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    Love fabricating long travel sandcars , desert truck (prerunners) , love desert racing , welding in general , building or repairing dirt bikes , District 37 desert racing , USDR racing ( when they were still in business) Yamaha's are my bike of choice but any bike built for enduro/desert racing is gets my attention !

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  1. DTM Industries

    2018 YZ450F Maps for Trail Riding

    Stealthy fly wheel weight will tame a best like that for the trail . I had a 9oz on my 06 450f And aloude to tractor that bike everywhere and way less flam outs .
  2. I know it’s stock but FMF mega bomber and 4.1 muff on that bike jetted correctly will really open the HP out of that SOB
  3. DTM Industries

    Spark arrestor for stock YZ450FX muffler

    Yes I love this topic, if anyone is familiar to Rowher flats OHV in SoCal area the rangers caught me riding dirty ! I just got the 2017 FX and I tried the $5 stainless sink screen at Home Depot trick. . . I took the muffler apart on the 450fx and thought it was going to pass tech at the entrance we’re all the BLM rangers check for spark & reg . Well he stuck the long pokie stick down muff and I guess he felt the screen was there but he was no dummy! He looked at the muffler and knew I had F#%ked with it , the ranger started saying this isn’t PMB , fmf , PC I don’t see the USFA tag . . . . . Well needless to say i dint ride there that day & should have just base camped miles off sierra or bouquet rd and back country in single track. Now I have the FMF 4.1 system with the full sparky kit - standard sparky and Q-series sparky. . . Ready to race
  4. DTM Industries

    Best MX guard for 14-17 YZ450F

    AXP everyone this is the answer, I used to be a enduro engineering , scorpion racing , devol engineering fan when it came to skid plates and believe me I wanted aluminum cause I’m a welder and I can fix aluminum if it get messed up but wow these new high density composite plastics are light , strong & stylish and now I’m sold on this one brand ( AXP ) they have the best plastic quality & protection.
  5. DTM Industries

    Tell me about your YZ450FX

    Oh boy that’s unfortunate you need these AXP radiator braces . I Am a enduro engineering product supporter but these AXP braces are F#%king bad ass bulet proof ! There are 3 points on bracing like a triangle . They stop the push , squish & crunch of radiators
  6. DTM Industries

    Castrol oil deposits

    Time to switch too Motul or klotz
  7. DTM Industries

    Are Project Bikes Even Worth It?

    This is a great thread! Budget is key but I think labor is really impossible to put a price on if it’s labor of love / the enjoyment of taking a running bike that’s beat looking and might need some Proformance/ Maintenance / little powder coating & plastics and for sure could profit alot.
  8. DTM Industries

    RX or FX?

    I read the comparison it really boiled down to color, but as a FX owner my suspension is amazing out of the box felt comparable to my 06 with TBT racing rebuild/valve/springs $1000 , I have a friend I work with that races Baja he is a Honda guy by sponsors but he said the FX was a bad ass and said both comparable ( FX & RX ) . . . . What color do you like I vote Blue !!
  9. DTM Industries

    RX or FX?

    Team blue ! FX is the way to go wide ratio trans and fantastic suspension
  10. I’m guessing the crack is unrepairable ? The frames were welded together new and sent out for heat treatment new if it’s just a crack I’d have it fixed and save time , money and hassle . Keep it and ride or fix it and sell it buy a newer bike that’s already done
  11. DTM Industries

    17 yz 450x too loud

    If you could find someone’s 2017 WR450 take off stocker ? That’s alot quiter and a little more restrictive or just pony up for FMF Q or Pro Circuit 496 slip on
  12. DTM Industries

    XR400AF build oil pump volume?

    What size is the factory oil cooler/ tank ? And what size have you just made ? I would have keeped the size close the factory size to keep the volume and pressure the same , found a pic of a cheap upgrade to a 400ex cooler and I now see the factory oil tank and cooler and the small factory cooler it has and that cheap cooler with computer fan addition doesn’t look like that engine need a lot of cooler , I read on a 400ex riders forum the Idling pressure is 4 or 5 psi and 1/4 throttle is 10psi and 3rd gear full throttle is 20psi ish so id say it doesn’t push that much oil Beautiful work though I like the idea & we’re its going love to see the hole build in a thread
  13. DTM Industries

    Who knows the trails up in the Mammoth area?

    Dead mans creek off 395 just after you pass the mammoth lakes turn off about a few miles down the road is a great place to camp , fish and you can ride some trails into downtown mammoth or ride too June lake or go to mono lake area great spot to base camp from , the trials that go to mono lake or June lake loop are really whooped out witch is good if you like fast desert racing like me ( there is a spot right next to 395 whooped out roller step down Jump if you had a spotter and a camera it’d be the sickest shot for an enduro desert vid ) but yes there are short of boring ish Jeep / logging roads that are nice to ride and cruse through the forest and look at bad ass senary “ I did accidentally get on some mountain bike trails many years ago and road to the top of a 10,000 foot hiking / bicycle/ no mortized vehicles aloud mountain but it was the sickest day ride iv ever done up there “
  14. DTM Industries

    XR400AF build oil pump volume?

    Are talking about doing something similar to an “ accusump “ this something hot rod engine builders do for a cheap version of a dry sump system , I know this idea works better in off-road buggies and trucks and hot rod vehicles then a dirt bike , are having custom oil coolers made ?
  15. DTM Industries

    Fmf shorty repacking. RM125. Plate came out with core

    Any welder could weld that back on cheaper then buying a new one at a fab shop , I weld stuff like that up for people all that time .