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  1. keep your knee as close or i try to touch the bar going in to a corner and keep it up and in it wont touch the ground it its up and in
  2. its just to get off the front of the bike when theres a big jump just helps to stretch it out a bit idk iv cought myself doin it and hate it
  3. i dont know why this helps but i eat tums i think it might be mental but it works i never get pumped up anymore
  4. if you just threw fat whips like me youd crash o much you wouldnt need to turn
  5. i would say no iv never heard of anyone using the tethers its like using a leatte over a chest protector with he straps its just not needed
  6. just switched from a 450 to a 250f and i wish i never bought the 450 i love the 250 soooooooo much
  7. coming in to the corner decide where you think you should let off and count to two, at this point you are standing then as you start through the corner if needed slam down on theshifter with no clutch push lots of weight on the outside peg as you drop down to your tank hold your foot out in front but do not let it hit the ground and roll on the throttle through the corner
  8. thoes are not good ideas do not pin it hold on the throttle but keep it steady and lean far enough back that the front will be light but not to far that the front will come up and you will lose controll
  9. on really big jumps that im afraid of the first time i try them i pin it with my eyes closed till im to close to let off and then i have to hit it i dont know it works for me
  10. squeeze the bike in the air you wont beleive how much it helps
  11. vitamine d milk calcium and i learned from the doctor that you should stay away from soda and cafine and also nicotine
  12. broke mine and was able to race in three weeks i think your ok to ride when it feels good
  13. i had the same thing happen and it was the pads for some reason they were glazed over i think from having oil in them
  14. i belive you would know if it ws you you dont get a false neutral from 3rd to4th try some synthetic oil but make sure you run all the oil out of your bike but really the synthetic will make your tranny work much better
  15. dont thank ama thank thoes europian earth nazis