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  1. jchantzWR400F

    Gray wire mod

    Exactly what he said. Man it's funny how information gets out there.
  2. jchantzWR400F

    Help-2000 WR400 won't start?

    Oh, and the fuel is on when the petcock is in the vertical position, not horizontal.
  3. jchantzWR400F

    Help-2000 WR400 won't start?

    Put in a fresh plug. Cold: (1). Choke out (2). 1 twist of throttle (3). Kick slowly down until the lever becomes hard to push (4). Take foot off of kick lever (bring to top) (5). Pull in compression release and give kick lever 1/4 kick down (6). Let off of compression release and bring kick lever to top again (7). Kick firmly down through full kick range Warm: (1). No Choke, No throttle twisting!!!, repeat steps above. Hot (as in just dropped): 1. Hot start out and then repeat above. No throttle twisting. No Choke.
  4. jchantzWR400F

    05 wr450 cam mod and hard to start

    Cannot do this mod on the 03 and newer WR's. In order to get YZ timing, you'll have to get a YZ exhaust cam.
  5. jchantzWR400F

    Dr. Mark-some shoulder help...

  6. jchantzWR400F

    Dr. Mark-some shoulder help...

    Well, that pretty much confirms the rotator cuff idea. Thanks for the link. OK, last question.... If people like myself, that have these symptoms, choose not to change whatever routine is normal, and can live with the discomfort, are we risking and inevitable rotator cuff tear? I know it's probably difficult to predict, but are we talking 1 in 2 or 1 in 10, etc...
  7. jchantzWR400F

    Dr. Mark-some shoulder help...

    Quick background, because I can't narrow this down to any one-time event. I experience pain (just enough to make a funny face) in my right shoulder when doing things like putting on a coat or stretching arms over head or trying to reach behind my back from time to time. Some days are better than others. I'm 30 years old and play the following in their perspective seasons: Golf (10 times per year), Softball (summer/fall league), Basketball (winter league) and of course, Riding (whenever permitted). I also lift free weights 3 times per week. Sometimes, my shoulder just aches. I notice the pain mostly on the upper outside of the shoulder (not really muscle sore, morel like joint ache). Sometimes, I feel the pain on the inside of my upper bicep area (again, not really muscle pain) The only other strange thing, is that when I wake up the morning, it seems to ache the most. No real weakness to report. My job is not physically demanding/nor repetitive for the muscles. Could this be Rotator Cuff related? Maybe an Arthritic condition? Thanks in advance for reporting anything similar that you've seen that relates. -Chantz
  8. jchantzWR400F

    2003 WR450 Dying on trail

    Have you dumped it hard recently? I had this happen 1 time out. Bike would run, then die for no reason. Then start, run for a while and cut out. Turned out that after a recent getoff, I must have damaged the kill switch. So, I cut the wire and taped both ends off. Bike ran like normal the rest of the day. Doesn't sound exactly like what you have, but, it's an easy place to start.
  9. jchantzWR400F

    Radiator braces or Guards or both?

    Another vote for Unabiker.
  10. jchantzWR400F

    Grey wire mod linked to engine smoking???

    Good to know and thanks for the insight. I'm used to hearing people say to "advance" the ex cam 1 tooth "clockwise" in order to acheive YZ timing (12 pins). It saves on the confusion and seems to be generally acceptable. I wasn't sure if he was mixing up how to do the mod or what. Certainly don't want people going to 14 pins. It seems that when explaining this mod to someone who has not done it, one should say to advance the ex cam 1 tooth clockwise.
  11. jchantzWR400F

    Grey wire mod linked to engine smoking???

    Someone needs to go back and read the past posts on doing this mod. The stock WR exhaust cam timing is retarded (13 pins between 12:00 timing marks on ex cam and in cam) If you advance the ex cam 1 tooth you will have 12 pins between 12:00 timing marks. Therefore, you have advanced the timing to near YZ spec.
  12. jchantzWR400F

    Thinking of parting out...

    99 WR400. Engine runs flawlessly (no shifting problems, no other recognizable issues). Rims, Hubs, straight and in great shape. Plastic, ProTaper Bars, Seat and Tank (Clarke 3.1 w/ YZ seat-troy graphics cover) all in very good shape. Rubber is in near new shape (Kenda on the front and M-12 on the back). WhiteBros pipe. This is a very low hour bike for the year. Anyone needed anything? PM me. http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e321/jchantz/DSC00275.jpg
  13. jchantzWR400F

    doesn't wanna start HOT

    Also, if you've got a 2001, it's not a 400. It's a 426. You should only have to pull the hot-start knob if you lay the bike over and flood it. Otherwise, it should start. If not, check plug, jetting, valves (in that order).
  14. jchantzWR400F

    WR426 Valve check...? Need a little help.

    only if you swap out the wr exhaust cam for the yz exhaust cam and it ain't free. this free mod was only good for 98-02 models.
  15. jchantzWR400F

    WR426 Valve check...? Need a little help.

    I understand where you're coming from. I also struggled with this when I first tried to switch to YZ timing. I was looking at the picture in the manual and it didn't look like the E and I marks were lining up like they should (according to the pic in the manual) with the head. I wouldn't sweat it. It's not going to look exactly like the pic in the manual.