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  1. mercier24

    TTR 230 -motocross?

    I've taken my crf230 on the track and it does just fine. Obviously you don't want to hit any jumps larger than a couple feet because the landings will hurt, but other than that you should be fine.
  2. mercier24

    Downsize 250 to 125?

    I'm going to wait until the spring when I can get some more track time before I make any decisions, thanks for all the help everyone
  3. mercier24

    Downsize 250 to 125?

    I'll try gearing it higher and go from there, thanks for the input
  4. mercier24

    Downsize 250 to 125?

    Most likely d or c, I was considering racing the 250 just wasn;t sure.
  5. I'd like to hear some opinions on trading my 2002 Honda CR250 for a 2005 Honda CR125. I'm looking to do some local racing for fun this year and am not sure if the 250 would be best. I'm 5' 9" and 150lbs and have been riding about 7years. Both bikes are in great condition, but I've found that the 250 gets to be quite a handful sometimes. I've never ridden a 125 2stroke before (85's, 230, 250-2&4) and will doing 90% track riding this year. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. mercier24

    No Chad Reed

    broke his hand
  7. mercier24

    pastrana's new years eve jump

    but he did practice it many times
  8. mercier24

    My new 04 RMZ 250

    Bike looks reall good
  9. mercier24

    CRF250R or CRF450R?

    Big like what Lorretta's? You can race it in the 250 class there as an amatuer, unless your professional. Anyway, i'd probably go with the 250 fourstroke if money isn't an issue, otherwise you already have competitive race bike.
  10. mercier24

    CRF250R or CRF450R?

    You can race it against the 250 fourstrokes.
  11. mercier24

    CRF250R or CRF450R?

    Why not race the cr?
  12. mercier24

    Exhaust Valves Hit

    Manual Cam Chain Tensioner
  13. mercier24

    Getting off a 250f and on to a....

    Outlawing 2strokes? ..... anyway, get a 250 2stroke they are very versatile machines. I don't think you'll get bored with one anytime soon.
  14. mercier24

    Back on the bike - Photos

    Nice pictures
  15. mercier24


    Bold new graphics