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  1. The same happened to me too. I did the timing 3 times then just finally gave in to the idea that maybe the lines woudn't be perfectly flush with the head.
  2. codfish600

    Tappet Cap Decimated

    A pipe wrench also works pretty good on them(i know from experience)
  3. codfish600

    A call to help diagnose metal found in my oil

    From what i remember when i had my motor apart, there is nothing that resembles the shard you found. I think you might be right about it being the tip of a screwdriver. Hopefully it hasn't hurt anything else inside
  4. codfish600

    XR600R break in

    When i broke mine in back in march i rode it easy for the first half hour shifting through the gears. Then the next day i ramped it up to about my normal riding speed and haven't looked back since.
  5. codfish600

    Timing on 95 XR600

    The 600 motors are all the same i believe, so your clymer manual should be correct as to how to time it
  6. codfish600

    My 2007 XR650L was just stolen!

    are you serious!!!!! That totally sucks dude I hope the cops find that SOB pretty damn soon!!
  7. I usually try to turn off the petcock every time i am done riding. I don't know how it works but it seems to make cold starting alot earlier especially if my bike sits for more than a day or two
  8. codfish600

    Show your PIG

    The Pig at Powerline Park before she blew the front tire after 10 minutes. Didn't even get the feel for the teraflex yet
  9. codfish600

    Simple observations

    I don't think that you are wrong and your right that there are other forums for shooting the breeze. It just seems like the XR600 forum is more tight knit you could say and enjoy talking all kinds of BS especially against each other in fun.
  10. codfish600

    What did you do to your pig today?

    wanna come weld on my bike?? That looks mighty fine
  11. codfish600

    Simple observations

    I think Tango hit it right on the head. I know I have used the search and still would start a new thread to get the same answer. Granted ones like oil and tire threads are all opinion usually, but most are still educational even if they are repeated. Either way i still like to help out fellow pig riders and still like to read the BS threads and all the other junk on here. GO TT!!
  12. codfish600

    Whats this fer?

    my guess is he has a 600 or 650L because they have that little plunger deal underneath the auto decompression
  13. codfish600

    black rear fender on a 650L

    Maier makes a black one in the normal XR fender and they make a motocross style fender in black too
  14. codfish600

    Whats this fer?

    If you have the stock cam yes but i'm not totally sure
  15. codfish600

    Whats this fer?

    I do believe that it's for disengaging the auto decompression on the stock cam shaft. Someone discussed this a while back and i think it that is what they came up with