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  1. ralphfurley

    Big find at Elkins,on the news

    I've got a RZR ride scheduled for that area in 2 weeks. Does anyone know of a go around ? the video shows just the single track With all the 4x4's out there I'm thinking there will need to be something
  2. ralphfurley

    El Dorado MX

    open aug 1 https://www.facebook.com/eldoradomotocross
  3. ralphfurley

    sx 250 keeps going through plugs

    you need less fuel lower the needle (raise the clip) 1 notch in the carb
  4. ralphfurley

    2014 200 XC-W pricing?

    its a good price, I paid full MSRP last september I think $7500 Im in CAlif
  5. ralphfurley

    2015 KTM 2 strokes?

    Last year the sx's was here in June/july but the xc xcw were september
  6. ralphfurley

    XC-W 200 jetting recommendations?

    154 main. My elev is 4k
  7. ralphfurley


    I'm local to pipi. There is 5 inches of snow at my house. Dust won't be your problem
  8. ralphfurley

    oil leaking from exhaust

    Your jetting is too rich. Go down a size on the main jet
  9. ralphfurley

    Weird "chaff!" sound only at high-RPM part-throttle

    Clean your sparky?
  10. ralphfurley

    2013 xc-w 250 not running right

    Clogged spark arrestor?
  11. Is this open now? the legal stuff has me wondering
  12. ralphfurley

    foresthill worth it?

    Rode 5. (Meh) And 6 where it is not closed do to the august fire Crazy hard The closed signs are confusing. I relied on the posted map of the closed area 6. Counterclockwise Connects up to western states trail 200 yards to deadwood ridge rd Then 3 miles to 6 again
  13. I haven't been to foresthill in years. Can anyone guestimate how much quality riding is avaiable now (After the summer 2013 Fire)? I see that trail 6 is closed (or mostly closed)
  14. ralphfurley

    Pipi for Labor day weekend

    Rodemelkins today. Dusty. Empty. No smoke