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  1. brianhare

    Need help with Troubleshooting a 1990 XR600R

    You can be on the T mark and not compression cycle...is what Muzz was getting at..whatch your rocker arms while turning it over by hand,,compression cycle is the next time the piston comes up after the intakes close..you were likely adjusting on the exhaust stroke,,try it again.. B
  2. brianhare

    Update/Change to this forum...

    lol.... good job.. now..what kind of oil do you use?????? LOL B
  3. brianhare

    Update/Change to this forum...

    COOL.........now if we can get people to use it, lol B
  4. brianhare

    Xr650r Resurrection problems

    what i`m asking is DID it have gas in the oil...if so it can wash down the cylinder and lower compression.. i`ve seen this before,,,and a little oil squirted down the plug hole gumps the compression up again so it`ll start.. If that`s good,,then check the pilot jet again,,,run a small wire through all the tiny holes,,it doesn`t take much to foul a carb.. B
  5. brianhare

    Xr650r Resurrection problems

    Did you have gas in your oil???????? that can happen when the float sticks and gas comes out the airbox.. Sounds like you still have crap in the carb B
  6. brianhare

    08 XR650L Starting nightmare

    To the OP...you are on right track,,baseline from here on in,,,put your carb on this engine and see how it runs again... if it runs as well as your bike after a good long ride then look at that new carb for the issue,,if it doesn`t fully solve the issue then you have more problems elsewhere... B
  7. brianhare

    08 XR650L Starting nightmare

    you guys are funny as hell..i gotta go get some poporn made to enjoy this shitshow.. be right back.. B
  8. brianhare

    Renthal chain for the 650L

    YIP... but stock length on the XR is 110 links,,depending on your sprockets you will need to cut to length.. B
  9. You didn`t buy one of those cheap aftermarket CDI`s did you???????? the real cheap amazon and ebay cdi`s are absolute shit.. you can check if it`s fire related with an inductive timing light watching the flashes ...an aftermarket tach will show tis too,,it goes nuts when it missfires.. no load on the engine...it should be almost impossible to get an engine to missfire like that through fueling...that`s an ignition missfire to me.. B
  10. brianhare

    XR650L Rebuild soon, looking for advice

    that is the decomp plunger and spring.. B
  11. brianhare

    Cheap Stainless Steel Headers for XR600

    Seen these before,,cheap chinese junk.. can`t remember if someone was ready to flush money down the toilet and try them though.. order up a set,,let us know how you make out ,,and a durability test too.. lol B
  12. brianhare

    Noisy Chain w/Fritz Co Sprocket 15T

    I`d rather have a slight noise then have my countershaft wear out alot faster.. to each his own......... B
  13. brianhare

    Noisy Chain w/Fritz Co Sprocket 15T

    you are kidding right...... you aren`t really returning that sprocket because of a little more noise????????? B
  14. brianhare

    Pig Not Firing Up

    you don`t need to run the bike at all to store it,,just put the stabilizer in the tank,,shut the fuel off to the carb and open the drain screw on the float bowl to drain everybit of fuel out of the carb.......you don`t want gas in the carb at all,,even with stabilizer in it.. B
  15. brianhare

    XR650l Engine Build

    Nope,,for the house... but i`m likely taking the old LCD out to the garage,,but not sure i`d use it there.. computer in the shop is nice,,not sure a flatscreen would be of any use..lol B