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  1. gatorfan

    Downsides to Flywheel Weight?

    Yea, I run the soft map and turn up the idle in the woods. It's not like it's unridable or anything like that. Bike works great. Just some stalling. Stock suspension is surprising good in woods. It appears there is nowhere to buy a flywheel weight for the '19 CRF250R.
  2. gatorfan

    Downsides to Flywheel Weight?

    I'm thinking of throwing a weight on my '19 CRF250R. Bikes awesome on the track but I do some woods stuff now and then. Is there a downside to adding weight to the flywheel?
  3. gatorfan

    Spark plug torque

    I go by feel. I snug it up with 2 finger tightness - essentially enough to take out any 'slack' (or as it just starts to bite), then with more leverage, give it one quick turn, maybe 3-5 degrees. I do this everywhere except in places where more is generally better. Like the axle nuts. I trust my arm more than torque wrenches.
  4. gatorfan

    Best kept motocross steering secret!

    You already do it - there is no other way to turn a 2 wheeled machine. You simply are not aware you're doing it and probably not doing it as well as you could be. Here is the physics behind it. https://motochassis.com/Articles/Balance/BALANCE.htm
  5. gatorfan

    Best kept motocross steering secret!

    The easiest way to get the feeling of counter steering - that's what's happening here - is on a street bike. Gently serpentine down the road practicing counter steering until it becomes second nature. Just don't let the po po see you!
  6. gatorfan

    Top 5 Bike Setup Adjustments

    There are 2 sets of holes in the top triple clamp - forward and back - in which to mount the bar clamps to the triple clamps. In addition, the bar clamps themselves are eccentric, so if you rotate the bar clamps 180 degrees the bars can be moved forward or back in this fashion as well. So 2 holes in the triple clamp and 2 positions for the clamps themselves nets you 4 ways to position the bars in terms of front to back before you even think about rotating them. https://www.kawasaki.com/products/2019-KX250?cm_re=MPP-_-PRODUCTTRIMLIST-_-VEHICLEDETAILS#features-scroll This has become standard.
  7. gatorfan

    Critique please

    Yes, you are living on the clutch. 1) Sounds like a 2t. If so, tough conditions for a C rider on a 2t. Wouldn't be so hard on yourself. Would also get a 4t. 2) Maybe your friction plates are fried. If so it's partly the machine. Slow hook up. You are moving pretty well considering how rutted the track is but you're not doing it right. Slow hook up, stop/go. I suspect you can do much better in a short period of time if you work this out.
  8. gatorfan

    How likely is it to catch fire? Air Filter

    You have a .0001 pct chance of the filer catching on fire for every hour on the motor. Except when there's a full moon, then it's .0002. Kidding of course. This is one of those probabilities than is extremely remote but could lead to catastrophe so you just don't chance it. You're playing with fire just being in this sport.
  9. gatorfan

    Top 5 Bike Setup Adjustments

    Gary, the new bikes are coming with 4 bar mount positions. Can you comment on how to position bar front to back?
  10. gatorfan

    Thoughts on rekluse torque drive clutch

    I was happy with mine on my '15 250 FX. Super easy install and adjustment. Directions were phenomenal - detailed and clear. The Torque plates do "hook up' nicely. Performed exactly as advertised. Just expensive. I got the full boat for 1K.
  11. gatorfan

    2020 Yamaha yz250fx rumors

    Click bait.
  12. gatorfan

    Acceleration Bumps - Upshifting

    Thanks for all the replies. I've got to undo some bad habits.
  13. gatorfan

    2020 Yamaha yz250fx rumors

    It will follow the F and lower the rear and narrow the front. It will still be tall and wide.
  14. gatorfan

    Purchased 2019 Honda crf250f

    Never mind
  15. gatorfan

    Chinese Dirt Bikes: The Next Big Thing? (Video)

    Adult in the room.