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  1. The FMF and Wings are reasonably quiet except at full throttle. Don't get the Apex or Leo Vince they are loud.
  2. It's just the nature of the 2T, the way the clutch drags slightly makes it hard to hit neutral. I like to run big down hills in neutral with the engine off. I can hit neutral from second with the bike running and moving. If I stop I have to kill the engine to get it in neutral.
  3. I recommend the Flume Trail dead press... solo..
  4. Good that your Berg doesn't over heat on a day like today.
  5. Also, remember the final letter - starting diameter - only effects to around 1/8 throttle position. After that you have to change the clip position or jets to go rich/lean. I did a ton of testing when I got the bike. Now after 3 seasons I have found with air screw adjustments my spring/fall jetting works over a wide range. I can tell 1/2 a turn on the screw is the difference between perfect and not. Our trials close in the winter so I never go to a winter jetting and if I never do a baking hot midsummer ride then I can skip rejetting completely. Not that it's a big deal, You can change the needle in minutes without removing the tank or carb. Here's my jetting. Lean and crisp, but if I'm not getting a little spooge then I know it would rip better with an air screw adjustment. NEDK #2, 165 main, 38 pilot @ 4,000- 3,000ft 80*-85* Summer NECJ #2, 168 main, 38 pilot @4,000- 3,000ft 45*-70* Spring - Fall
  6. You have ridden it this season? No major down trees? Last fall the burned section was extremely over grown.
  7. Could be a different rider in the video.. http://www.kcra.com/article/watch-out-winter-storms-wash-away-roads-trails-in-eldorado-national-forest/10232269
  8. Here's my pictures.. over and back in the same day. Really fun on a trials bike... but for some reason I have never gone back.. Think Eldorado650 said it. "once is enough"
  9. Why tell DVM you swapped the motor? The only time I have seen them check the motor # is on bikes with no title I'm trying to get back into the DMV system. Once they actually had records for my bike and the engine # did not match and the CHP said "the factory records were usually wrong. As long as that engine # was not on a list of stolen ones it was fine.."
  10. Every time I have sent a test from my InReach I instantly heard my cell phone go off (I have myself on the distribution list for the message). So I have never been out of cell coverage and I go all over Georgetown and other areas.. I still find the InReach convenient. It's basically a text/e-mail only Sat phone for $12/month with long battery life. It could replace your GPS too. I'm likely to quit carrying the cell phone just to save having too much crap and to disconnect from cell use in the woods.. Doubt I would have bought it, almost returned it... but I'm a little nuts on the solo risk deal..
  11. Like Jeff posted, I would not consider the Spot as an option. My wife bought me an InReach after 10 years of soloing with no issues. It uses the GPS satellite network to figure your location then uses the Sat phone satellites to send the message. So, you really have to get two signals. Even on the Cheapest plan ($12/month) you can send free canned text messages. I send 4-5 status messages every ride to test.. they always get out, may take 10 min. for a Sat phone satellite to come over my location, then you get a chirp that the message went out and was received. I always put it back in my flight vest and the signal still gets out. Once the flight vest was laying by the bike on the ground in deep woods and I heard it chirp. Not to say there's no canyon out there that it's wont work in... The recipient gets a link to a Garmin map site that shows your exact location. Sent one as I was leaving Chalk Bluff and you could see the parking area on the web link and see I was at the bottom right corner of the parking lot. You can also turn on a "bread crumb" feature that will send your location every X minutes so they can find you if you can't hit the save me button. This cost more $$. I like it... much easier to keep the wife updated without trying to make a cell call. I have a canned text "made it back to the truck - heading home.. " I just hit the button and load the bike. vs searching for a cell signal. Also take a look at these if you just want a on-shot come-get-my-ass emergence device with no monthly subscription fee - https://www.acrartex.com/products/catalog/personal-locator-beacons/resqlink-plb/#sthash.oxbXJU4K.dpbs
  12. Wow... great that your buddy stopped to check.
  13. Shinko 505 Cheater rear and Golden front has been an amazing combo for the technical goat trails I ride. Totally agree with Jeff's coments in the below vide about how well the soft rubber lasts.. I will never buy another generic knobby like a MX-51.
  14. Totally agree. I would focus on learning more advanced skills over tuning the bike. Clutch work is key.. Riding trials bikes is the path to advanced skills.. although I get that not everyone had the time or $$ to get into trials.
  15. Where did you get that picture? Orange but not a KTM.. Looks like a bad spot to loose throttle control. I'll ride with ya' if we can do that trail.