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  1. seemus

    Buying a DRZ400SM Tomorrow!

    First mod - Loctite Fixes
  2. seemus

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    Sold my 462E a couple of months ago. Gave the bloke a full rundown of all engine mods - clearly including K's since it was built (2500 k's) Seen it advertised for sale again today and the bloke is claiming only 500k's since rebuild. He included some shots of the trip meters. With the B trip meter showing 500k's. I can tell from the odo that he has only put 300k's on it. The cheek of some people hey! Just goes to show, trust no one when looking at used bikes!
  3. seemus

    Cleaning air filter for the first time

    It hasn't dried out yet?
  4. seemus

    Cleaning air filter for the first time

    Dry it as best you can, Gently blow it from the inside out with compressed air. Then oil it up (the filter) and buy your missus some flowers. The kerosene smell isn't a problem. My DRZ was primarily a dirt bike and needed the filter cleaned and oiled every ride..... As soon as you notice any significant amount of dirt/dust coating the filter then its time to clean it. Same goes if the oil is drying out. Cleaning at set intervals isn't best practice as riding conditions are so variable. Buy a spare or two and keep them oiled and ready in Ziploc bags. Then its just a quick change if you're in a hurry.
  5. seemus

    Cleaning air filter for the first time

    The kerosene smell should disappear when you oil it. Are you oiling the filter?
  6. seemus

    DRZ full throttle start

    Could be tight valve clearances. A symptom of which is hard starting when warm...
  7. seemus

    Bike on trailer

    I always secure the rear wheel with a strap or rope too.
  8. seemus


    Just before I sold my bb stroker I installed an Exide, yz10s equivalent. It showed 280cca on the battery tester (I think it said 180cca on the box) and started the bike better than any other battery I tried, including the ballistic 8 cell. From memory the amp hours weren't as high as the yuasa but it was only $80 AUS. Cant comment on longevity as I sold the bike two weeks after I installed it.
  9. seemus

    Sayonara DRZ

    Thought I should close this thread with a pic of my new baby.. Loving the big twin grunt! Cheers
  10. seemus

    Sayonara DRZ

    I'm going to look at a K1 gixxer 1000 tonight.. a pretty big change
  11. seemus

    Sayonara DRZ

    I finally sold my Drz462e last night. So I wanted to give a shout out to everyone here for all their help over the last 4 years!! Legends! . I have never felt the way I did when selling something before... I was quite attached to that bike. The best bike I have ever owned Now to find a new toy...
  12. seemus

    <Insert Generic Stroker BB Thread Here>

    Its not the compression ratio that is the problem. Its the Cylinder Pressure that will blow the head gasket. The RHC's are designed to vent some of that pressure that a stroker will generate.
  13. Main fuse is on top of the battery box under a black rubber cover.
  14. seemus

    Top speed

    Its a Dirt bike. Thrash it as you see fit. .......oh just keep up the maintenance. 5th pinned!