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  1. Of all the bikes I’ve owned in my 57 years I wouldn’t need to think twice to buy another DRZ. It has become my favourite motorcycle!
  2. G’day Roley. Yeah I love the blue wheels too. I regularly get compliments on them. Goodies on the way are short levers, edge 2 tail light, 39 tooth sprocket, FMF powercore 4 slipon, jets etc. I’m a little bit excited for my delivery from postman Pat lol
  3. So very Very true! Cheers mate 😀
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    My beloved Hornet
    My beloved Hornet
  7. G’day all. I’m finally back into riding after a nightmarish 3 year divorce settlement. Bought myself the bike I’ve wanted for nearly a decade, and after a month of ownership I’m absolutely digging it! Got lotsa goodies for it coming in the mail next week, but for now I’m just enjoying riding again. Its great to be back on two wheels again 👍👍
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    Yeah I'm interested in some info on this bike too. Oh and G'day from Australia. My current bike is .. But lately I find myself increasingly interested in motards
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