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  1. GodHunter

    NOOOOOOOO! 04 RM blown again!

    Based on all th wiseco crank horror threads,I'd go with hot rods.
  2. GodHunter

    Honda CB1100F (1983)

    WOW! What a clean bike! i'm highly envious
  3. Super basic breakdown slow speed compression chamber (just cause its cool) http://m.wimp.com/engineworks/ Now go look up camshafts and FI
  4. GodHunter

    What would you pay for this bike?

    $2k-$2,500 in or around ATL. I understand why one wouldn't pay more than $1,500 for a used 250f with a "fresh rebuild", but I also know that someone else WILL. So, while i agree i wouldn't pay much more than $1,500-$1,800 for it, I'm willing to bet you could get 2500 around here. Maybe even $3k if you were patient.
  5. GodHunter

    1989 CR250 - back from the dead...where to begin?

    First step,owners manual. Then the basics, fresh premix, plug, oil, air filter, and test forsake and compression. Then clean the carb and use the manual to adjust it.
  6. GodHunter

    whats the bigest bike you've rode

    I know what a 383 stroker is thanks, I never did the conversion to CCs though. Sure is a helluva thing to put in bike!
  7. GodHunter

    whats the bigest bike you've rode

    I rode a couple hours next to one on the highway a while back on the way south. It was a big long straight line and that thing kept up with my cbr just fine. Not sure if it was a 383 but is was a small lock v8 for sure.
  8. GodHunter

    whats the bigest bike you've rode

    For the record, you mean 383ci not 383cc correct?
  9. GodHunter

    Help! KLX250S Engine Bog

    I'd probably start with the basics, clean the carb and drain tank, check fuel line/filter if there is one. Probably a good idea to change the oil as well and make sure it's not contaminated. and not that I think it's necessarily part of the problem but check/replace the plug.
  10. GodHunter

    New into dirt bikes.

    Does that budget include protective gear? What about tools and basic maint. Items (ie..Tires, Oil, grease, filer oil, chain lube etc..)?
  11. Here in Atlanta there have been way more copperhead bites than usual.