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  1. anthony250

    94 Husa Fc600 Backfire

    Hello, Ive been working on a buddys bike 94 Husaberg Fc or FE600 and I hear these things are somewhat unreliable? So this bike has been really hard to start, I did a through carb cleaning which had vanished fuel, and adjusted all valves to closesly .10mm , maybe a little more on exhaust since I couldnt get a feeler guage on that side. So anyways the bike starts easier a bit now, with choke off only. Runs but runs with an high idle and turning it down almost wants to die, air screw is at 1.5" turns out. And it pops really badly , is becuase of valves or carb cleaning still needed? Bike ran better before in the past just not sure why its so erratic now.
  2. Working on a buddys 85 Atc250r recently he had motor work done he did wiesco overbore 68mm piston and other things. But he rode it recently at the desert and he says while riding high speed the motor died it was running fine. I opened it up to find no radiator coolant. Which i just serviced the whole bike. And a hole in the cylinder head cover through the water jacket. No damage to piston or cylinder. Wondering what caused this and spark plug looks pretty much white. And looks overheated, the gasket looks like it partially melted in one spot. Not sure if this things jetted too lean. But he runs 91 octane. Premixed at i believe 30:1 or close to stock. Aftermarket pipe and silencer. Pictures attached. Jetting may have been changed cause esr sticker on carb. And it was running a b7es plug. I just purchased a 8 range for it. Not alot of splooge outta the silencer either.
  3. anthony250

    07 Crf250R Suspension Setup And spring rate

    It was roughly 100mm of sag, and it was about 50mm , so yes thats why I figure my spring was too stiff, im guessing over 5.0KG, becuase my previous bike had a 4.8 and that felt alot better. Im picking up a 4.7 which is perfect to my wieght, and will be getting 4.0kg for my forks also for my wieght. Becuase I set my clickers to rougly stock and it both felt stiff. I think I should set settings to stock, I opened the rear shock to see if it was modded, by piston or oil. Stock valve , but did have fresh oil. Im going to try with my wieght springs and go from there. But maybe The valving is too stiff regardless for compression.
  4. I recently Purchased a 07 Crf250R From the looks work has been done to it before, and the suspension probably has been changed. I am a Beginner/ novice motorcross rider at 125lbs. I can tell setting the clicker to stock position its quite stiff. And it doesnt feel super safe riding fast. I took the rear shock apart, found that the spring has been changed but has no markings to what rate it is , all it has is 03-87 engraved in it? I wanna know what spring rate it is but cant figure it out. Is there anybody that can figure that out? I set the sag to roughly 100mm of sag. And I took the rear shock completly apart to see if it needs new oil and check if the valve has been changed, it appears to be stock but oil looks new. Is there anybody that can help me revalve the shock to my personal riding ability. Im fimilar with revalving offroad shocks with compression and rebound shocks, I just can not figure out which stack is high speed and low speed. I have pictures if needed. Thanks
  5. anthony250

    Pics of your CRF250R (just pics, no questions pls)

    Just bought this 07 ... FMF 4.1 Dual Pipes, Fmf Header. Excel rims and RAD Hubs. And some other stuff.
  6. anthony250

    01 YZ250F Jetting.. Other questions

    Here it is after changing jets to 172 main 40 pilot. And 1 1/2 fuel screw slighht backfire. Slight bog at 3/4 full throttle. 700ft elevation..
  7. Cleaning up my classic lol. 2001 yz250f .. Just did the wheels black..
  8. anthony250

    charging rear shock (07 yz250)

    It cost me roughly $140 lasts me a longgg time
  9. anthony250

    charging rear shock (07 yz250)

    Most tire shops are not capable or wont charge stuff over 100 psi or so. Try calling a few motocross shops and ask them how much. Dont pay over 25 bucks. I mean its not that expensive. I usually charge people $5 Per shock with my system at home. As for psi check the manual.
  10. anthony250

    01 YZ250F Jetting.. Other questions

    Okay cool. Would it be on the leaner side or the richer side ? Do you have links for the mods? Thanks
  11. anthony250

    01 YZ250F Jetting.. Other questions

    I know it was and is a great bike. Luckiy mine has a brand new redone motor by ZipTy Racing. Possible Race tech front suspension, I need to go through it. I so wish i could trade up for a 06 aluminum frame. But my first main hobby is offroading and I recently really spent alot on building my prerunner truck. Lol Oh dirt sports.. Ill will look into the those mods. Thanks. Should I just change all those jets and adjustments at once or do one at a time and try them ? I forgot to mention half the time I ride at elevations above 3K
  12. So Its beeen a while since i posted or even rode this bike... Getting everything fresh and new oils and seeing if i can tune this thing as best as possible. Seems to have all stock jetting. 01 Yz250f with Yoshimura TRS FULL PRO Ti Exhaust. Aftermarket air filter, no cover. Track ridden.. Spark plug looks brown, little black around the metal ring. Bike runs great but could be better, has a little bog from Start to 1/4" throttle I feel like it should be more crisp. Should I mess with jetting or get a JD jetting kit, should i add the quick shot AP Cover? Thanks... Heres a pic of the Spark Plug. Oem plug heat range too.
  13. anthony250

    04 YFZ 450 Smokes blue and spits oil out of exhaust

    All the time, alot of it, piston and cylinder look good, no blowby on the piston. But one cam has blue color that it got hot at one point. And one exhaust valve spec was on the tight side.
  14. I have a 04 YFZ450 Raptor and it runs great but recently started burning oil in larger amounts, and smoking blue heavily, but still running great. There was a good amount of oil coming out of the exhaust. I just took the motor apart to rebuild the top end to replace the piston and rings. But to find it was a 97mm big bore piston kit "ESR" and piston looks great and rings look fine. I dont know if it is just the rings or the valve seals to be replaced.
  15. anthony250

    94 Husaberg 600 Questions

    Thanks. ill go with that.