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  1. LarryWR400

    Colorado beginner day

    I AM looking for an XR or CRF 100 for my son, have a 2004 CRF70 in perfect shape that he grew out of to possibly trade. Never heard of "Advrider" what is that? Larry
  2. LarryWR400

    Need plate in Moab?

    So you had tags???? LH
  3. LarryWR400

    Taylor Park ride report: 3-18-07

    Grrr... LOL Oh well, Come on MAY!!! That's ok, Moab in 7 days!!
  4. LarryWR400

    Taylor Park ride report: 3-18-07

    Wow I'm very surprised, Ive had to wait till August to ride some of the higher stuff, this doesn't bode well for water levels. Is cottonwood pass open yet? Larry
  5. LarryWR400

    Moab Trip info?

    Troy, As said above, the Kane Creek to Pritchett loop is fun, I especially like Kane creek in the spring because of the run-off. For scenery you cant beat Poison spider mesa, We like to start out at the Poison spider trail head, procede onto gold spike then Gold bar rim then to Gemini bridges then return the way you came. you can also take the side trip down trigger road towards Bull canyon,a right turn will take you to the bottom of Gemini bridges where there are some fun sand dunes to play in. this is a very nice up and back. (Although if it's the Arch I'm thinking of, there aint no way i'm riding over that, but the Golden Crack is fun to Jump on the way back). Another decent ride for great scenery but much less techinical is Hurrah pass, but what it lacks in technical challenge can be made up with a turn of a throttle( speed always puts the challenge up a notch:thumbsup: ) we like to take it all the way down to lockeharte basin trail to the river and take a dip to cool off. I'm not sure we've gone as far as chicken corners as you mentioned. I'm heading out next week, am going to try soveriegn for the first time, a guy I'm going with mention something about some "Onion" trail?? Anyway, good luck, have fun. Larry
  6. LarryWR400

    Need plate in Moab?

    Has anyone in Colorado that has a plate on their non-street legal bike ever been stopped or hassled? I would probably only do this to get from trail head to trail head at places like Moab, Rampart, Taylor and Red feathers. Larry
  7. LarryWR400

    Moab Report

    SWEEETT!!! 11 days and counting!!!
  8. LarryWR400

    Moab March 24 through March 29

    My Family and myself are getting there tuesday night (27th), my wife and I will probably take 13 year old out to Gemini bridges wed or thursday, In-laws arrive on Thursday to take over the kids. The Wife and I would like to try some new stuff, we've ridden these: Kane Creek/ came back down via pritchett canyon Hurrah pass Poison spider/Gold spike (jumped the Crack!!) Gold Bar/Gemini bridges and back Flat pass. Would like to try some new stuff, haven't been to Moab since Soveriegn , Would that be a good one? Any suggestions? We like a nice mix of technical and speed. Have a buddy coming wed. too. anyone else is welcome to join or Lead!! were staying till the 1st. Larry
  9. Well, looks like I'm definitly on for arriving evening of Mar 27 leaving sunday morning April 1st. i'll be open for riding fri and sat, family commitments other days most likely. unless wifey will take turns watching kids (She can ride!!) Larry
  10. I may be going last week of March from Pueblo, A buddy from Longmont going too. Your welcome to come also, not yet set in stone, I'll keep ya updated. Larry
  11. LarryWR400

    Taylor Park this weekend, Aug 5-6th

    We won't be at the campground, were on forest land about a mile away on the othe side of the hill. LH
  12. LarryWR400

    Taylor Park this weekend, Aug 5-6th

    Yeah, Monsooning here in Pueblo right now!!
  13. LarryWR400

    Taylor Park this weekend, Aug 5-6th

    Oops, make that five riders in our group, I forgot the KTM rider. They count right?? Larry
  14. LarryWR400

    Taylor Park this weekend, Aug 5-6th

    Ok, I got my days screwed up, I'm up on thursday the "3rd" till Monday the "7th". Check your private messagesI think I sent you one the other day. If no one is in our spot we'll be camped in that Meadow on the other side of the hill behind Dorchester camp ground, if you take the campground turnoff you just follow it around the hill till it leads you back to the main road, the meadow is off to the right of the side road. if you go past Dorchester campground and stay on the main road, the meadow is off the left after you crest the hill. if that spot is taken we'll be somewhere in that vicinity, a Jayco motorhome with a couple of pop-ups, a camper and a travel trailer.(all trickling in thurs. and friday) only 4 riders among us though, other than the kids on their small bikes. Stop on by, Larry
  15. LarryWR400

    Taylor Park this weekend, Aug 5-6th

    Ill be up thursday 8/2 through Monday the 6th. A group of us camping near Dorchester. Swing by and say Hi trying to talk Ramz into guiding a ride. Larry