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  1. The KTM is not 20 pounds lighter. Account for gas and throw a lithium battery in the Yami and you're looking at close to 5 pounds.
  2. If you were happy with the OEM set-up - and a lot of guys are - then consider going back to it.
  3. How new is bike? I felt like my forks needed some breaking in. Not new? I would drop the HS Rear Comp way out just to see what happens. You can always put it back.
  4. Sandbagging? I rode a charity event at a big track down here. A "C" rider pulled a wheelie out of the gate for 200 yards. Prick.
  5. 2015 FX with 35 hours (leftover) ... near impossible to find neutral with motor off but otherwise no issues.
  6. I stand corrected. I tend to skim read a lot of these threads, sorry.
  7. yz250

    At 60, after a long layoff, you might like the convenience of a start button and kick stand. See if you can find a KTM or Yamaha demo and jump on the YZ250FX or KTM250XC-F (though keep in mind it's 1st yr. for air forks in KTM). Get an idea of the power. I think you'll be impressed, and a bit safer vs. a modern 2t. Let us know what you decide. You're not going to stay 60 either.
  8. Disagree. The "do both" argument is founded on the logic that the next one can't be far behind. At 20 hours I don't think so. The one side got damaged, not worn.
  9. yz250

    Sounds like you haven't been on a modern 4 stroke. It would be a good idea to get on one before your purchase. At your age (mine too) that nice predictable power band (and don't confuse predictable with slow) and planted feel is very nice. Agree with recommendation above, the YZ250FX should be on the short list. Exactly how old are you? How fast were you in the day? Weight?
  10. Gottcha, my bad. Sorry, no answers for you.
  11. The rebound settings have nothing to do with the position of the fork tubes in the clamps. You need to loosen the upper and lower clamps and make sure the tubes are positioned the same (stick out the top the same amount). Forgive me but it strikes me as odd that you are able to replace fork seals but think the rebound clickers caused the tubes to sit unevenly? Am I missing something here?
  12. Whips. Ipso facto you can move a bike in the air.
  13. GDBkin -- what in the world possessed you to buy a 450?
  14. I ride MX alone a fair bit. I do ride quite a bit more cautiously. But as a novice, any saddle time is good practice. The lady in the office promises to check on me before she leaves so the coyotes don't drag my body off at night.
  15. It's a great price. If you can scrounge up a tuner it will tell you the hours on the motor. Keep in mind the hours can be reset to zero but the owner may not know this. Check the boot wear on the frame --- that's usually a good indicator. If there is none than see if you can tell if there was a frame protector that he pulled off. Low boot wear >> 15 hours may be legit.