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  1. laser17

    trials bike pictures

    I like the pic of the guy doing the clean and jerk lift of a Sherco!
  2. laser17

    300 evo

    Weird stuff like this happens to dirt bikes, and in life, and you obviously have kept that in proper perspective. In general, trials riders are some of the best people I know and the PO of this bike is a fine example that. (not to mention a ridiculously good rider) Seems like you'll fit right in as well!
  3. laser17

    Hare n Hound on oahu this weekend

    Why no trials bikes? Big advantage IMO.
  4. laser17

    trials bikes in pa

    Boom Boom is a solid source for good bikes in PA. Hopefully, he's got a lead for you. Nothing right now around me. Come early spring, people will be trading and selling more bikes in the NE regions.
  5. laser17

    Montesa Cota 315r gas

    Heres an article on it. Pretty simple to remove. Lots of DYI info on the web. http://goldwingdocs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=14679 Dont forget the octane boost.
  6. laser17

    Montesa Cota 315r gas

    Some guys (mostly vintage riders in my MC club) just remove the ethanol from local pump gas and add octane boost.
  7. laser17

    front tube valve breaks off on inside

    Tighten rim lock, use a NON HD tube and if the front tire is real old, replace it. Other than that, some rims/tire just arent as tight as others and can slip. Maybe a 2nd rim lock is needed? Do you do alot of fast riding and hard, abrupt braking? How old is the tire? type?
  8. laser17

    front tube valve breaks off on inside

    Are you using a rim locK? What tire pressure are you using?
  9. laser17

    How Can I Tell The Year Of gas gas Bike?

    See "chassis number system explained" in general tech documents. http://www.trialspartsusa.com/tech.html also - by year in the gg museam http://www.gasgasmuseum.com/
  10. laser17

    head light on 04 gasser

    wiring diagrams here. http://www.trialspartsusa.com/electrical.html
  11. laser17

    Fair Price?

    That's a good price. Buy it if its in good shape.
  12. laser17

    trials bike pictures

    If were doin snow pics - heres my 08 gg250 with trick factory sponsor bike stand.
  13. laser17

    Gaerne Boot Question......

    I failed to mention that I provided the replacement Gaerne soles from RYP. The $15 was for the strip and bond only. I also put in some new "race" foot beds. If Alpinestars fit my calves, I'd probably switch for the increase in protection as my feet and shins get beat up pretty good sometimes.
  14. laser17

    Gaerne Boot Question......

    Just a couple of months. The 75 year old cobbler peeled off both soles like they were a ripe banana right in front of me. Just one quick tug and voila. ..He told me I wouldn't be able to do that with his re-glued soles. I asked him what he used and he told me that a cobbler never reveals his secrets and it took him years to perfect. I told him for the $15 bucks he charged, I would bring him my new boots next time to do the same thing. I probably already should have replaced the boots I have as they are pretty worn and are starting to leak as well. Soles are still on though! (He said he would have to grind the soles off after he was done! Not a job I would want)
  15. laser17

    Gaerne Boot Question......

    My Gaernes did the same - toes came unglued on both boots. Soles were easily ripped off by the cobbler by hand. I replaced them with new soles and have been riding for 3 years. Soles now worn out. Seems like the glue Gaerne uses is a bit weak. My cobbler was also surprised they werent built better. Other than that - I like the boots.