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  1. bergy33

    Stupid TE/TC exhaust question

    I have a FMF Q for sale, used it a few times, $200.00 jaharris@eubnet.org.
  2. bergy33

    Looking for stock 04 3-clamp.

    I have a set of FBF for 04 Husky for $250.00 with stem and bearings, and I'm in east TN! jaharris@eubnet.org
  3. bergy33

    FBF Triple clamps

    If anyone orders the Fast By Ferriaci triple clamps, be sure to order everything, when I got mine all I got was the top and bottom clamp, then I had to order stem, bearings, nut, and race's separate. Now I'm selling all my Husky stuff, so the clamps, and a FMF Q will be listed in the for sale stuff.
  4. bergy33

    Just Got My Te510!!!

    How did you get a 510 in CA so quick? I thought the distributer was in PA. I am waiting to get mine and was told next week at the earliest and I live in the eastern US.
  5. bergy33

    IMS tank 2004 TC/TE

    If I get my 05 510 I will be selling my IMS tank, also have some FBF triple Clamps that will be for sell , but I won't know until next week as to when I get the new bike.
  6. bergy33

    Scotts Damper Collar

    I modified a KTM post and almost had it working, almost! so I ended up with a weld on for the 450, but I like the bolt on for the 510.
  7. bergy33

    510 flywheel weight & high seat foam

    That's what I want to hear! This Husky is fast, but I am a momentum rider (shift up and work the clutch), the 450 wants to be ridden more aggresive, and it will go! I am concerned with the "big" feel that more displacement has, but I hope that isn't a problem. The KTM 520 felt great til I got a 450, it felt like a mini bike! and I was faster on the 450, but I'm having trouble getting the Husky 450 to fit my style, I think a 510 will work.
  8. bergy33

    Scotts Damper Collar

    I called Scotts and all they make for a Husky is a weld on stem for the stabilizer, does anybody make a collar for a Husky?
  9. bergy33

    510 flywheel weight & high seat foam

    Maybe I don't need one for the 510, but the 450 is too quick for me, that's why I'm getting a 510, I'm hoping the longer stroke engine will rev a little slower and have more torque. Coming off a ktm, I'm not used to a bike this quick!! I really hope the 510 will run like my 97 501 berg, a TRACTOR!! thanks for the input guys.
  10. bergy33

    510 flywheel weight & high seat foam

    I'm wanting to "slow" it down a little and give it more torque. I know I want be able to touch the ground very well with a high seat, but I agree it helps my knees when I'm riding, I'll worry about touching the ground when I stop!!
  11. Anyone offer a flywheel weight and high seat foam for the 05 510 yet? I get mine next week and need to add these things.
  12. bergy33

    05 510?

    I know the 450's are in the dealers, but has anybody saw a 05 510 yet? got one coming and the wait is killing me!!
  13. bergy33

    Pre Ride Enduro Prep for the body

    This is some good advice, but like some have said you need to find what works for you. I have been riding enduros for 20 years, at first I was so underwieght that it would kill me to finish, leg cramps etc, but now that I'm in my late 30's I have found what works for me (and about 30bls). I start on Wednsday drinking lots of water until Sunday morning, when I ride my bicycle I replenish with Accelerade, and Endurox, this seems to work for me, DON'T OVER WORK THE WEEK BEFORE take it easy for 3 days before. Also, like I said this works for me, I eat a steak the night before a race, instead of carbs I load with protein, this sticks with me the next day better than the carbo loading, and I drink a bottle of Pedialite for desert. Try some kind of sports drink during the race, I prefer the Accelerade, Cytomax, drinks like this to gatorade. And most of all try sitting on the couch more, you guys working out all the time make it tough for me to take my shirt off after the race!!!
  14. bergy33

    Enduro Computer on TE510

    Try the watch dog, it's cheaper than the ICO and has all the features that you need for enduros. The Husky is tapped for the sensor wire and has the magnet already, it also works for dual sports, go to dugasengineering.com.
  15. bergy33

    TE450/510 Reviews.

    I have owned both the 520 ktm and the 450 ktm, the 450 feels like it wieghs 20lbs than the 520, is this true for the Husky also? I have a 450te and love it, except for the quick revving part, I ride more from momentum than from cut and thrust method so I'm having a hard time finding the right combo with the 450, maybe a 510 would have the torque and rev slower to help this.