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  1. Hi, living in the UK, smashed the glass on my headlight on WR426, Rectangle shape and made of glass (God knows why!). Anyhow, dealer wants £85, would like to replace original, does anyone in the UK have a cheaper contact? or second hand. Thanks Rich
  2. Follett

    Done something really stupid!

    Hi Sean, I did the same thing. Took it to my local dealer & put a heli-coil in with a larger bolt. Changed my about $40. I think I now need to be careful as you can't screw this up too many times! Good luck. Rich
  3. Hi, I have a european 2002 WR426. These don't come with a spark arrester so there is nothing to remove. To compete in enduros in the UK it must read no greater than 85db from 2 metres. Does the stock pipe pass this? Thanks again for your help. Rich
  4. Took it to dealer and they fitted heli coil and all was ok until I changed the oil again and now there is a very slow leak from the bolt. Can anyone suggest a fix for this? Too scared to tighten any more! Thanks
  5. Follett

    No Lights after heavy session on MX track

    Ok, the lights now work again after I replaced the speedo/ODO with the digital trailtech panoram. No idea why this might be as the only wires going into the speedo are for bulbs. Thanks once again for all your help.
  6. Follett

    No Lights after heavy session on MX track

    Hi All, still not found the answer but have some more news. The brake light works if the light switch is set to OFF. If the lights are switched ON then the brake light does not work!. Still neither front or rear lights not working. I have removed the tank and checked every connector I can see. This is very fustrating. Might have to take it to a dealer. I have borrowed a volt meter from a friend but don't really understand how to use it if I'm honest. Thanks for your help.
  7. Follett

    No Lights after heavy session on MX track

    Hi all, thanks for all the advise, will check tonight. Rich
  8. Hi, spent 4 heavy hours on a track yesterday. Got home and realised lights are not working (front & rear nor brake). Checked bulbs, all ok, checked what connectors I could find. Checked switch on bars, seems ok (kill switch works). Any ideas? Thanks Rich
  9. Got a european 426. Noticed that after hard acceleration when slowing down can backfire. Is this ok or an indication of too lean? If I need to make it richer, what do I need to do? Thanks for your help. Rich p.s. Airbox lid has been removed. [ April 22, 2002: Message edited by: Follett ] It also happens when I have stalled and trying to re-start. If I pull the compressor in and kick through a few cycles then on the 3-4 it bangs! [ April 22, 2002: Message edited by: Follett ]
  10. Follett

    New to Kicking question?

    Thanks for all the help. I understand all the hot and cold start stuff. I think I might have been moving the kicker on too far. There is an exhaust stroke and a compression stroke. When I was trying to start I seemed to get half way through the kick and then it was like hiting a brick wall! the kicker just stops, so obviously I have choosen the wrong stroke to kick. Does it matter if it is the exhaust or compression stroke? Thanks Rich
  11. Follett

    New to Kicking question?

    I'm one of those electric start boys that have just moved onto a WR426! I know you lot have been kicking for years so you probably know your bike but over the weekend I had a right nightmare getting my started. I had trouble finding the correct place to kick so the kick went all the way thought the full cycle. I hope this makes sence. So I used the de-compresser to move on a few revolutions and then tried again. Is there an easy way to find the correct place to kick? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but kicking in the wrong place bloody hurt! Thanks Big Girl's blouse.
  12. Follett

    Which Renthal bars are similar to stock?

    Thanks for the offer but I am in the UK!
  13. Follett

    Which Renthal bars are similar to stock?

    This is on a 2002 426
  14. I want to replace the stock bars with Renthals with similar rise and width, any recomendations? So bloody many! Thanks
  15. Follett

    Need plastics supplier in UK ?

    Excellent! Thanks guys for all your help. I just bought a WR426! Oh dear! Getting a bit addictive this lark. Laters. Rich