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  1. Update. Tried again today and no power to dash or anything. Checked the voltage of red wiring going to ignition switch and is reads 3.8V. Checked red wire to Stator and it reads 3.8V too. Ground seems OK as I ran a second temporary ground wire. Battery appears OK - reads 12.8V. Put new fuse in. Any help would be much appreciated. Nick
  2. Found the problem. It was the connector to the dash/display. Fiddled with it and dash flickered. Put some dielectric on it. All seems OK now. Thanks for you suggestions. Nick
  3. I have power on the red wire going to the key switch (the green connector). I don't have power on the red wire on the blue connector. I don't know where this one goes to. There appear to be no more red power wires in the loom. Any help would be appreciated. I cant figure out why I have no power.
  4. Tried jumpers from negative terminal on battery to frame. No difference. Disassembled kill switch and cleaned contacts. Pulled all connectors apart on wire loom under headlight cover and added dielectric grease. Still nothing. I put the bike away and all was good so no sure what the issue is. Further suggestions? Just no power to anything. Nick
  5. I can't locate where the battery ground is connected. Seems to pass under the rectifier but can't feel where it goes to from there. Do I need to dissemble the coolant reservoir to get at it? Also thinking the kill switch could be faulty. How can I check that?
  6. Yes, just replaced fuse and still no joy. Doubled checked fuse continuity.
  7. Winterized my DRZ 400 and stored in heated basement 6 weeks ago. Was running fine. Went to check my odometer mileage today - turned key to on and there is no power to display, headlights, starter or anything. Checked battery and it reads 12.9 V. Was new this year. Tried with second battery via booster cables. Nothing. Checked main fuse for continuity - OK. Not sure what to do next. Took the headlight cover off and there are of course lots of wires. Also couldn't figure out where the ground from battery is run to. Can someone please suggest the steps required to resolve this. Must be something simple. Ran perfect before storing. Replaced stator in summer. Thanks Nick
  8. No I didn't do the free power mod. Spend too much time on the stator (replaced it twice) so I now just want to ride. Thanks to Noble for confirming all is good.
  9. I replaced stator (after much effort) because battery was dying during rides. Also replaced battery. I have tested new stator: motor off - 13v at idle- 14v (was 12.6v with old stator) at 3000 rpm - 13.5v (was 12.8v with old stator) Have read that at 3000 RPM that it needs to be above 14 volts. The AC voltage output test on stator is good so I think new stator is OK. I assume I still have a problem that the battery could die on ride? Thinking about ordering a rectifier. Any help much appreciated.
  10. Problem solved. Pick up coil was installed upside down. Thx for everyone's help.
  11. Problem solved. Pick up coil was installed upside down. Thx for everyone's help.
  12. This one is an RM STATOR. Is it possible the white and black wires that plug into the CDI need to be switched? That was the case with the Electrosport. The pick up coil can only be installed one way, right? Thx, Nick
  13. Thought I would start a new thread as my issue now is new. Bike ran fine before I changed stator. Old stator wasn't charging battery. So after installing new stator bike wont start. Cranks fast (new battery) but there is no spark at spark plug. Have done all testing I can figure out and am now out of ideas. I am quiet sure the new stator is installed correctly. Any help much appreciated. Nick
  14. Update. Installed a second replacement stator. I noticed I pinched the wires on the prior one. I was more careful this time. All tests I can figure out are OK except there is no spark so wont start. I cant figure out what to do next. Again the bike was running great before I switched the stator - just the battery wasn't charging. Any help much appreciated. Nick
  15. Did the pick up coil and signal coil peak voltage test and both read less than 1 volt (should be >5v and >1.4 volts respectively). I therefore assume new stator is faulty. Thinking of ordering a different brand - RM Stator and not Electrosport. Can't get Ricky in Canada for decent price. OEM is too expensive.