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  1. joethunder

    To Parents with Racers

    That makes sense. They can be good for a short time. I just remember seeing a kid down the street he rode an entire summer with training wheels, he was so used to not balancing, it was really difficult for him when the training wheels came off. It all about fun whatever works.
  2. joethunder

    Good Karma!

    This site has helped me quite a bit, which is awesome. But I have a good story which happened from this week. My Toyota 4runner had a fuel leak from an unknown source. This is my daily car and I don't have a lot of free time, so I thought I was going to have to take it to a shop, which is a bummer because I have a daughter in college and another that plays club volleyball, so money is tight. One of my wife's coworkers is married to a guy who enjoys working on cars as a hobby. He told her he would take a look at it for me.Long story short after some trial and error we located the leaking part which was underneath the plenum. We worked on it together and discovered that we were both previously ski bums in the same ski town years ago and had a lot of similar interests. And the cool part is that they only live a few blocks away. His help was awesome and I learned a few things, he definitely has some good karma coming his way. I really believe that what goes around comes around.
  3. joethunder

    To Parents with Racers

    I would start her on a pw50. can she ride a bicycle without training wheels? If so, I probably wouldn't install training wheels on the mini bike. In my experience the training wheels while cute for little kids, make it harder for them to learn the balance skills needed to ride on two wheels. It actually can slow the learning process down. Their are some great youtube videos that offer some great tips on completely bypassing training wheels on bicycles. My daughter was about six, and could ride a bicycle really well and she hopped on a ttr70 and was fine. It was fun watching tool around. Good luck!
  4. joethunder

    When do you call it quits?

    This thread is hitting close to home. I'm 48 and keep wondering if riding is worth the risks. I ride mostly mx, but trails occasionally. Due to my work schedule this year, I have only ridden a few times in the past 6 months. I had actually talked myself into selling my bikes because of lack of use, but the real reason is I feel guilty for putting myself at risk, with a family to support. I got back on the bike recently, after not riding for a few months. It was a blast, even though I was riding like a spaz. I wear knee braces,neck brace and all the other stuff. I ride well within myself, I could actually push it much harder, but it is not worth it. I really was ready to sell everything, but now, I would like to keep riding. I mountain bike (some really nasty terrain at high speed) but I am really comfortable on a bicycle. I ski, I even jumped on my skateboard earlier today while the wife was running errands. But moto has the biggest penalty points. My luck would be that I quit riding, and then I would trip on the sidewalk and jack myself up. Nothing in life is guaranteed. To the OP...injuries really suck, and hopefully you heal quickly. You need to do what is right for you, maybe you can back it down a bit. Maybe ride some trails, even though trails can be just as dangerous in my opinion. At this point, I am not ready to hang it up.
  5. joethunder

    CURRENT Colorado MX track conditions

    Watkins was great today, prep was good, lots of corners. Definately more work to get around the track, in a good way. No more just turning laps in 3rd and 4th gear.
  6. joethunder

    Watkins Closing!

    I will be bummed if they are closed. When I started riding there in 05 the track was really busy, but the amount of riders has decreased significantly in the last few years. With some additional track maintenance and changes that place be busy again. Hopefully it will reopen.
  7. joethunder

    why cant cops just leave us alone?

    Some cops are cool, some are not. I thought about being a cop when I first went to college. I took a criminal investigations class, that was great, then I took a some basic criminal law class. There were so many "tools" in that class, I knew there was no way I could have worked with these guys. Some of these students were doing ride- alongs with cops. All they could talk about was how many speeding tickets they would write and other traffic violations that they could bust someone for. That class killed any plan to be a cop. I recently plated a wr 250f. Real title, real insurance, real plate. I stopped at a 7/11 for gas and few cops were there. One of them started walking toward me, he did the cop walk, where the kind of circle you. He saw the plate, and just gave me a head nod and walked back to his car and drove away. Don't ever run from a cop. It could escalate to a whole new level. I heard about a sport bike rider running from the cops on Iowa, it was a minor offense, I think he was screwing around in a parking lot. Anyway he ran, the cops chased it went on for a short time, and then another cop heard the radio call, he was going to cut off the biker. He reportedly turned off all of his lights and parked his car in the middle of a dark side street. The kid (teenager) broadsided the cop car. No Bueno. Saw some cops do some serious hero stuff in the open space behind my house a few weeks ago. Cops walked into a wetland searching for a guy who had stabbed someone. Dark night -Snakes, coyotes, and a psycho with a knife. They searched for a couple of hours, finally found him.
  8. joethunder

    Anyone ever had their Yamaha Repoed?

    Tough crowd on this topic. It is easy to make bad financial decisions and life can throw a curve, and the OP is dealing with it. The OP was simply asking a question. Good advice, but a little confusing. To those that are so liquid, how are you paying for the OP's repo and possible BK. Your credit scores must be close to 800, not that it matters because you do not use credit. Interest rates are ridiculously low right not now, less than the rate of inflation. No debt and 750 score and you can buy a car or a home for less than 4%, cars closer to 1%. You are not even in the same pool with people paying 19%. Sure the stimulus bailed out the banks, but that was a scam. Banks are making more money now than ever. Also, banks factor in and charge accordingly to cover their write offs, it is the CODB(cost of doing business) Rates the OP was paying was making the company $$$$. The bankruptcy laws are in favor of the creditors, make no mistake about it. And Condor is correct the wealthy and businesses use bankruptcy for protection more frequently than a normal person who has some normal bills. I absolutely agree that you should never borrow more than you can pay back comfortably. Never borrow on something that depreciates rapidly or can blow up like a 250f . I drive a 20 year old car(by choice), I pay cash for my toys- all of them. I paid cash for my tuition- not fun. I have no cc debt. So I agree with the advice. 20% Down on the house and so on... Live and learn...Put the bike back together and turn it over.
  9. joethunder

    Exersize: Running VS Biking

    This has been a good read, thanks for the back and forth. Anyway, I am an old guy-47, fairly slow but have gotten better at mx. Being a fair athlete back in the day, sprinter-track, speed skater,cyclist, skier..Never a superstar.I found that my body was not responding the same way as I got older. It was way to easy to overtrain, and not let the body recover correctly. My theory was to work as hard as possible every day. Some days I would do two 1 hr spin classes (high intensity) back to back, lift, stretch and swim for a total of about 3hr-3 1/2 hours. When I got on the dirt bike I just did not have it. I was tired. So I heard Robb Beams on DMXS one evening, http://www.motoendurance.net/ I can not say enough about this guy. I did a ten week program(online) with him and he had me feeling better,stronger and faster in a few weeks. Basically it was eat right, eat properly before a workout, train smart-not hard,recover correctly and rest. But the cool part was the riding section. I would go to the track and do 20 minute warm up moto, comfortably raise the heart rate. After that I would do 10 two lap sprints, lap times were about 2:25. Practice starts and corners for the remainder of the riding time. What I found by sprinting was that by attacking the track, you learn to look for different lines, which for me really helped. My lap times dropped significantly. The bummer was that I broke some ribs on my Mtn bike and after that I have rethought the idea of trying to really increase my moto speed. One of you stated that you cannot get your heart rate up by doing Kung fu...I think you mean martial arts in general. We used to do a round robin of sparring (1 minute rounds) at the end of TKD classes, that is brutal and trust me your heart rate is going through the ceiling. And, Bruce Lee was a bad a$$. To the op, running has jacked me up, I was a sprinter in until I graduated high school. I really like mountain biking, great time,great workout.
  10. joethunder

    Best wife ever!

    That is so cool. I think it's time to turn the tables on the ladies, lets let them know what Leroys wife did. " Well honey, Leroys wife bought him a new bike, isn't she great" Haha no way.
  11. joethunder

    03 WR 250 comes alive

    The DR D Pipe was $100 for complete system, including the spark arrestor. No dents, just a few small scuffs. Great deal.
  12. joethunder

    03 WR 250 comes alive

    I believe the gray wire mod, and airbox were done before i purchased the bike. I tried the washer fix for the clutch drag, but it did not work for long. The jetting was tricky, I learned quite a bit trying to rid the bike of the off idle bog. The new clutch and pipe have really helped with the remaining bog. My wife may actually want to ride the bike again. I still need to play with the suspension, but that will come with time on bike. What is surprising is how tall the bike is,
  13. joethunder

    03 WR 250 comes alive

    I purchased an 03 WR250 for my wife a last year. She has since decided to stop riding, so I decided to tinker with her bike. Recently plated it for street, put in a new clutch and last week found a DR D pipe on Craiglist. All the sudden the bike is so much better. I could not believe the difference the pipe made, it had the stock exhaust, for that matter it still has the original grips and bars(low low hour bike. I took it out to a local riding area and the bike just kept pulling on the straights. My other bike is an 08 yz 450, so I am used to decent power, but the wr just revved like crazy. Just need to confirm my jetting, but wow, hard to believe this is the same bike! Found lots of good info on this forum Thanks to everyone who shares their knowledge.
  14. joethunder

    Baja 1000 vs Tour de France

    While the Baja 1000 would be brutal, really brutal, I think it is a more attainable feat than riding the Tour. I respect all from each sport. I did a charity mountain bike ride over the continental divide two years ago. Lance Armstrong was leading the ride. It was around 25 miles are gnarly singletrack and the elevation was between 6000 and 10500 feet. I trained a considerable amount for this ride, it took me about 4 hours to complete it. Lance finished it in 2hrs, I heard it was like 1:45 but that does not even seem possible. A closer comparison might be the Leadville 100 mountain bike race, and the Baja 1000, mortals can complete the Leadville 100 (barely). The tour is just ridiculous in my opinion. The drain of Racing for 22 of 28 days, no thanks. The great thing is I will never have to worry about competing in either one!
  15. joethunder

    Broken ribs 7 months ago, not fully healed

    Ribs seem to heal very slowly. I damaged the cartilage (or whatever it is) in between the ribs and it has never healed. My doc said it was a 'floating rib". It has been at least ten years. The only good thing is when I start to gain weight, my stomach pushes out on the rib and becomes uncomfortable, lose a few pounds and it goes away. I finally quit martial art in part due to slow healing ribs. The ribs we always taking a beating and would never fully heal. After a year of being in pain, I threw in the towel. It should eventually go away.