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  1. So, after I ruptured my achilles tendon last year trying to be young again, I recovered 9 months later and attempted to start my KTM 450 MXC and no dice. So, I popped of the bottom float boal off thinking I had crap in it, and BAM! Entire carb gummed up with green goo. Float bowl, jets, float needle, gas line, gas line feed to float bowl, etc. So, when sprayed with carburetor cleaner, it turned to concrete. Additionally, my 0-rings and gaskets crumbled. Tried a rebuild kit and didn't get it done as it still doesn't work and leaks everywhere. Beyond my pay grade now, so, I am looking for any suggestions for companies that can do a good job on a full rebuild. This is for a Keihin FCR 39x carb. Thanks in advance.
  2. logger73

    2007 YZ 250f Valve Adjustment

    I appreciate the posts! Thanks much.
  3. logger73

    2007 YZ 250f Valve Adjustment

    Thanks for your response. I did not search for 'valve adjustment', I searched for the specific make of the bike AND the valve adjustment. Too specific it would appear.
  4. Greetings,I searched through the previous threads and found very little on valve adjustments for the 250f. My son just bought his 'adult' bike and I believet the valves need to be adjusted. As we a new to Yamaha, my skillset is a bit thin when it comes to adjusting these valves. Anyone have a good resource I can check into to give it a go? Thanks in advance.
  5. But, they are a great fit for a guy with large, wide feet!!! I love them.
  6. logger73

    Rookie Question

    My son has a KTM 65sx with an old OEM pipe. We have an older Yamaha PW80 with an aftermarket FMF pipe on it. This may appear like a dumb question, but I need some opinions....are there any reasons I could not put this pipe on the 65? The pipe may not line up, but I have access to a mandrel and could manufacture the bend or two. Thoughts? If this is in the wrong section, forgive me.
  7. Backpack..............Camelback.............Mojave, Utah, Eastern Oregon............works everytime......I throw both together, never had an issue.
  8. Ah, the old oil question.....here is what I have found....Rotella is solid oil with zinc component...coats well...cheap per gallon....available at Walmart..........if you feel better paying more money because you associate it with a better product....AMSOil is top of the line. I have run both, switched, and have always come back Rotella 15/40......main thing you will want to consider is if it is 'Wet Clutch' compliant. Both Rotella and AMSOil (for Motorcycles) are. (I am not sure about the Rotella T6 being wet clutch compliant....too thin anyway)
  9. logger73

    Ktm has been sitting for a while, new issue

    Accelerator pump...............take her apart an clean it up. Should run good as new when you are done.
  10. logger73


    AmsOil............expensive, but then, so is a rebuild.
  11. logger73

    05 450 EXC fan is killing battery

    Got rid of the fan project and invested in Evans NPG Coolant. Much higher boiling point. Give it a look: http://www.evanscool...rmance-coolant/
  12. logger73

    Best replacement carburator for TTR125

    Referencing MBN 1220, I went ahead and took your advice and purchased the carb on ebay..............I have installed the carb, but it appears to be running way too rich..............what did you change your jetting to? Thanks.
  13. logger73

    Jetting for TTR 125 Mikuni 26mm VM Carb

    So, just replaced my son's stock carb with a the above listedcarb.....with the stock jets it runs much too rich. Anyone know the appropriate jetting for this bike/carb combo? Thanks in advance.
  14. logger73

    Best coolant for the money?

    Evans coolant. Best you can get. AND not too expensive for what you get. NASCAR uses it. Lower temps and pressures
  15. logger73

    Help! TTR-125 Float Valve Parts Replacement

    Muchly appreciated.