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  1. Jonah52


    So I was looking at getting some new plastics and graphics cause I got sick of my monster ones i have now. Any suggestions? Also If anyone wants a some plastics I'll let mne go for 55 plus shipping its everything but fork guards and front number plate and great condition. Let me know guys, suggestions needed too!
  2. Jonah52

    New plastics

    Ill sell you a set of plastic off my 07 with monster graphics for $60. No front number plate. Let me know, I dont need them or want them at all.
  3. Jonah52

    Exhaust question

    An adaptor should be included its like a little flange in between your header and slip on. You may need to rejet, it depends on how restrictive the pipe is but i dont think yu will need to. You will notice very minimal gains as the power is made in aftermarket headers.
  4. Jonah52

    Another question! Exhaust to reduce db for the 09?

    +2 for the FMF Q4 it isnt very restrictive and quiets the bike down but still sounds good. The Q and Q2 are somewhat restrictive.
  5. Jonah52

    06 kx250f overheating

    I'd also recommend a differt water pump like pro circuit or boyesen they will improve cooling. Four strokes dont like to sit for very long at all id say 1-3 minutes tops. Ive had overheating problems with my 07 and it just has to be moving or it gets hot.
  6. Jonah52

    Sick of graphics

    I scored a full pro circit kit on ebay for $20 and it was legit. It included seat cover all graphics and 2 pairs of some, and free shipping!!!
  7. Jonah52

    Weep hole leaking 04 kxf250

    your water pump seals are bad. same thing happened to my bike.
  8. Jonah52

    Show your 250f!!

    wow these are all really nice!
  9. Jonah52

    Show off your House thread!

    Heres my old house it was actually huge this pic doesnt make it look big: i have a vacation house too but i cant find a picture is about 2200 sq ft and has 10 acres of land. Its brand new. and now i have a bigger house in wisconsin. 5 bed 4 bath three car garage
  10. Jonah52

    official:shoot da $hit thread part 1

    ok my padre is going to take care of it lol yeah ur bad lol jk
  11. Jonah52

    guys show me your kawasakis

    Wow D-K that looks sick! what graphics are those? they look really good and not everyone has them. awesome bike.
  12. Jonah52

    2005 crf150f

    Id say if the rm is dented or crack you replace it ASAP. Try posting these type of questions in the crf150 forum or general froum. This forum is for pics. Congrats on the purchase!
  13. Jonah52

    from Honda to kawi new bike

    awesome bike man!
  14. Jonah52

    official:shoot da $hit thread part 1

    dang dude you jinxed me williams. my seal is leaking now. whats the part nimber and how much?