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  1. 69t/a

    bike shoe for supermoto?

    I just bought one 1 month ago.Harbor Freight.I'll let you know how it works out,when I get it hooked up.$32.95 p/u @their store.
  2. Bump!!! This should be a sticky!!!I support this issue and every one of you should too! FWIW-My physical therapist says the health industry as a whole thinks you should take out additional insurance to pay for these extreme sports coverages,by the way which also includes water skiing & snow skiing,HA!!! I dont think so!!! Stand up for your rights visit http://www.amadirectlink.com/legisltn/rapidresponse.asp and please join in in fighting this insurance:thumbsup: scandal!!
  3. 69t/a

    Bark buster injury.

    I low-sided my supermoto on a gokart track on pavement,did the whole ragdoll thing and shattered my thumb were it goes into wrist.1-surgery$$$$ 3-pins$$$$$ 1-cast$$$$$ 8-hand therapy$$$$ when can I ride again? PRICELESS:thumbsup: No more acerbis guards for me /we are going cycra pros like everybody else runs! Also I'm bailing,if possible:rant:
  4. 69t/a

    Moto Power Batteries? Yay or Nay??

  5. 69t/a

    New Headlight option

    Has both hi/low beams?/ Brightness?? Did you check TT's price to see if cheaper??I like it alot!!!
  6. 69t/a

    how about an eddie road show?

    and I wouldn't either!!
  7. 69t/a

    DR-Z > CRF450R!! Read on...

    Ha ! I love it.Just tell em its all in the helmet lock!!!
  8. 69t/a

    I did it! pics inside

    bet you like your insurance payment better!!!!
  9. 69t/a

    something wicked this way comes!

    Thanks for sharing!!
  10. 69t/a

    electrical problem

    Newsflash!!!Most all newer batteries have agm in them,I know the gm stands for glass mat.The most important thing you can do to extend battery life is to let acid stand in battery with out charging @least 12 to 18 hrs before charging which gives acid plenty of time to be absorbed by the glass mat.I had a similar experience as yours,& mine lived thru the winter since I did it right last time.Also check to see if you have a Batteries Plus store in your area,I hear they sell cycle batteries pretty cheap! Good Luck!!
  11. This was my only warranty issue on purchases of 2 new drz's,still wouldn't return to dealer for,why?because I'm stubborn and work for a new car dealer and see how it works @ most dealers.Squeakky wheel gets the grease!!It wasnt worth my time.Piss poor design on Suzuki's part,even w/new parts I can see how it would continue to happen,unless every time you washed bike or left it outside you greased it.My.02$
  12. 69t/a

    DRZ versus Banshee

    Sorry,but I have a RZ350 which has the engine that the banshee evolved with,2 stroke but water cooled,they are fast,& you'll will probably more than likely get your _ss handed to you!
  13. It keeps the s or sm from running:p
  14. 69t/a

    Where to buy parts?

    If you are looking for fitment possibilities & horsepower mods,or lifting or lowering its all @ www.s10forum.com Because we all need to know what all the possibilities are before spending that hard-earned green.
  15. Your on right track exc 4wd.I just bought 98 s10 ext cab 4cyl 2.2l for5500. only 60k on it w/a 5spd.First tankful got 26.2 mpg!!!Lovin it!!! I think payload for extremes are only 500lb!!Mine has 2k payload or towing ability,not that I'm going to attempt that!