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  1. Fast question. How and where do I check if I have the right coolant level?
  2. Thanks a lot guys - really appreciate the replies. FYI - I bought the DRZ 400 and got a fair prize and a jacket in the deal.
  3. Just want to add - the bike is street legal and has registration until 2009. Not sure how to value this into the prize. It is the DRZ 400S version
  4. thanks for the replies.
  5. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and have read a lot of threads before deciding on a DRZ400S Suzuki. Have found one now and would appreciate some thoughts on the prize. The bike: 2001 DRZ400S Suzuki 4.6 gallon dessert tank (and the stock one) Pro taper bars, uncorked exhaust. New bridgestone dual sport tires. 4700 miles It looks clean and well kept. Has not been raced or run off road much. Only very little fire roads as far as I'm informed. Only thing I found is that the handlebars seems a little off center. He's asking 3400 USD which includes a almost new jacket that fits me. Is this a fair deal? Thanks