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  1. Thanks for the reply dan, and thanks for your contributions on here as well. To answer your question, yes it did, but since have always shut the petcock off as soon as i am done riding it. What i have done so far, i replaced the needle and still had the problem. At that point i replaced the floats even, just to make sure everything is as new as can be in that circuit. Still had the problem, at which point i did what i question anyone that does, and adjusted the float height, just so i could ride it without it loading up at idle and slow speeds. A couple side notes to add, When i serviced the carb, i ran it through my ultra sonic cleaner, despite it being clean, also looked in the inlet closely for any specs of sand or anything that could cause a seep past the seat and seen nothing but the usual wear marks from the seat on the brass, seat surface looked maybe a tad worn, also, all this started when i was out in the sand dunes, continuously doing some decent jumps and landing pretty dang hard, easily bottoming out the rear shock. As i said before, i am at a crossroads with this carb for that reason alone and have made up my mind (almost) to jump on a lectron. I plan on doing a 295cc bb kit and when i go up in elevation, my jetting sounds like it will get easier anyways... i also am curious about the o.p.'s carb problem, and if it is actually possible he and i both have a problem in the brass seat area? I jumped on this thread to possibly bring that to light, not to mention the block gasket is something i learned about that i appreciate.
  2. Thanks for bringing this to my attention about the jet block gasket, however, i don't have a carb handy to look at atm, but i am curious how that oring is supposed to stop a leaking needle and seat? I ask as i have been fighting what i believe is a bad block on oring on my 05. At the same time i am struggling to keep the float bowl from filling up over time after trying a new needle, to the point i have been adjusting float height, something i don't believe in. So tired of the problem that i am already plan on buying up a new lectron
  3. duner929

    Leaner needle KX250

    i strongly recomend the jd jet kit
  4. duner929

    2006 KX250 Project

    Curious how your build is coming along? sorry i don't get on here much but replacing everything is definitely the way to go for piece of mind. Hopefully making smoke already
  5. duner929

    Taming an 07 with needles and FWW

    I've never tried any other needle except stock and it was definitely off a bunch, and after some research i went with the jet kit by j-d. I would recomend it as it comes with 2 needles with different profiles than stock, quite a bit different if i recall. I have an 05 which i use for woods sometimes and mx most of the time. I haven't been in very much single track but i don't see me needing a fww like i've had in the past, i'm not suggesting you not get 1, but after the jet kit and a gearing change i am actually missing the hit on some sand tracks and have found using the clutch more for that reason. Pre jet kit, i thought i needed 1 for sure and after the jet kit, i honestly haven't even thought of 1. I like the bottom end and the mid range is fairly smooth and like i said, wish it hit harder in the mid range at times. Do some research and see if this is what you feel you need. I recommend it no matter what. Also, i'm on 13/50 gearing and stock pipe and silencer, and stock head and cylinder. I would recommend as stated above the squish mod, my builder even recommends this, and i just snagged 1 off ebay for $44 a couple weeks ago. About ignition timing, if you turn the stator ccw, that retards the timing and typically smoothes out the power. I haven't done so on this bike but usually you loosen 3 screws behind the flywheel and note the marks before moving the stator. I would highly recommend looking in your service manual 1st though and do some extensive research before attempting this! if you go to far advance you can mess that new top end up in a big hurry!!!
  6. duner929

    The best fix for the 05-07 KX250 chassis

    ^ All the stuff i read that makes me wonder, if this head angle swap is what set's this bike apart? or at least what makes it more predictable?
  7. duner929

    The best fix for the 05-07 KX250 chassis

    I have an oem 05 only manual and it too listed the rake at 26 degrees and (from my memory) listed the same 105mm trail. Also about the width, could this be footpeg width? they narrowed the peg mounts on the frame from 04 - 05 but in 06 there might have been another change? just a different peg? Either way, Thanks to the o.p. for this mod. I was suggested to try the exact same thing with the 02 clamps on my 05, however, searching ebay has not been kind most of the time for me because most of the sellers list fitment from 99-02 and some do not list what year bike they actually took them off which, after sending them messages and asking them to take measurements i've gotten back inconsistent dimensions which didn't give me much confidence. What amazes me is when i read the magazine shootouts on the 05 and compare it to the 06 shootouts, for a bike that didn't change a whole bunch between the 2 years, they wrote up like it was completely 2 different bikes! IF the frames and geometry are the same, this leads me to believe that the suspension changes are what caused the problems and i hope that is 1 of the biggest problems. I personally have an 05 that just got revalved and it still has the same characteristics it had with stock stuff. I haven't had any time to work with the suspension guy to work out the kinks, but either way it's still has it's faults.
  8. duner929

    How to make my KX 250 handle better?

    Sorry to bring this to the top again, i have an 05 with the same concerns, 1st of all i assume you have done some research? Some guys have taken it to the extreme and have cut and rewelded the steering head, which i have considered, just by having my suspension revalved made a huge difference and setting the sag at 105mm. also by stiffing the fork and shock settings makes a world of difference in handling and plants the front tire better. My stock stuff was so soft anyways, we had to wind up everything to keep it from blowing through the stroke and making it ride higher in the stroke as well, if your 06 rides anything like that i would stiffen it up for starters. I have not done the triple clamps or the linkage but both can be found out there with a little research. I personally am to cheap to buy either 1 unless i find a good set for a good price.
  9. duner929

    Fuel boiling in tank

    I am having the same problem on an 05 250. I actually went with one of those bling type vents and the problem only happens when it's hot, say 85 and real humid and if im pushing it on my moto track. With the stock vent it would happen after only 3 laps on my short track at any temp above 60 and leave a stain right on my front fender and frame. I could tell this had been going on from the previous owner just by looking at the frame around the steering head. If i wait a couple minutes, maybe 5 minutes after i shut it off, i will hear it gurgling. Whats weird is they went to a bigger cap which i forgot how nice that is, but did the vent hole get smaller? I too was thinking about the heat reflective option, but also i was eyeing up the newer shrouds with the vent holes in them as another possible solution too. We'll see if i get around to it.
  10. duner929

    What paddle tire to buy?

    This was used on a 05 kx250 2 smoke
  11. duner929

    What paddle tire to buy?

    Get this 1, 10 paddle chen shin on my buddies 2012 and his old 07 crf450 was ideal except for the paddles were pretty toast. A decent 8 paddle did well and didn't lug him down in the somewhat course sand in idaho. I had the skat trak intimidater and switched to this cst tire and it is WAY better than my skat trak was and the ROOST!!! Even my buddy was complaining about it when following me along with every rider (7 others) in our group lmao https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/4287/46649/CST-Surge-C7220-Paddle-Tire
  12. duner929

    Handling and steering on 05-07 kx250's

    Just an update from my end, i talked to my suspension guy and will be getting my stock suspenson dialed in to start with. He suggested offset clamps versus cutting the frame. (forgot about looking for 02 set) Also he had air forks from a 13 crf with custom clamps would be nice too but the cost of the clamps, brakes and a wheel made me shy away from that idea, not to mention my uncertainty of air forks in general. I am pulling the bike out this weekend from winter storage and taking it to the track where he will be for trackside support and hope to go forward with upgrading my kx. I will keep everyone posted!
  13. duner929

    Handling and steering on 05-07 kx250's

    I'll relay that to the suspension guy I'll be working with. Thanks
  14. duner929

    Handling and steering on 05-07 kx250's

    Honestly I am getting ready for the off season which is a couple weeks away and also will talk my suspension guy and follow his recommendations at the same time getting my revalve and spring job done. Thanks for the input guys
  15. duner929

    Magura Hydraulic Clutch Systems

    I have to get some washers to shim before i try riding it but easy install and great feel so far