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  1. I'm trying to find an "ALL BLUE" seat just like that. I can only find the TLD one that's not all pure blue. Help anybody?
  2. Check for an air leak between the air boot and carb. Running 32 to 1 shouldn't be a problem at all, that's what I used torun mine at with a PC pipe.
  3. I know, it's a 450 and I have the wrong background. But I just like the way it looks more.
  4. No, just rode it for the first time a few days ago. Not sure what I'm going to do yet. So for everybody else, what is the "starting proceedure"?
  5. I have the full yosh on my 09 also. Just bought the bike and rode it for the first time this weekend. So how did Eddie's map change your bike? I'm thinking about getting it done, although I didn't mind how it felt, just wondering how much better it can get? I'm going to go 1 or 2 teeth up in the rear on my bike for MX.
  6. I like the way the Yosh looks and sounds, simple as that. It's been sitting in my living room for the last 3 weeks since I bought it. Rain, bored, so I make it the way I want it. Now I rode it, so next I'd like to see how the box will make it different. $50 for the re-flash isn't about the money, nor was the pipe. If it calms down the initial jerk of idle then sounds like a good thing. After riding it today I loved it. Handled great, lots of power, felt light. But the oil level did rise a bunch, and smelled like gas. So I guess I have one that has the gas in oil problem. Hoping a new injector will solve that.
  7. Rode my new 09 today for the first time... Oil level raised up pretty far and smelled of gas really bad... So I guess I am one of the "unlucky" ones... But other than that, I absolutly LOVE the bike! I put .48 springs up front and PC shock link before I ever rode it. Handles perfect, tons of power.. Yup, great bike. I hope the new injector fixes my problem also.
  8. LOL.. I have about the same stuff done to mine, and I have ZERO hours on it! Plus a grip of money in supermoto stuff.. Oregon rain... Will it ever stop??
  9. Riding mine for the first time on Saturday. I put the .48 springs up front and got the PC link for the rear. Hope it feels good!!!
  10. Well it's been long enough that they've known about this problem, and still no fix. They didn't even fix it for the 2010's. ? ***
  11. I'm riding my new 09 crf450 on friday for the first time.. I put the Yosh full system on it. I'll have to see what it feels like stock and then send the box to this guy you all talk about.
  12. The mags say, get the stiffer spring in front, .48. And put the shock link in the rear. I did both these things but still haven't even rode my bike. It's brand new, sitting in my living room. Rain........
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