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  1. hinksy

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Got a roadworthy for registration , then went to the department of transport and now have a fully registered , on the road , real E ! So celebrated by trimming the fugly rear guard , sprocket cover and removed the stupid reflectors on the front guard . This bracket was just the right size to brace my rear number plate with a bit of massaging and fitted a manual cam chain tensioner . All in all a good day , beer oclock for me
  2. hinksy

    does this look normal?

    People wonder why most of us do not trust stealers , especially when they do this rubbish . If this happened to me I would visit the place where you bought this bike and physically hurt someone
  3. hinksy

    Random pics.

    Glad to hear you survived your broken back , ouch ! All of us aussies have moved on it seems , but I bought my self another bike last week , so I`m back aswell . It`s a real E and I`m just going through the process of getting it registered , so I can ride it on the road in australia . Cant wait , I`m gagging for it ! Look after that back , you only get one , greg
  4. hinksy

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    rapid dog , do you still have the coast enrichener on the fcr ? If it is , does it still work ? If you do not , you need to change the pilot air jet to a 100 , greg
  5. hinksy

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    Hey do any of the aussies on here have an SM rear guard , that they would like to get rid of ? I want to get rid of the horrible thing the E has , but I am not getting an edge , I still want to use the std tail light ( I have 3 of them ) The SM guard is a hell of a lot narrower and can be cut down so it becomes quite small . If you do that to the E , it just looks like you shortened a plank . So if anyone has there old one lying around , I will buy it if you want to part with it , greg
  6. hinksy

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Did quite a few little things this last weekend , I got my o-ring kit from all balls racing and rebuilt the petcock . As I will mostly be riding to and from work , I took off the bash plate and put on the std plastic and alloy bits . I flushed the brake lines with some new DOT 4 . Flushed the cooling system and replaced the fluids . Did an oil change and filter as it has sat for 3 years . Changed the key location and gauge cluster to how I like it ( put the key to the left of the head light and gauges centralised ) . Fitted the std mirrors , cleaned and lubed and adjusted the chain , plus did the cut outs on the sprocket cover . Just a bit of fun over a few beers . Cant wait to get it registered next week and start doing some riding , but then I will be needing new tryes as the pirelli scorpions wont last . Thinking of going with the hindenaue K60 . Has anyone tried these and if so , are they any good , or should I use something else with the 21/18 combo ? greg
  7. hinksy

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    By the sounds of it , they have only done what you have said and not rejetted it . If it was rejetted , then you should have a sick running bike . Do you know what your jetting is at all ? greg
  8. hinksy

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    Yeah joe , took the sidestand and clutch switches off today . Getting rid of that rear mudguard as soon as I do my roadworthy and will pull the carb and do a few things with that aswell . Then I`ll do the free power mod and I might ride it for a while till I get an exhaust system . the list of things to do is endless , greg
  9. hinksy

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    Picked it up friday and the petcocks ratshit ! fuel everywhere ! was hoping to get a roadworthy and rego tomorrow , but a seal kit or new petcock will do for now
  10. hinksy

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    DG , I have just purchased a real E and the snorkels are different sizes . My old SM had a 2x1 and the E has a 3x3 snork .One main reason they are restricted is to pass noise laws by cutting down induction noise . I believe the reason we all go by the 3x3 is that it is the standard that has been researched and adhered to , but there are always variations . As it has been said on here time and time again , if you do something different , you are on your own . greg
  11. hinksy

    DRZ 400sm newbie question on the jet kits

    The dynojet kit doesnt have a pilot jet and as stated has different jets and needles . You do get an easy out to remove the brass mixture screw plug though . The james dean kit has needles , main jets , pilot jet and float bowl screws . These screws are allen heads as the std ones are a japanese sizing and made of butter . I agree with ohio , a pipe will make a difference as the std one is a smaller diameter and getting an aftermarket or standard E header will allow the exhaust to breath better . If you put on an FCR and cams , or even go the big bore , you will need a pipe to compliment it , greg
  12. hinksy

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    I`m back ! After much time unemployed and having to sell my bike and children for medical experiments , I will be buying a 2012 real E , 5250 klms , bucket loads of spares and all for 4500 aussie . Good times ! Should have it by the weekend , let the modding begin !
  13. hinksy

    Big bore base gasket ,3 layer or single for more compression

    It is personal choice and just by itself , you would be hard pressed to tell which one you had . If you want no fuss riding with most fuels then use the 3 . But , if you are looking at going for higher horsepower in the future go the single as it will compliment higher power . The only thing is you will have to use a higher octane fuel as the engine may knock/ping under load without it , greg
  14. hinksy

    Yet another FCR Install Question

    If I take out my air jet it wont run very well , If i dont leave it in , on a newer one , it wont run very well . It may still be an FCR/MX , it may still have the same part number , but they are different
  15. hinksy

    Yet another FCR Install Question

    Tys , there are two different types of FCR , the slant body and the MX . The older slant body is the one that needs the o-ring mod and coast enrichener delete . The newer FCR/MX has changed from when it was first available . We used to have to remove the pilot air jet as it was probably sourced from a different application ( bike ) . But now , if you buy a new FCR/MX from the TT store , it will bolt straight on . The only thing you will need to do is check all of the jets and needles and make sure it is suitable for what you have , greg