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  1. WR450MXMAN

    Powder Coating...

    I had my frame on my WR450 powder coated flat black. The company charged me $100. They installed plugs in all of the threaded holes and bearing races. They used a burn off oven to remove the old coating. They also told me that the oven will relieve stress points in frame. It turned out excellent and there is no trapped sand to worry about.
  2. WR450MXMAN

    WR to YZ number plate conversion

    I made an aluminum plate that extends the number plate out so I can leave my odometer and my ignition on the bike. I drilled four holes in an aluminum plate, two for it to bolt to my lower triple clamp (where the lower headlight bracket was mounted) and two for the tabs on the number plate to slide into. I just run a zip ty through the top number plate mounting hole.
  3. WR450MXMAN

    Preliminary data on woodruff key failures

    This week my key failed for a second time. I had the service bulletin done on it last year prior to my first failure, then I had it done again after my first failure. Now it happened again. It looks like this my last Yamaha!!! Sorry guys But I've bled blue til I ran dry. I hope Yamaha gets a clue. Bye Bye Yam!
  4. WR450MXMAN

    Woodruff Key

    I took mine in and had the service bulletin done on it over 3 months ago and it just gave out on me yesterday. Bummer! I called Yamaha and they said they will cover it, which is good but I hate to worry about it failing all of the time. I guess I'll always have to carry an extra key and tools to change it or a tow strap.
  5. WR450MXMAN

    removal of coolant resevoir

    I ride alot on a motocross track and I want to shed a couple of pounds. Has anyone removed the coolant resevoir or does anyone know if this is reasonable to do without causing overheating?
  6. WR450MXMAN

    Suspension mods...anyone have good references?

    I am 5'11" and 200lbs without gear. I beefed up my fork springs to .47 and my shock spring to a 5.4 from factory connection. I revalved my forks with a delta valve from race tech, this eliminated bottoming on the motocross track but still allows for plushness on mountain trails. Good Luck
  7. WR450MXMAN

    WR 450 not starting with electric start?

    I had this exact same problem when I first got my bike. My bike would not start with the e button especially when cold. My dealer drilled out my starter jet to a larger size and the problem was solved. I don't have to pump my throttle and I didn't have to rejet. I did initially rejet though main and pilot jets richer than stock even at 4500 ft.
  8. WR450MXMAN

    450 exhaust

    I purchased the FMF Titanium 4 silencer and midpipe for my WR450. It was much lighter than the stock wr exhaust and it gave it alot more power. MXA magazine ran a pipe shootout for the YZ450 which is a great source of information for you. It shows dyno results and riders opinions. You have to realize though that the power gains will be much greater for the WR because it has a heavier and more restrictive exhaust. I love my Ti 4 pipe but I like to mess around on the track. You may prefer a different type of set up.
  9. WR450MXMAN

    The Grey Wire and Starting with the Button

    I had a cold starting problem with my bike when it was still cold out(below 45 F.). The local Yam shop ended up drilling out the choke jet to a #80 and now it starts up great. The stock choke jet on the WR450's barely richens the mixture at all. I also had the dealer install a new battery (no charge) because mine would lose its charge too fast. My new battery and jetting work great now. I don't even touch the kickstarter unless I want to show someone how good the autodecompression works.
  10. WR450MXMAN

    Keep the small plastic bag!

    I agree with you 100% Math. Good customer service eventually pays off! My local parts place accidentally gave me the wrong oil filter and I burnt up my cam in my TTR. I told them about it and they paid for all of my parts that I needed to repair my motor. They could have done the same thing that Yamaha did to you but they value their customers, and now they have a loyal customer for sure!!!! I have also had poor customer service from Yamaha but it was from the US cust svc number in CA. I think they must hire somebody in the family who needed a cushy job because they don't know one tenth as much as the TT'ers. I love my Yamaha but their customer service needs help. If they enjoyed motorcycles as much as they enjoy the profits from us they would read sites like this and make some changes.
  11. WR450MXMAN

    2003 450F or wait

    All of the Honda lovers claim the YZ has too much power, but than they spend lots of hard earned $ on hop up kits. It is a great machine. Buy it
  12. WR450MXMAN

    Will a 2003 YZF 450 exhaust system fit the 2003 WR

    I just installed the FMF titanium 4 system on my WR450 which is made for the YZ 450. My bike was fast before, but now it is a GROUNDSTOMPIN, FIREBREATHIN, DRAGON!!!!!! It is a little loud though so you might want an insert for trail riding.
  13. WR450MXMAN

    oil comming from front sprocket.

    I had this same problem with a previous bike. I purchased a new seal and installed it right behind my sprocket, but I when I removed my sprocket I noticed it (the sprocket) was loose. I believe that was the cause of the leak but I replaced the seal anyway.
  14. WR450MXMAN

    WR450 weight

    On the Yamaha web site under specifications it lists the dry weight of the wr450 at 245lbs. But in all of the reviews I have read they list the empty weight at around 260lbs. Does anybody know the real deal or are all of the reviews including a full tank of gas.