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  1. Kx_Ryan21

    2014 predictions?

  2. Kx_Ryan21

    A break from the monotony... (vid)

    Marysville, CA is has 4 full size tracks all in a 5 mile radius. 2 of them sand tracks, this one which is clay with the one sand corner and then one other that is pretty hard packed. Wonderful place to ride.
  3. Kx_Ryan21

    A break from the monotony... (vid)

    So I almost exclusively hang out in this section when on thumpertalk. I know there is a video section specifically for this sort of thing but I would rather post a video in here to break up the monotony some. Since I am riding a 2011 KX250F, I feel it still qualifies to be here I would also like to thank DRZAdam. I had him tune/map my EFI over a year ago when he was just getting started at it. I told him then that it was fantastic and that still holds true. I had Adam try to get a little more bark from the low end and then do the best he could to stretch out the "overrev". He did a masterful job. The low end is only slightly better than the stock setup but the high end seems to pull forever compared to stock. The track in this video is Riverfront MX in Marysville, CA. I use to have to shift quite often to stay making power but with the remap, I can almost exclusively ride third gear. Third can handle the inside ruts and still pull strong as well as rev out to clear a few triples and pull on straights. I am sure I could use 2nd more and also fourth but it is so convenient that third does it all. This is short and I get run off a triple at the end by my buddy....ENJOY!
  4. Kx_Ryan21

    What Did You Do To Your KX250F Today?..

    I wadded mine up. It survived with only a bent clutch lever. I have a fractured scaphoid and one very sore tailbone.
  5. Kx_Ryan21

    2013 kx 250 on RHC dyno

    music to my ears
  6. Kx_Ryan21

    Our new 2013 ride report

    I have always been on the edge of the 250/450 disussion. I am 6'1" and weigh 185. I prefer the 250 cause I like to be in the upper RPM (cause that comes from groing up on smokers). Also, I think lots of people get lazy on a 450 cause it has the power to do most of the work or you. On a 250 you have to carry momentum and really work for it. I like knowing that I can keep up with or beat my friends who have 450s.
  7. Kx_Ryan21

    13 KX250F vs. new RMZ250

    There is a comparison?
  8. Kx_Ryan21

    Got a '13 Today

    I have used and liked MGX Unlimited. Good customer service.
  9. Just a GoPro battle between me and a few buddies. A '06 yz450f, me on a '11 kx250f and my other friend on an '06 crf250. I am too nice here, I should have shut the door on the yz a couple times but left him some room being the gentleman that I am (truth is it was just practice and didn't see the need to be that aggressive). This video wouldn't be complete without me yelling at myelf a few times. Once were I bog the bike, case a double and lose an oportunity to make the pass. Enjoy! P.S. We are decent riders but nowhere near fast.
  10. Kx_Ryan21

    will 13 250F remapping connectors fit a 12?

    Told ya drzadam is the way to go.
  11. Kx_Ryan21

    will 13 250F remapping connectors fit a 12?

    I had drzadam remap my 2011 and I am extremely happy. I sent it to him late on a Wed. and had it back the next Tues. Very happy with the map. PM him and give it a try.
  12. I got my BS in Mechanical engineering from CSU, Chico May 2010. I immediately got a job with the Bureau of Reclamation. I am always looking for something more related to cars or motorcycles but those things are few and far between with lots of competition. I keep a lookout but mostly I am putting in my time and moving up the latter. I plan on trying to get a PE but I am taking that slow too.
  13. Adam, Not sure you have ever done this but have you watched the Skillz videos? I know you can youtube them and at least watch some of the stuff. They are pretty helpful. Seat time is really the most important aspect followed by good suspension. What I try to do is pick at least one aspect of my game to focus on over and over again until I get it right. These days my biggest problem is over using my back brake. I have slowed down some to focus on not using it as much and doing more front braking. As this becomes second nature, I'll be able to pick my speed back up. I think we all hit riding platues and have to find something that needs improving to get past those platues. Watch a lot of videos and ask the fast guys a lot of questions. Then just put in the seat time.
  14. Mechanical Engineers ftw I am one too.
  15. Kx_Ryan21

    2012 kx250f ecu mapping

    I didn't mean to come off as rude either. Appologies if I did.