made 1x20-30 feet extension cord heavy duty gauge (12-10 gauge) with both male end, 1 connect to the trailer inlet(outside) and the other end either to generator or shore power. On the 12 volt DC, I run double # 2 gauge cable positive and negative from 2000 watts inverter to the battery cut off switch and to the 2x12 volt deep cycle battery.The inverter use to power the microwave and indoor flood light. Sorry I dont have any picture of the completed project and I will try to take more picture and will post later.
  6. 01erionracing

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    2000 KX 250 and 2002 CR250