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  1. 77rednecktruck

    2013 450f shootout .. Who will win?

    x2 I just trail ride, but I love my old KTM200EXC. I tried my cousin's RM 250 (forget the year...) and hated it. He thinks it is the greatest bike ever made. Not sure anyone puts any stock in what a magazine says is the best bike for them unless you are a complete poser. With that said, I do read and enjoy reading the shootouts to see what the pro's think of the bikes. It's nice to know what new parts are out there and how they affect the bikes.
  2. 77rednecktruck

    what bike after a 65 for a 10 year old?

    idiotic??? I will have him sit on a few bikes and see how he fits on them. If it turns out he is too small yet, maybe we can get another year out of the 65. Thanks!
  3. 77rednecktruck

    what bike after a 65 for a 10 year old?

    One more question, then I am done. Any years to stay away from? Most models have a few bad years and don't want to get one of those.
  4. 77rednecktruck

    what bike after a 65 for a 10 year old?

    He is pretty good with the clutch already, I don't see the need unless you are chasing points though. Just racing for fun, I would rather him continue to learn the clutch. We would definately go riding a few times before racing and get him comfortable on it. It is hard enough following those damn signs, don't need to be thinking about the new bike and get him lost.
  5. 77rednecktruck

    what bike after a 65 for a 10 year old?

    I live in the south hills of Pittsburgh and my kid likes the CRA races. They seem to be well run and usually have a lot of riders on cleanup duty for the little guys. I think my mind has been made up then. CRF150R it is. Now I need to sell his 65 and find a 150.
  6. 77rednecktruck

    what bike after a 65 for a 10 year old?

    hmmm, OK. So if he is coming off a 65 I guess the 150r would be the bike to look at then. He doesn't want slower, he just doesn't like the hit of the small 2 strokes.
  7. 77rednecktruck

    what bike after a 65 for a 10 year old?

    thanks for the quick replies! Any difference between the crf150R and the KLX 140L? I have read good things about both. Will the 140/150 be as fast as his 65?
  8. 77rednecktruck

    KTM 200exc thoughts?

    I am 5'10" also and have a 2001 KTM200EXC. The bike is absolutely perfect. I keep thinking about trading it in for something else but everything else I ride feels heavy and slow in comparison. The new 250/450 4 strokes feel a ton heavier and the 125 2 strokes have no bottom end, it fits perfectly in between. I weigh 200 lbs. and it pulls me around fine, I rarely get into the powerband unless going up a pretty steep hill or drag racing someone. With you being 130, the thing is going to be a rocketship!!!
  9. My son has been riding for 5 years now (XR50R, TTR90, KX65) and is starting to outgrow the 65. He races in harescrambles in Ohio and PA. I am thinking a 4 stroke is the way to go for him, he is not a real aggressive rider and the 2 stroke is killing him. He is about 4'4" tall and a 33" (probably closer to 32 though ) seat height would probably be the tallest he could go. Would a CRF150R/F be a good fit? Could I get a bigger bike and lower it for him? Thanks!
  10. 77rednecktruck

    Steep Downhill?

    I usually fall down and slide down the hill and don't use any brakes. On the hills I actually stay on the bike for I use the rear brake and lean back as far as possible. If I start going too fast or the rear starts locking up, I slowly add in the front brake to get it back under control.
  11. 77rednecktruck

    Hauling a dirt bike with a car???

    I also have the Harbor Freight 4x8 trailer. It weighs 203lbs. without the wood floor. I have towed it behind a few different cars without an issue. I haul 3 bikes on it, 1 full size and 2 kids bikes. I really like the trailer but I am looking for an enclosed trailer now.
  12. 77rednecktruck

    Weight issues

    Is it a medical condition or just eating bags of potato chips while playing xbox for hours on end? A buddy of mine works out a ton is overweight, it is something to do with one of the glands going funky. If it is just bad habits, that's easy to fix, just follow the previous post. good luck
  13. 77rednecktruck

    Did a dumb thing while changing oil today

    Can I have your bike when you die?
  14. 77rednecktruck

    Water Crossing... How to?

    not like this
  15. 77rednecktruck

    Refilling clutch fluid

    I have a big syringe and fill from the bleeder. It seems to work better that way. make sure the bleeder screw is open and squeeze in the fluid. it's a little tough but it does work, at least on mine.