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  1. Plane Dr

    Drz400sm Bogging on throttle snap.

    Again as I recall there are 2 vacuum ports on the head 1 for the carb 1 for the petcock. If you do not have a vacuum line to the carb that's my thought.
  2. Plane Dr

    Drz400sm Bogging on throttle snap.

    There should be 2 vacuum lines off the cylinder. 1 to the petcock 1 to the carb if I recall correctly sounds to me like there's no vacuum to the carb. Check the hose for kinks
  3. Plane Dr

    Done DRZ, ba bye

    VFR1200X DCT Hondas other adventure bike. Commuter, poly cylinder go fast, load it like a mule high miler. Not bad on gravel and fire roads. Honda reliability. It ain't pretty, it won't attract attention, but should be a good beast.
  4. Plane Dr

    Done DRZ, ba bye

    I do promise to still lurk, with a good sammich of course, and maybe an espresso! I haven't given up bikes. Well maybe I have. It is now "a bike". I sold 2 parted the DRZ. I got tired of constantly fixing and maintaining without meeting my riding quota. I won't even try to list the pile of boxes to be installed on her. I brought home, drum roll,,,,
  5. Plane Dr

    Done DRZ, ba bye

    Well last post ever on TT. It has been fun, I've learned lots, communicated with some great folks! Some in fact I have known online longer than "real" people. I parted the DRZ out over the last 2 months and will move on. 15 years I rode the piss out of it. A lot of time and a lot of posts. From stock to 470 and to well whatever it was... Good luck to the DRZ community. Take care and ride on........
  6. Plane Dr

    RTV Mod question.

    I've done the RTV fix a couple times. Works like a charm. Never had any further issues.
  7. Plane Dr

    FCR mod 39mm vs 41mm?

    I ran a 41 on my fully built 470. Top end it was awesome. While it still pulled like a locomotive on the bottom I think a 39 would have been smoother. It needed to rev up a bit before it got really crazy. Top end was always great and the carb never held it back. If I did it again I would stay with a 39. Rule of thumb is intake flow velocity directly translates into engine dynamics. High velocity equals horsepower. Low velocity equals torque. With short intakes on motorcycles it's not as dramatic as a big block. But the smaller carb means higher velocity down low allowing the engine to accelerate better. A bigger carb is slower to accelerate but stronger at steady state at low rpm. At high rpm it is a flow issue. When mine was built it was about 2 hp up top. The bottom was softer. It's how you want to use it. SM wheels (16/38) gearing mine would swat you into the ground like a bug in 3rd gear. In first full throttle was useless until the rpm came up then it would swat you. On dirt wheels it hard a hard time "tractoring" hill climbs. It had to be high rpm and when gearing was low enough to bring up the rpm it was insane. Just like old school KX/RM/CR 500.
  8. Plane Dr

    Crf 450 rear brake master

    I bought 1 on ebay and it was fine for 6 years. It crapped out finally and I could get another cheaper than a rebuild kit. I did that and it is fine.
  9. Plane Dr

    Where can you buy master link clips in bulk?

    Installed and removed properly there isn't really a problem reusing them. That said I have several masterlinks in a bag with no clip It's also a handy supply of seals for when those little buggers vanish.
  10. Plane Dr

    MRD touches rear tire.

    I'm running an E engine now with mine. It runs well with 15-39 but 470 it ain't! I did need to shim the MRD out quite a bit. I don't think the subframe is tweaked but it might be. I run trackmasters and a 150 rear though.
  11. Plane Dr

    Trail Tech Vapor install has kicked my butt!

    I never had any issues with mine and I changed the way it was hooked up several times. The changes were all mod related none were due to trail tech
  12. Plane Dr

    drz400 engine removal

    Bear in mind it only goes in and out 1 way when assembled.
  13. Plane Dr

    manual cam chain tensioner

    The auto cam chain tensioners apply a certain force to the chain. The argument is that they induce wear stretching the chain. The current design is supposedly improved, they were a couple iterations, I think 06 ish has the latest greatest.. There was a lot of discussion about tensioner failure causing engine destruction. For the most part I read as many more dying from valves/oil pumps, general suicide as I have ever read about ACCT failure. It is considered good preventative maintenance for the cam chain. But realistically most people never wear them out. Most are in the engine anyway to do "something". I certainly don't feel it is a must do to a newer engine. However it is a good preventative maintenance item. I typically change them but I also rotated a couple engines.....
  14. Plane Dr

    Fuel economy at WOT

    I never got less than 40 mpg unless single track. It didn't matter how hard I rode on the street. I haven't compared a raptor petcock but 've run a WR petcock and when installed was essentially the same as original. Check your vacuum set up maybe something changed there. Bear in mind that a stock DRZ is so understressed that if properly maintained will last for a long time regardless of how it's ridden. Random stuff happens whether they are babied or not.
  15. Plane Dr

    Fuel economy at WOT

    Stock you can run WFO basically forever. You have a supply problem from the sounds of it I would check the fuel tube length. You likely could have gone another 60 miles on reserve. Worst mileage I ever got was about 25 mpg and that was hard single track.