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  1. DrKayak

    Husqvarna 701 electrical issues

    Could be the voltage regulator he is thinking about. The voltage regulator gets too hot and fails on 690s. Bet the newer ones use the same one as mine had. I replaced mine with an aftermarket MOSFET style. I also run a voltmeter by the instrument cluster. I could see unusual voltage changes which lead me to replace the RR. As far as random stalls It well known that too many mods can screw up the fueling. Air box mods are bad for this. My experience stalls are usually dirty fuel injectors and running the bike hard clears it up...
  2. That's a toy saw... at least it's the right color. This ones better..
  3. DrKayak

    Starting issue

    Well, to state the obvious. If you replaced the relay and touching the new relay helps it could be a loose connection, corrosion. I would use fine sandpaper on the connectors and coat with dielectric geese. Bad ground to the frame is also a common KTM issue. Could simply be a weak battery too. good luck.
  4. Does not sound excessive. I have most all the same stuff and a tank bag. Hopefully the lowering link does not jack up the rear behavior. The 690 rear can act weird on big fast stuff off road. Probably the rear fuel weight.
  5. DrKayak

    Mongo is going NAKED!

    Wise choice, if you had spent time on a trials bike you would have never wanted one... or listened to Gram Jarvis.
  6. DrKayak

    HWY 50 Mid-Sierra dual sport routes ?

    Google Earth show some interesting stuff around about there. I found an abandon ski boat out that way NE of Sly Park Lake. The dirt roads just east of the lake are not that fun, big loose rocks.
  7. DrKayak

    2019 690 R Barkbusters -

    Yep, that's why I switched to Enduro Engineering. With EE you can buy all the parts individually. When the guards are bent you can just replace the metal bars for a fraction of what a full Cycra setup would cost.
  8. DrKayak


    No. it will not be.
  9. DrKayak

    Registering cr250 in CA

    I think this. She was going out of her way to help me out. I made no claim to be a collector. She said "write exactly what I tell you..." on the form. It was a $400 KZ750 that would have been ridiculous to pay $2k in back fees. I restored it and now the buyer pays annual DMV fees.. win-win.
  10. DrKayak

    Registering cr250 in CA

    Like all things DVM related..... your results may vary. I used to restore old 70s street bikes and one still had back fees from the late 80s. The one and only nice DMV lady had me fill out a "statement of fact" that the bike was going into a collection and she waved the back fees. So there is a loophole - bike is going to a collector.
  11. Counting the cost of mods? They don't sell fast in CA. But not as slow as the 1290 Super Duke.
  12. DrKayak

    The new West

    Check out the Alpine Loop in the San Juan Mountains. Colorado has killer high country jeep roads. Way more options than CA. Dual Sport Nirvana.
  13. Funny you should call it a wide ratio, a common complaint is the 690 has a narrow ratio gearbox. I read that complaint in so many post I came to believe it. Like so much on the internet, it's not true. If you look at gear ratio chart for all DS bikes the 690 has a normal ratio, similar to many bikes.... The true complaint wording is "The 690 has so much HP it could pull hard with a much wider ratio gear box. This would make it a better DS" This is just more "I want" BS.. As in I want it to weigh 100 lbs less and have 100HP more.. BTW I love spacing on the gears and went to +1 tooth on the CS and love it. .
  14. DrKayak

    300xcw street legal in wv?

    I'm from WV originally, as I understand the law, no plate is needed on dirt and paved secondary roads that do not have painted lines on the road. Rural routes that have a painted center line are considered major roads and you need a plate.