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  1. badavis

    It just wasn't right for me . . .

    They are good bikes (the DRZs) but I can't blame you I want a BMW too. I think if I got one it would be along Erling's type though a 650/800GS. I pretty much got the DRZ as a starter and absolutely love it but I know that one day it will be replaced with something bigger and better.
  2. badavis

    Advice on Refinishing Subframe

    I was looking around on SMJ and found this company http://www.moto-x-coatings.com/ on the Honda thread. I bought an extra subframe from a guy over there so I could cut off the pass pegs and not ruin my original subframe. I am contemplating getting it painted to match my frame or powder coated black. Brock
  3. I continue to be amazed! Great job Brock
  4. badavis

    Craziest Thing You Have Done On The DRZ!?

    I wish it was that easy!!! It is when your rear tire "steps out" or slides do to downshifting, clutch control and braking as you are entering a turn. Here read this it may explain it better. http://www.supermotoracer.com/SMR%20Tech%20stories/iss2_backitin.pdf. Sorry wasn't trying to hijack just wanted to answer the question.
  5. That looks really good Forrest:thumbsup:
  6. badavis

    Moto GP at Laguna Seca

    Man you guys really make me miss CA. When I think about how amazing the roads are out there coupled with the selection of motor sport events and tracks I just wanna move back out there and stay.
  7. badavis

    Advice on a 2005 DR-Z400 SM

    Wanna hear something crazy? I bought my '05 last year from the original owner and it only had 1600 on it. for me
  8. badavis

    drz400sm = when to rebuild?

    When I looked at this thread I kept looking for the asking price in your original post thinking maybe I missed something. I was thinking maybe $2000 if that but then I saw the $5500 and said to myself ***. I don't know if there was a mistake made in one of your original posts but personally I would run from that dealer. I paid $4000 for my 05 and it only had 1600 miles on it.
  9. badavis

    What bike would you have if there was no dr-z?

    Honda CRF450 in sumo clothes and plated or a Husky 510SMR but why be choosy I want both.
  10. badavis

    for anyone who needs a source for CF!

    Looks really good man. Great job!
  11. badavis

    Need to find some Mirrors

    APA makes really nice ones. Check them out.
  12. badavis

    09 DRZ SM Tank

    From my experience you will be rubbing for awhile with 1000 grit.
  13. badavis

    DRZ 400 exhaust systems

    Thanks guys.
  14. badavis

    some changes to the Motoard!

    I'm normally not into the skulls and stuff but I have to say that is looks great.
  15. badavis

    DRZ 400 exhaust systems

    I did see that I could order one butI was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how much it quiets it down compared to being open. I also understand that it won't flow as well but I was just curious how loud it was with the quiet insert.