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  1. islandracer

    FOX Comp 8 or Alpinestar Tech 7?

    After 2 years my Comp 8's are beginning to fall apart. Fox basically said tough luck. The plastic used by astars and Fox since they've begun to outsource to China is garbage and the companies are aware of it but continue to sacrifice quality. I'll never buy Fox boots again and I've been using them since the Bubba boot in 2002. The comp 8's are good boots until they fall apart. I'm going back to italian made stuff and gonna get a clearance pair of SG-10's for under $400 somewhere. BTW I've worked in the the industry since 01 and have seen this trend of high boots made in china falling apart. Buy italian made boots (with stitched on soles), you won't regret it.
  2. Taking a hard fall with the music blaring sucks though, you're lying on the ground in pain, you have your music just blaring in your ears, trying to rip out the earphone jack from your mp3 player...
  3. I've been doing this for about 15 years now and I can't ride without music. I use earbuds and put medical tape over them to keep them in and insulate the sound. No matter how loud it is I can still hear the bike and I've learned to feel where I am in the gears. It gets my blood pumping and keeps me in "my zone". Remember Ashley Fiolek is deaf so it's very possible to learn to ride by feel. As for hearing bikes behind you etc, I can still hear them just fine. It's not for everyone but it's not as crazy as it seems. I'm not a racer, just an old motocrosser that does 10 min practice motos at 80-90%.
  4. islandracer

    Yamaha YZ250 (2007)


    Timeless 2 smoker MX'er
  5. islandracer

    Yamaha YZ250 2007

    Timeless 2 smoker MX'er
  6. islandracer

    Powder Coating Wheels

    I know this sounds crazy, and I am really picky and meticulous about my bikes but I discovered this by accident. I bought my XR and the kid who had it before just used black spray paint on the rims. They were chipping etc and looked pretty crappy. I knew I had to do something but powder coating/new spokes/relacing was so much trouble and $$$. I was changing the wheel bearings one day and there was a roll of black electrical tape beside my work bench....so I applied it like wheel strips and it gave a really cool matte look. Two strips per side to cover the whole rim up to the nipples holes from the where the tire meets the rim. I thought it would have blown off after 1 ride but it lasted a few weeks, even took to the pressure washer and simple green. People thought I powder coated them until i told them to look closely. Kind of crude, but until you're ready to powder coat - try it, you'll be surpised. One roll of tape can do a bunch of rims so the cost is insignificant. The trick I think, is don't stretch the tape too much or it'll tend to pull itself off which I think happened to me. Curious how long it will last if I do it again. Just lazy and might do it again when I change the tire.
  7. islandracer


    NICE SHOT!!!
  8. islandracer

    Leaky 400 fork (R)

    I've rubbed out tiny scratches in fork tubes but that is a good gouge. If you sand it out, you may (by looking at the pic) take too much off the material of the fork and end up with a flat spot, where the oil will still leak out of there or simply too much is taken off the outer diameter of the fork tube and the seal won't be tight enough and it'll still leak. DIY fork rebuild is cheap enough to try it and if it still leaks, then you need a fork tube - ouch!
  9. islandracer

    Xtec H6M 45/45W bulb Review for Dual Sporting

    I have a japan/euro model 00 XR400 (indicators, horn etc) which came with an odd front light which was pretty dim. I ordered the US oem upgrade housing so a H3 bulb would fit in there. I use a PIAA Xtreme bulb in there and it works awesome, even on the trails at night. PIAA claims the light output on the bulbs are double the wattage. I'm looking into finding a pair of bullet style handlebar mounted lights to hang off the bars to shine down by the front tire for low speed tight stuff at night.
  10. islandracer

    Tire Sizes

    I bought an XR400 with a 120 on the rear, didn't really ride it until I put an FMF slip on/silencer and the tire is eating at the clamp around it...nobody has any issues going over the 110 size with it rubbing on the silencer?
  11. islandracer

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Not sure why this pic wouldn't attach to the previous post.
  12. islandracer

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Threw on an o/s tank and a crf450 front fender. Just need a power bomb header and I think I'm done...
  13. islandracer

    Where do I get a rear fender bag?

    I only use the moose fender bag - it is sturdy, has a built in plastic support to keep it's shape, multiple pockets and pretty water resistant. It is pretty big too, holds a lot of stuff without looking too bulky.
  14. islandracer

    xr400 rust around the footpegs

    That is nice work, seems like a regular issue with the xr's. Under the frame by the pegs take a lot of abuse and corrode. Then one day you fall and find your frame broken right through. Seen a few suffer this fate.
  15. islandracer

    Edelbrock carb gas mileage - mine sucks!

    I'm guessing you're pretty quick too...I ride mine pretty hard to get that mileage.