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  1. zdylanh

    Piru MX 9/3/11 or 9/4/11

    I might be able to hit I5 on Friday or Saturday morning. Could you make it Friday?
  2. zdylanh

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    So is this route materializing? Its been a while since I have ridden with the thumper talk group and I have been wanting to try out this route, or something similar.... thinking about joining you guys. What's the verdict?
  3. zdylanh

    2005 450X initial impressions

    Sounds like you need to twist the throttle a little more, I think that would take care of most of your issues.
  4. zdylanh

    Throttle and Clutch Cables

    Anyone know if the KLX450 clutch and throttle cables are the same as the KX450 cables? I think I figured out that the throttle cable is, but can't seem to find any info on the clutch cable. thanks
  5. zdylanh

    I-5 Friday 2/11/11

    I might come out on Friday for a spin around the track. Just one question... are you sure it will be open? Don't they need to groom it for the race/practice on sat? They typically groom it on Thursday, right? But with the race this weekend will they groom on Friday so the track will be nice for the race? I don't know, just wondering if you might know..
  6. zdylanh

    Cal City 1/8 Big Boy Ride!

    I definitely have the itch!! I was itching to go back out when I woke up Sunday morning. Let's head out for another 70 miles or so... Sounds like squid is doing it every day!!
  7. zdylanh

    Cal City 1/8 Big Boy Ride!

    We did have a blast today... it was pretty much a perfect day. Couldn't ask for better weather, trail conditions or a group of guys. I guess Wayne could have done without the loop out -radiator smash hill, but overall he enjoyed himself. I will try to get some of the video and get it posted up. Thanks again to Silentshok for setting this up and 1hondalover for leading us on some awesome trails. It was definitely the best cal city ride I have been on. I just love this type of riding. It was good to meet you all.
  8. zdylanh

    Cal City 1/8 Big Boy Ride!

    Too bad you can't join us, definitely hoping the conditions are good - I think they will be. We need to get together and ride again..
  9. zdylanh

    Cal City 1/8 Big Boy Ride!

    Just got off the phone with my friend and he said he is good to go, so we will be there at 8 am. We will be in a tan crew cab chevy with a CRF450 and a KLX450... looking forward to it!!
  10. zdylanh

    Cal City 1/8 Big Boy Ride!

    Did you fill your quota of riders yet? Me and a buddy might be interested in joining you if don't mind and if you have room. We are concerned a little about gas as we are both on X model bikes (CRX and KLX) with stock tanks. I think we could do ~60 miles and could pack some gas to get close to 70. We can both ride and look forward to the "fun, challenging" rides. If you think the gas thing is an issue, we understand completely, and we can try to catch you another time.
  11. zdylanh

    Oversized Tank - 4.1 gal?

    It doesn't look very slim, thats for sure. I was worried about that. Thanks
  12. zdylanh

    Oversized Tank - 4.1 gal?

    I am pretty new to this forum, as I just picked up my 2008 KLX450R several months ago. I love the bike and I am thinking about doing a Baja ride. I don't think the stock tank will be big enough so I need to pick up an oversized tank. I have searched here and found out quite a bit about the different options for tanks, but not much about the 4.1 gallon Acerbis. Does anyone have any experience with this tank? Looking for any issues with fitment, clearance ... or anything else you might have liked/disliked. I am torn between the 3.3ish sized tank and the 4.1. I also wanted to see if anyone here has an oversized tank they have sitting around the garage they no longer need/want - and would like to exhange it for some $!! Thanks
  13. zdylanh

    Christmas Eve - Friday morning ride

    Well, don't really know what to make of your post, but since I don't know if it is sarcastic or not because I don't know you -- I guess I will assume you don't really want others along on this ride for some reason. I thought it was an open invitation.... I was a little apprehensive about driving an hour and a half, just to possibly have to turn around right when I got there because it was to muddy to ride. Fire roads do tend keep standing water longer and to be slicker than single or two track trails but I guess you wouldn't know about that because you only ride quads on fire roads... Was looking forward to meeting and riding with you guys.... Thanks for the invite.. ( yes, sarcasm)
  14. zdylanh

    Christmas Eve - Friday morning ride

    So I guess we don't have any ride reports to verify if it is bad or not. Is this area really just fireroads? Muddy fireroads do not sound like that much fun.. however I have never been there so I really have no idea. Do you have to have some sort of a pass to ride in this area as well?
  15. zdylanh

    Christmas Eve - Friday morning ride

    I really wanted to make that ride, but it just didn't line up for me. I was able to ride that week, but only had time for a quick morning ride. (wife had something going on in the afternoon). I do love the wet riding conditions... the pics and videos looked awesome. I really enjoy the wet sand riding...there is nothing like blasting down a wet sandy wash. I spent a lot of time riding high desert sand and sand dunes in UT. I have never ridden DFW as it is a little further from me than LPNF. Would like to check it out, but with all the rain we have gotten I am a little weary of making the drive to just have it be a waste of time and a big sloppy mess. Hopefully someone will have a report report after todays ride to see how good or bad it is. Would like to make it happen.