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  1. Hello I have been searching around and have not found any thing yet. Does some one make plastics for the KLX140? My son would like to change his to black. If not will the 110 fit? Does any thing fit? Thanks
  2. gixer

    Thanks Cycleracks

    Do you have any pictures? If its the one I saw on line they look kind of big. Any reason you went with this type of rack?
  3. gixer

    Honda Bolts

    waterpick Blast the dirt out.
  4. I would not do that. There is to much leverage then. It will bounce like crazy. Keep in mind a class III hitch is rated at 500lbs of weight. Toung weight so with the extra leverage I would not do it.
  5. The anit wobble hitch pin wont stop the bike from moving just the rack.
  6. My buddys just missed fitting right on his nissan. The back tire was just hitting it. It was a pain to get on and off. He finaly had to make some changes to it to get it to fit better
  7. Caribeeners are nice. But the rachet buckle I dont know. I had about 5 go bad already. at least with the cam buckle once you pull it tight you just tie it off right at the buckle and it wont go any where. You lose that drum in teh reachet and its all over.
  8. Have you never seen any one do this before? It keeps the hooks in place when there is slack in the tie down. I have seen to many people lose there bikes either off their trailer or pick up becuase the hook drooped out when the bike leaned oversome.
  9. Here is a tip for you. Use a bunge cord from one hook to the next. This way when there is slack the hooks stay tight and wont fall out. I do this on my trailer also. I built my own and have a part that slides under the bike frame. I pull on the tie downs and have the bike rest on this part. This keeps the bike from bouncing up and down. Seems to work out ok this way. If its a long trip I tend to lean the bike away from the back of my truck some then use an extra strap from the bike to the hitch of my truck. This will realy tighten the bike up and take out alot of the movment.
  10. gixer

    Krylon plastic paint??

    Thanks for the replys. I guess I will try this out. I was worried about my parts being painted some already. I guess I will have to break down and try it out.
  11. gixer

    Krylon plastic paint??

    Was it factory plastic or had you painted it before using this fusion paint?? Thanks
  12. gixer

    Krylon plastic paint??

    I have read posts of people using this fusion paint. I have heard good things if I am not mistaken. My question is has any one used it on plastic that has already been painted? How will it work. I have some plastic parts that I have painted before and some spots it is peeling off and on others its sticking, I wanted to repaint them but don’t know how this fusion paint will work on the painted sections. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. gixer

    zerk fittings in stearing head

    Thanks for the info
  14. Ok the other day I did a search on putting a zerk fitting in my stearing head. Now I cant find it and the search brings up nothing. I must be losing it. Can some one give me some info on this. Thanks
  15. gixer

    Fork Torques

    Yeah both at 20lbs