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  1. I was fortunate enough to have really good access at today's race. Seeing how rough the track is up close, and how fast these guys are, really makes me appreciate how good these guys can ride. Amazing athletes.
  2. JB better keep his helmet on!
  3. "If you're not first, you're last" -Ricky Bobby
  4. Oakland 2013, Hangtown 2013, and Oakland 2014 Some random dude with a funny shirt, and my friend, in the parking lot
  5. I think finding a helmet that fits your head is the most important thing, if all the DOT and Snell ratings are equal. I love my Shoei because it fits my head so well. Before that I had an HJC which I really liked as well. I tried on Bell, TLD, Fox and Thor, they were all very uncomfortable on my head. Shoei and Arai are the most comfortable for me (and coincidentally 2 of the more expensive brands). I would love to try on an Airoh just to see how it fits.
  6. I will be there, like others said tailgating is fine (we plan to do so) and in and out is good up to a point before the racing starts so don't get caught outside past that time. 71 degree high Sat in Oakland woot!
  7. Saw dudes name was Shawn Rinehart, never heard of him but he looked like he was hurtin'
  8. Had my first head on one year ago, scariest thing that's ever happened to me. Ended up with a huge hematoma in my gut where my bars hit me as I went over the bars when my bike stopped instantly as I hit the other bike. No fun at all. I always ride spooked now, around every blind corner.
  9. Me with Guy Fieri.... At Oakland SX last year. I worked with Guy when we were kids 30 years ago
  10. From my senior year pics... Even then I was a KTM fan hence the orange pants and socks
  11. My bad, I missed the "staying in Willows" part!
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