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  1. D0T-C0M

    FCR40 Tuning Woes- XR600R

    no66 It should start even faster pumping the throttle rather than just using the choke because the fuel it shot right in the engine. I know mine starts right up after giving it a couple WOT and turning the engine over only once. Without the choke though it will start up and die after a few seconds unless you pump the gas to keep it going or use the choke. I use the choke only to make it fast idle to warm up after I've started it. For the record I have a 75 starter jet in mine.
  2. D0T-C0M

    FCR40 Tuning Woes- XR600R

    I wouldn't worry about the the starter jet, its not really important because with a pumper carb all you have to do is whack the gas a couple times then turn the engine over. Once its started the choke will act as a fast idle.
  3. D0T-C0M

    FCR40 Tuning Woes- XR600R

    It doesnt make any difference what bike the carb came off, the float height should not have needed adustment. The proper way to set it is to take the float bowl off and tilt the carb so that the float just rests against the check valve but not compressing the spring tip of the check valve. The float should be parallel with the float bowl mating surface. If you want to just check the float fuel level with the carb installed, remove the black pipe used to drain the float bowl and replace it with a clear tubing and route it upwards to the top of the carb. Open the drain screw and the fuel should level off in the tubing indicating where the float is set. The fuel level should be right at the mating surface of the float bowl to the carb body. Adjust accordingly. A #45 Pilot seems large for a nearly stock engine
  4. D0T-C0M

    Keihin Carb FCR

    Try to get the 2006-2008 carbs because they have the upgraded AP linkage and diaphragm. The old carbs are still great carb just you might have to mod them prior to using.
  5. Its been so long since I've worked on a CV carb but I if I recall correctly on the XRL, to control emissions, they had to lean out the pilot circuit. Doing this caused a sudden lean condition when the engine RPMs are high and the throttle is closed quickly. This can cause engine stall on sudden deceleration and backfiring. When decelerating the Air cutoff valve (ACV) closes or cuts off the atomizing pilot air flow to the pilot jet therefore letting more pure fuel (because it has no air atomized in it) to the engine. All the ACV does is create a temporary richened fuel mixture when RPMs are high and throttle is suddenly closed.
  6. D0T-C0M

    o2 Sensor tool for Carb Tuning

    Hi schin, The sensor needs to be installed in the pipe before the muffler in order to get the temps required for the sensor to operate quickly and smoothly and also believe it or not oxygen can get sucked in the muffler and skew your readings. Also make sure the tip of the sensor is inserted deep enough into the exhaust pipe making sure the sensor tip is sticking out into the exhaust stream.
  7. D0T-C0M

    Recommend DOT knobbies for XR650L

    The problem is not the compound but rather at the end of the lug there is a recessed logo cast in the lug and it decreases the tire contact.
  8. D0T-C0M

    Recommend DOT knobbies for XR650L

    Well lately I haven't been driving much (which is why I decided to sell my BRP) but when I do run I mostly ride on hard packed dirt roads but there are always mud holes along the way. I love this tire on the road and hard packed surfaces you need to break it in for 200kms because its really slick until then. The compound lasts forever. Last tire I got 3000-3500km of hard driving with about 30%-40% pavement 60%-70% offroad
  9. D0T-C0M

    Recommend DOT knobbies for XR650L

    I really like my teraflex 140/80. Its huge and a beast
  10. Well Guys its with heavy heart that I've decided to sell my XR650L this spring after the snow melts. I bought a jeep and for the last 2 years my bike has probably went through 2 or 3 tanks of gas so I decided to find her a new home where someone will get to enjoy her more. I'm also installing a pool this this spring and starting a new 1-ton jeep conversion project too so I don't think my bike will get much use in the forthcoming future. I just wanted to thank everyone that I've met here for all the help and support. This is truly a wonderful forum and I will definitely still pop in from time to time to say hi and who knows maybe in the future I will get back into the sport. So I guess this is not goodbye but so long until next time.
  11. D0T-C0M

    650L skips out of 2nd gear

    I had an idea what you meant but with that link I see exactly what you mean now. Just wanted to add that even if the "pegs" are found to be rounded It would be a good idea to change the particular fork used to shift into 2nd gear at the same time. Its easy to change with the engine tore apart. ps mcma111 sorry for mistaking your post. I assumed your were talking about the 2nd and 5th gear mod
  12. D0T-C0M

    650L skips out of 2nd gear

    I'm not sure what you mean mcma111 without looking at a parts fiche but anyways if the OP is taking the engine apart he should seriously think about doing the 2nd and 5th gear mods
  13. D0T-C0M

    650L skips out of 2nd gear

    What mcma111 is eluding to is while you have the tranny apart is to do the fifth gear mod as well. Check out my ytube video for explaination of the gear mods @2m44sec Its quite involved to get at the transmission as it requires a complete breakdown of the engine.
  14. D0T-C0M

    XR650L performance improvement suggestions

    IF you want the single best performance mod, get a OEM FCR MX pumper carb. It will transform your bike for about $400. Check out my top 7 mods on my ytube channel
  15. Its a wonder that jetting works at all. Way too rich. A 50 Pilot Jet (slow) is about 3 sizes too rich and probably why you aren't seeing any RPM changes as you mentioned Seeing you have drilled out your airbox Try this 42 Pilot Jet (slow) NCVT 3 clip from the top. 158MJ Calibrate your pilot circuit first using Eddie's method. Be sure to do this with the engine oil hot. Five minutes of idling doesn't cut it. The OCEM(x) needles will work but I don't like them because they have a slight lean spot from 1/8-3/8 throttle. The NCV(x) have a dual taper that fixes this. Be aware that because you have a sudco FCR MX carb you will have to mod your AP by doing the o-ring mod to the linkage and also you will have to mod or change your diaphragm. Refer to this page (near the middle of the webpage) about these AP mods.