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  1. It was a 2019 if it was a 450 6 days. Unless you’re not in the United States. Not crazy about the color scheme on the 2020 normal and 6 days but I think the bikes get better looking every year.
  2. Yeah.. not sure what they were doing back then but the JDs seem to all come set with the “off road” settings per the instructions. I haven’t seen or talked to anyone that got a tuner for a 17+ that was set anywhere different than that what the instructions tell you it’s supposed to be set at
  3. I don’t think they are selling a 2020 450exc-f in the US, 6 days or not.
  4. If you are “almost completely de-smogged” then I’m assuming you’ve taken all other parts off, if so that hose is going no where and if you don’t at least have it plugged it’s pulling unfiltered air into your throttle body. It provides vacuum to the solenoid down near the counter sprocket. The solenoid is part of the Evap system, along with the charcoal canister inside the frame. If you haven’t removed any of that then you still have plenty of “desmogging” to do. The Evap system is one of the two systems that make up the “smog” equipment, meaning the equipment that controls pollution or “Smog”. The Evap system controls gas vapors exiting the tank thru the vent. The other Smog system is the SAS valve which injects fresh air into the exhaust to help clean up the exhaust. This is that little component below the tank on the right side that you either take off or plug with a ball. The reeds and the exhaust are simply noise control devices, they don’t really do anything to control smog. With that said, removing the brass nipple will essentially disable the Evap system. If you are going to do that you might as well take out the whole system (solenoid, charcoal canister, hoses). Disabling/bypassing/removing the Evap system gives you absolutely zero performance increase, zero. There are a couple of reasons to do it though: 1. clean up the bike and remove “extra” components. 2. People have reported that after dropping the bike and the charcoal canister filling up with gas the bike is hard to start for a while. 3. Reports of the solenoid frying the stock ecu. Now that I see you have a vortex, I’m pretty sure that Evap system isn’t doing shit for you anyhow. The stock ECU controls the solenoid to purge the charcoal canister. I don’t believe the Vortex controls it. You should at a bare minimum not be venting the tank through the charcoal canister. I plugged the hole with a short bolt. Ktm part number 0025060086. Also, mine came out pretty easy. Just start slow, if it doesn’t seem to want to budge don’t force it.
  5. Yeah, the engine vibes are bad. It’s just the way it is. You’ll get varying reports online, Some bikes may be worse than others, at a minimum some people are more sensitive to it than others. Between the mods I’ve done, hours I’ve put on, and fueling improvements the vibrations have mellowed out from when the bike was new and/or I just got used to it. First half of the bikes life it had Supermoto wheels on it, since I switched to dirt and it barely touches pavement I honestly don’t even think about the vibes.
  6. Good choice. Same one I’ve got. Just take it easy with the seat bolts the first couple of times, the threads were rough in mine and the inserts are brass so they will cross thread or strip. I recommend running a bolt in the inserts before even putting the seat on just to clean them up
  7. “OEM” “comfort” and “comfort xl” refer to the width of the seat. “Low” “standard” and “tall” refer to the height.
  8. I don’t know anything about the specific bike/shock/application, but a spring coiled like that generally indicates it has some sort of progressive spring rate to it. I’m assuming it aftermarket.
  9. We get that you think ktm is terrible but why come in here and shit post for absolutely no reason?
  10. I wanted a 19 FE501 over the 19 500 EXC-F That I purchased at the beginning of the year. Everything I read Or watched Regarding linkage vs PDS left me with the impression that I wouldn’t even notice a difference and that both were fine for my level of riding. I didn’t really want an orange bike and preferred white but I don’t lose sleep over it and think the KTM still looks good. Ultimately I got the KTM because of availability near me and I paid a couple thousand less than what I would have for the husky. It was also nice not to have to worry about the clutch slave cylinder right off the bat as well.
  11. I was just guessing with the knock off comment. Maybe I’m not looking at this correctly, but wouldn’t the arrow be point the right direction if it was rotated to the ground side and the word “FRONT” was not upside down? I also don’t see how a tire being backwards affects balancing, you still have the same mass rotating.
  12. Hmm I don’t see any problem with the wheels, maybe the tires though. What are they, knockoffs?
  13. Graphics. Color of fork protector plastic.
  14. Install the sicass key eliminator and wire a simple, hidden toggle switch on the circuit for the starter if you want some piece of mind. Use the switch when you want to disable the bike while you’re away from it.
  15. I’m almost certain my 2019 was set at 2205 stock. Nothing relating to the wheel size function is in the owners manual but it is in the service manual. It tells you how to change it, just not anything about specific settings. Someone with a stock, never adjusted 17-19 should be able to tell us what value pops up with the instrument is first turned on. I’d bet it’s 2205
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