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  1. I used to love riding Mammoth Bar... It will be missed. Probably the Trials guys that got it close. Riding out-of-bounds..
  2. TOOL has been my favorite band for many years.. had tickets to see them in Sacramento.. then the wife informed me "that's in the middle of the holiday weekend and we have a family camping trip..." So camping I went. My Current favorite.. I know exactly what it's about.. "Think for yourself, question authority..."
  3. I don't want ABS on a dirt bike.. even a big one. I like locking the rear on wet pavement, just screwing off.. fun.. and like you said, having to turn it off everytime you start the bike is not fun if you ride it in the dirt a lot. As for TuneECU - the newer the bike the better KTM gets with the FI. The 2008 sucked.. The newest ones, yea they run great with the stock map. On mine I loaded the KTM factory Evo stage I FI map and a super smooth custom throttle map from a dude in Europe.. done.. I have not had the cable out again.. but I do think it might be useful for pulling diagnostics if the bike gets sick.. I still think the 2012-13 are the best 690s..
  4. Forgot about ABS... another huge strike against the new bikes. A buddy had a 2015 690 and we hit a single track down into a canyon. Don't think he knew how to disable the ABS.. he won't be doing that again.. Guess it don't matter as The Woof says the KTM 690 is a street bike...
  5. I ride both but consider myself a woods rider and not a dirt biker or MTB geek. Related to Dirk's comment, I will say this, If local MTB club leadership meets with the Forest Service and start down the path that MTB use has less impact and they want new MTB only trails because MTB trails are "sustainable trails"......... that's an issue with me. It's easy to take the low road and say what ever the authorities want to here to get what your use group wants. F-- every one else attitude.
  6. I have the KTM guards as well. Not bad to install, just get all the bolts in before tightening down any of them. Standard procedures stuff.. Was not impressed with had strong they looked compared to bilit aluminum ones available for dirt bikes.. My experience is the 690 radiators do not hit the ground at all in a crash. With extended footpegs and strong hand guards the radiator plastics have never hit either.. My 250 is much narrower and the radiator/plastics often take the main hit when you dump it over sideways..
  7. No.. The Husky has the the newer 690 engine, dual spark, and an extra counter balance and is more $$ new. The 690 Duke has had this engine for 2 years or so... There's a lot of discussion on the dedicated 690 forum as to the differences. I went from a KTM 950 to a 690 enduro. No regrets at all love the 690.. My advice is to buy a used 2012-13. Last years you can load your own custom Maps with Tune-ECU software. The 690 has a FI map and a throttle profile map. You can build custom throttle profiles. Basicly a software version of the G2 Throttle Cam. Very cool stuff.
  8. This is the crux of the matter. I was over in the Mammoth area last fall and every "hillbilly" hunter in a truck would slow to a crawl and get to the edge of the road as I would do on my Dual Sport.. An act of trying to one-up each other as to how much respect we could show. On the other hand, every single urban looking SUV that passed was running 70mph on desert washboard, completely out of control in a huge cloud of dust. Same F-- everyone else attitude I see in the daily commute traffic. First sight of little kids on the trail coming towards me I always come to a complete stop and get off the trail. I ain't running over a kid ever.. don't believe in accidents..
  9. Agreed, I broke my leg doing a big step-up on the 690 when I stalled it at the crux.. Height of my 2011 more than the weight. Not going looking for that kind of terrain on the 690 again. I paid to have a full suspension rebuild. New valving and different springs. Had too much $$ invested to not spend a little more and get the suspension setup properly. With the stock setup I could not ride whoops at all. Even in first had to slip the clutch to go slow enough to not get bounced off the trail. It's more compliant now. Also went down one tooth on the CS. Rode mine last week, all pavement, and had a blast. Getting used to the bike enough to lock up the brakes when coming into a turn too hot on wet pavement. Feel like dirt bike style and skills cross over to pavement well on a 690.
  10. I was up GT way yesterday. Pass one group of 2 all day and the dust was more than I expected.. 2-strokes just love that cold morning air.. the thing just ripped.... the warm afternoon was a let down with the bike running more normal. Guess I should have gone out another turn on the air screw for the afternoon.
  11. Your right, birdseye and many other gee-whiz features are a waste of time and many features in Basecamp like creating a route can drive you nuts trying to make it work. I ride Dual Sport and explore way off the grid. I need topo maps of a large area. I could not solve the offline map issues when I tried cell phone apps. On a 4s the GPS killed the battery in an hour, external power had issues, touch screen did not work with gloves.. with those issues I never researched a proper mounting systems. If these are not an issue, then the cell apps are way beyond Garmin in so many ways.. The Oregon 750 will go all day on internal battery, glove friendly screen, survived years of crashes in the ram mount, never loses GPS signal in deep woods, 4 states of the most detailed topos available with me on every ride.. Basecamp for managing 100s of track logs from many states. It works for me. A GPS is just a navigation tool. There's no best hammer.. just pick one and get good at using it. And dicking with the GPS the whole ride is a bad sign. On familiar trails I never mess with mine at all. But the skills to use it are a must for a serious woods rider. I have been on so many TT group rides were guys were pretty much lost the entire ride. Some were a complete disaster. That's no fun at all.. and can get you killed if you adventure off the beaten paths..
  12. Someone took an old Georgetown trail map and converted it to a Gramin overlay file. It matches the trails pretty good. There is also a set of 4 overlay files for Stony Ford available. I use the Garmin Oregon 750 every ride. For GT I have tracks for every single trial and stopped at all major junctions and created a waypoint with trail numbers. I brought these tracks up in Basecamp and took a screenshot. The JPG screenshot image is then brought into Google Earth and rotated to match the terrain perfectly. You can see many trails on Google Earth and line up the Basecamp screenshot exactly. Once aligned Google Earth has an option to export it as a Garmin overlay file, load that file into the GPS. A bit of work, a one time effort then I have used it for years. For other areas like Chalk Bluff I have 3-4 tracks from past rides that cover 90% of the trails. I just display those tracks while riding the area. All you need. Never had any luck with creating routes where the GPS tells you "turn left at next junction".. Following a displayed track is much more straightforward.
  13. The 690 is actually fun on back roads while the 500 just does pavement well enough to get you too the woods. I do 200 mile days on the 690 with a lot of paved back roads and trials. I hated pavement when I had a 500 "plated dirt bike". The 690 is the highest performance 50/50 bike available. It's more faster and more fun on little paved roads than my KTM 950 was... and the 690 will do trails. And if you log a lot of pavement miles on a 500 it's just more expensive in maintenance and overall bike life.. for less fun than a 690. What the 690 won't do is keep up with a group of smaller dirt bike on a real trail ride. That's what I have a 250 for.
  14. Are you talking KTM 690? If so, the rear has too soft of a spring with too much preload to work well. I went to a softer spring with less preload. This helps a lot for not much $$. I also had the shock revalved to make it less harsh. My suspension shop said the stock 690 was setup like you would a MX bike to land big jumps. Not compliant to the terrain like a woods bike setup. Mine is better after the mods but not as plush as my 250. Doubt the 690 can be with the rear fuel tank.
  15. I do the "friendly wave and ride on.. " on my street bike when I am approached. If that does not fend of the attack I just point to my helmet an yell " I have ear plugs in and can't hear a thing.." Same as with the MTB guys... I ain't interested in what they have to say. I did a lot of reading the other night on the MTB sites. They like to bomb down the long downhill trails off Bald Mt. Then when the trail crosses Rock Creek Rd. they bail and repeat. They have a ride going in mid Jan. and are asking for "donations" for the shuttle company. "Donations" is a trick used when they don't have a commercial permit. I can't see too much about it to get bent about.. Clearly MTBers don't follow the "keep it secret" nonsense some dirt bike riders try to enforce.