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  1. fender bender 59

    bike to ride with my kid

    Nothing wrong with the YZ.... but also want to look at the KTM 250/300
  2. fender bender 59

    Lost rear brake pressure...won't bleed?

    That is the way the book says but I use a syring pushing the fluid from the brake caliper to the reservior. But I'll bet you have air at the bango bolt.....
  3. fender bender 59

    09 KXF 450 problems... Help

    I've got a problem... 09 kx 450... started popping or missing at high speed after getting hot.... (not over heated)...So far.. rebuilt head & top end, checked the stater, spark plug (3), replaced the fuel pump ( got better for a week/ went back to missing).... The only thing left is the CID box or the coil???? what do you guy think???
  4. fender bender 59

    What's a girl to do?

    KX 100.... just not street legal
  5. fender bender 59


    Not totaly true but the 125's are not a good beginner bikes. A 250 4 stroke or 2 stroke would work better....
  6. fender bender 59

    TXC310 or WR300

    I've rode KTM 300 for the last 10 years. I sold my ktm and got my son a new KX450 and I took over his 08 RMZ 250/290 w/ stage 2 cams. After riding the EFI KX I've been looking at the Huskys. I know most of the diferances in these two bikes but can't make up my mind which one I want. One thing I want to know is: is the WR300 a bigger frame than the TXC 310 being the 300 has a little longer wheelbase???? Is the 310 worth $1000 more??? I'm not sure I've got the 4 stroke down after riding 2 strokes for the last 15 years...
  7. fender bender 59

    1st KTM help

    I've had KTM's over 12 years which were all 2 strokes. I've had better luck with shifting while useing ATF in the tranny. Start off useing a good pre-mix oil like Amsoil or Luces. I set my jetting up for 40 to 1 oil.
  8. fender bender 59

    Moving up from a 150f

    I'd get the YZF
  9. Although the XR 's are great bikes as is the crf/ttr 230's but there also heavy for their size. I ike a good clean KDX 200 or a clean 250f of any color. A KTM 200 / 250exc are good starter too.
  10. fender bender 59

    Broken hart'ed

    I had a really clean 04 300 exc that I had had for six years. I had just replaced all of the bearings, plastic/ graphic, new FMF garnly pipe w/ power core 2, scotts stabilizer. Also a new set of tires, brake pads and rotors. A kid come by and offered me more that I thought it was worth ($3200). I took it mostly to help get my son steep up to a 450. I'm now stuck riding my sons 08 RMZ 290. It's been a good bike although it has it's own problems. The crank or rod bearing go's out at 50 hours like clock work. I'm hopping with my slower speed it'll last a little longer. I'm really not a 4 stroke fan but I'm going to give it a real try this time I'm really wishing I had my 300 back. I had never set any bike up the way I wanted until last week..... At my age I don't think I ever will again.... I don't have a lot of big mistakes in my life but this is one. Atleast my son is happy
  11. fender bender 59

    spark plug 08 and up

    What plugs do you guys use in your rmz's
  12. fender bender 59

    Torn between two bikes!

    The KX 85 is a good bike for your son's size and when he comes up wanting even more power the kx 100 cylinder will set right on there..... can't go worng
  13. fender bender 59

    Seized Bottom End 2008 RMZ250

    Your doing good if you get 60 to 70 hours on the crank. Count on replaceing it every 50 hours. The rod bearing is weak....
  14. fender bender 59

    RMZ 250 Rebuild Oppinions Big Bore

    You guys are nuts.... have you ever heard..." there no replacement for displacement"....Yes the 290 kit does slow the rev'ing but stage 2 cams with a little porting to clean up the exhust porting and it's better than ever... My son's RMZ 290 will pull holeshots in both open "A" and the sport "A" classes with 250 2 strokes and 450's....
  15. fender bender 59

    Clutch fluid?

    I use 5wt fork oil