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  1. the on/off tap . If it has screws on the front like the pic , you can pull it apart . if it is riveted check the tap stops without a fuel line and see that no more fuel comes out when turned off , greg
  2. I would check the o-ring aswell , that was half of my problem , if you have a rebuildable tap . I had the FCR/MX on my SM and that didnt have a guard , but it is a much bigger float bowl . I havent noticed any difference in the E without the guard , but I may not have ridden it in a way to find out yet , greg
  3. I recently had a similar problem with the FCR on my E . I had torn the o-ring in the fuel tap and for some reason the carb was overflowing when the tap was on , then did not when it was in the off position . So when I fixed the o-ring , the float jammed closed and I couldnt get any fuel . So after pulling the carb , yet again , I found the little slosh gurd on the main jet had warped and was touching the float . So if you still have that in your carb , make sure it`s clearing the float , greg
  4. hinksy

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Slime , I was all set to get a pair but then these came up for 160 aussie for the set . So I just went the cheaper option as all I am doing is road riding with them , greg
  5. hinksy

    New DRZ400sm owner with a question

    RP , did you cover the entire hole ? Standard they have an approx. 2x1 to breath through . I think if the brass plug is still in , it hasnt been rejetted . have a look at youtube , there are a lot of vids on jetting and if you are mechanically minded , its not hard to do , greg
  6. hinksy

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Put a set of bridgestone trailwings on today , as I am only riding it to and from work , I dont want to waste the scorpions . Got a rear wheel for it yesterday for $130 ( so now have a set ) , will put the scorpions on those and have a spare set of wheels if I get the chance to hit the dirt . Got jets and an EMN needle from show n go the other week , so fitted those and got rid of the coast enrichener . Now it goes great and I dont have to use knobbies on the road , win , win . Also got a set of chinese case guards for 26 bucks , cant complain about that ! Just have to get some black RTV and fit them , greg
  7. hinksy

    Open the airbox more than 3x3?

    BM , all the info you find on here is for the 3x3 . If you do anything else , you are on your own . As ohio says " the power fairy wont be visiting again " , the 3x3 seems to be the happy medium , greg
  8. hinksy

    Throttle problem

    If you have another bolt , then de-nipple it , as you say , or just cap it . That is a vacuum line for the std fuel tap on the S/SM . It will be sucking air and making the bike run lean , greg
  9. hinksy

    Smoky engine after rebuild + carb leak

    Charlie , it could be that you lubed everything , you are meant to dry fit the big bore . Could you state what model the bike is and what carb you have , it makes it easier to pin point problems , greg
  10. In australia , we have to have a chain guard by law for what they call ADR compliance . Australian design rules . I see on here that most of you dont even use sprocket covers , another no no in this country . Ah , the life in a nanny state under a totalitarian rule
  11. hinksy

    Big Bore Kit Brands

    I used the CW big bore with a vertex piston on my SM 8 years ago . Although I sold it 2 years ago , I still see the new owner and he has had no problems with it and it is his daily driver . A lot of the problems that used to occur , were the big end would fail if the motor had too much mileage on it . If you are going to race it , then maybe they wont last so long , but just general use they should last as long as the std setup ( if installed properly ) The best brands are athena , cylinder works and ice cube . If you use anything else it tends to be a cheaper quality and usually ends in tears , greg
  12. hinksy

    Oops, mixed up jets

    the starter is a 65 and the main is a 160 , so if you cannot read the sizes , the bigger one should be the main , greg
  13. hinksy

    DRZ400 mystery carb problem - help diagnosing?

    Yep she`s a slant or horizontal FCR and it is a pumper . If you look at your last photo , thats it coming out of the float bowl . In the other pics , it looks like the throttle plate is right way up aswell . Hey , when you say that you are stripping the carb , are you just taking off the bowl or are you splitting the body ? It isnt advised to split the body as it doesnt just go back together right and leaks air , greg
  14. hinksy

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Just pulled the tap off and went over it with some wet and dry on the face of the tap . There were no actual dags on it but there was some pitting , so as it gets forced against the o-ring pretty hard I thought it could help . Then I flipped the o-ring/gasket and " Bob`s your uncle " no leaks ( so far ) I checked the float level when I rejetted and it was in spec at 9mm so that is why I thought the needle valve was leaking . But now I fixed the fuel tap it isn`t overflowing , cannot figure that out ! had a go at tasting the fuel cap , mmm yummy not ! But not clogged . Too bloody hot to do much else up here in queensland , so took the dog for a swim , greg