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  1. I know that heat win meant the world to him ........ BUT HOLY SHIT this kid has obviously been tortured by his &%$#@! father worse than we thought all these years ........ Every penny made from here foward will be spent on shrinks im betting ..... What a hilarious and also uncomfortable thing to watch
  2. ChillyKTM

    Krista Voda sucks. . .

    Because it is Now on Fox the sport will reach 10 times the audienue it did just a year ago, thats why they have a soccermom broadcaster and unfortunatley we will prob enjoy a lot less Monster girls ass shots .... But hey if it helps moto grow and get respect from fat football fans ..... Then ill deal with her i guess
  3. ChillyKTM

    Educate me about the 2013 SXF350

    50 hours on my 13 350 sxf ..... BEST BIKE IVE EVER HAD !!!! Suspension issues solved by a rebuild , under 700 bucks .... I rode yzf 450 s til this so have no comparison for you as far as 125 sx
  4. I live in manhattan , garage my truck ( expensive as hell ) but was lucky enough to find a garage where the manager also rides moto, he lets me keep my bike in my truck at no extra charge....thatll be hard to find. manhattan is nearly immpossible to store a dirt bike. Brooklyn is easier check out a motorcycle only facility called Motogrrl .... 24 hr secure access , full mechanic facility to work on your bike etc. a bit pricey at over 200 per month but very best option of its kind. There are plenty of storage places in NJ ( where you will ride most ) for about 100 per month. Or buy a small van like a Ford Transit type thing, keep bike inside and garage or lot the van securely. POINT IS WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY . I know 3 other guys that live in NYC and ride moto. As far as riding goes the tracks at Englishtown are great ( nothing compares to SoCal ofcourse ) , plus there are 2 on Long Island and 1 in CT....... Spring, summer , fall i ride 2-3 days a week. You just have to be willing to drive 1-2 hours. If you wana ride trails then join a club like MCI , theyre super nice guys , but you have to be plated, and do alot of meetings, and trail maintenaince etc . Best option to plate in NY is a KTM due to mso not stating " off road only use " etc etc PM me if youd like more details or people to ride MX with upon arrival Cheers
  5. Stripped mine like an idiot , cant find one on OEM websites .... Any links or info where i can get a new one ? Thanks
  6. ChillyKTM


    Thanks for the help Any suggestions for stabilizer product brand etc ?
  7. ChillyKTM


    Im shuttin her down for a few cold months After draining gas should I run the bike dry til it stalls ? 2013 350 SXF
  8. Title of my thread sez it all .......that guy announcing w Emig what a douchebag , but at least he " apologized" before every dig he took at team USA and at Tomac when Eli came up in the booth with them, and essentially calling AC222 the fastest man on the planet .......hmmmm wheres RV to shut him up....
  9. Love my 13 350 sxf ( except WP suspension hahaha) , coming from 450 s i want a touch more power so a full pipe is the way ill go......it seems Akrapovic is the KTM way to go? Any thoughts, suggestions, better bang for buck options ?
  10. ChillyKTM

    What's up w/ Fiolek?

    Theres no " series " for the women, a Triple Crown has hardly any payout vs cost for these gals its simple . Plus she made her money so to speak,theres only Less Not more cash available for these girls nowadays
  11. ChillyKTM

    TUESDAY June 11 come ride at L.I.M.X. YAPHANK

    Pretty sure thyre closed, No way condos, the lot is sandwich between a factory and Grucci Fireworks factory....just time for them to retire and im sure insurance costs were outrageous
  12. ChillyKTM

    TUESDAY June 11 come ride at L.I.M.X. YAPHANK

    Unfortunatley very sad news, the owners send out a Facebook notification that they are closing down the track for good. I wish them well but ofcourse hate to see yet even less places to ride in the Area.....
  13. ChillyKTM

    Did Etown get rid of rider insurance?

    Just 40 no insurance
  14. ChillyKTM

    Need your opinions guys.

    The tracks im refering too are closer to Croton ( about an hour or so, NOT Unadilla.....unadilla is 4 hours from Croton on Hudson ) so, if thats where u are on weekends , then i suggest looking into finding locals near Dilla
  15. ChillyKTM

    Need your opinions guys.

    I live 10 minutes from Croton, you will NOT find any trails to ride period ! I ride MX only now becuase trail riding is non existent unless you wana plate your bike and/or transport it hours away. i used to Live in Colorado, and if your coming from Montana you wont find ANYTHING remotely satisfying here.... I miss riding outwest very much If you ride MX and wana drive at least an hour away from croton there are tracks for sure. PM me if you bring a bike and wana ride MXtracks