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  1. You can rotate the crank slowly and just after TDC on compression stroke you will here a click,,if it clicks you have a stock cam with auto decomp.. or you can back off the right exhaust rocker adjustment 80 thou and if you have decomp on the cam it will be deactivate..the decomp holds that valve open and gives a lower reading during a compression test.. if.after backing off the right exhaust rocker and you still have those readings.... there is an issue,,you should easily see 175+ pounds ..even more with a high comp piston. You should really find that it`s impossible or nearly impossible to kick past TDC with decomp not working,, B
  2. brianhare

    04 xr650L wont start

    Yup...check the pulse generator.it`s inside the clutch side of the engine and unplugs 1/2 way down the front frame downtube where the oil is kept.. get a DVOM and it should be 423 - 517ohms .. these are quite common to fail too.. B
  3. Very nice,,that bike a lot.you spent a lot of time on that and it shows.. I can`t see that being lower though,,what is the seat height????????? B
  4. brianhare

    measuring piston to bore clearance

    I see a dark ring in the cylinder bore near the top..like they just honed the cylinder to fit the new piston.. Did they bore and hone ..or just hone....if they just honed the cylinder I`d be checking for cylinder taper and out of round,cylinders don`t wear even top to bottom and honing doesn`t rid you of taper or out of round.. 1.5 thou is freekin tight in my book for a forged slug..hope they know they can`t use Honda specs.. Honda used a cast piston which had a lot tighter tolerances than a forged piston will allow.. B
  5. brianhare

    Jetting keihin fcr xr650l

    the pilot jet isn`t adjustable..you don`t adjust the pilot jet,it is screwed in till tight.. B
  6. brianhare

    Jetting keihin fcr xr650l

    Screw in tight?????? hell no...if it runs screwed all the way in you have problems..it should quit turned in.. If the engine does not quit when the fuel screw is turned all the way in or close to it,,,your pilot jet is too large,,, Start the bike,,get it idling around 1300rpm...turn the screw in till the engine starts to run bad..then turn it out slowly and when it runs at it`s highest rpm readjust your idle to 1300rpm again... then turn the screw in till it runs rough then slowly out till you get the highest rpm the adjustment will give and not increase idle anymore...then turn it 1/2 turn out more... B
  7. brianhare

    Jetting keihin fcr xr650l

    If that`s the same carb you have.......then a 158 main and about a 45 pilot is usually really close on these carbs..130 main would be scary lean on a FCR MX on these bikes.. B
  8. brianhare

    Fuel Additives

    99.999999999999999% of fuel additives are not needed or pure snake oil... if you are storing for months then I`d consider a fuel stabilizer.........and would make sure I was using no ethanol fuel in that last fill up before storing.. but I never use corn squeezings in any of my small engines......91 octane around here has none of that crud.. B
  9. brianhare


    the "banjo" bolts that go through the steel oil feed line do NOT have to be installed with the holes lining up up to anything,,the oil goes up the line and around the inside of those fittings to flow through the hole in the bolt...there is a raceway cut inside......just make sure you have a copper washer on both sides of that line and install the banjo bolts and tighten them up.. you can verify oil flow by loosening the upper banjo bolt while running and oil will flow out,,,,be aware that if you loosen it a lot,,you re gonna get slightly hosed with oil.. B
  10. brianhare

    Jetting keihin fcr xr650l

    The FCR MX is jetted very differently than the regular FCR sant slide,,a picture would tell us.. B
  11. brianhare

    Jetting keihin fcr xr650l

    True,,seen that before...and the bike had 3.5 liters in it when drained..lol B
  12. brianhare

    Jetting keihin fcr xr650l

    white smoke is oil burning,,you have other issues besides the carb.. Is this carb an FCR or FCR MX.. B
  13. brianhare

    Need help finding front wheel bearings

    a lot of the time the part numbers are on the rubber seals of the bearing......look carefully they can be hard to see/read B
  14. brianhare

    bog started hmmm

    You guys like feeding the trolls don`t ya.. I could smell this from the first few posts.... funny reading though. B
  15. brianhare


    Piston up..TDC mark showing......lobes down and the marks straight across the head and you are on comp stroke and good to go.. If you do it this way the valve cover goes on easily and you can also set your valves at the same time.. B