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  1. f2dog

    Stroked kicker

    Have you switched over the ecu from the kicker ?
  2. As long you have the spacer in place, you can use a std 94mm piston, but you have to shave of the skirts (2,5-3 millimeters millimeters) to clear the cranck. I had a shaved JE Piston #183051 in my stroker, Also used a Wossner 94mm with shaved skirts. Just be careful and take off the same amount on both sides. Attached is one pic showing a std 94mm JE piston, and one modified (Guess it'a a Wossner or a Vertex) You can see the skirts are shorter on the used one.
  3. f2dog

    Thank You !

    Reason for getting the Brutale was that I wanted a small, but powerful bike , mostly used for city and small trips. This 800cc is absolutly a blast, 140hp and only 370lbs combined with top of the notch electronics and a quickshifter. The pic is from a cople of days after I got the bike, only mods was changing the gas tank and seat from a std model (didn't like the colour combination on the original) After this, I have installed a GPR race exhaust and a tail tidy I will take some more pics in the near future
  4. f2dog

    Thank You !

    After 7 yrs, it's time to say goodbye to the dizzer. Decided to clean up my garage, and have sold 3 bikes (GSXR1000 KWS, Kawa Z1000 and the DRZ). After buying a MV Agusta 800 Brutale RR earlier this year, none of my other bikes has been on the road, and it was time to let them go. The Drz went to my neighbor , who has plead to buy the bike for the last 5 years.... Bike is sold without any kind of guarantee, and absolutely no wrenching... Cleaning up gives me enough space to start a build the coming winter , and even I'm not 100% sure what it will be, it will include at least one turbo.. Want to thank everyone here for help and advises building/running the 470cc DRZ during the past 7 years. I'm going to continue to follow the forum on occasions , keep it up !!
  5. This is for race use, and don't apply to our kind of (ab)use. Athena uses absolutly top quality pistons, my kit came with a Wossner piston , and it's still working after 7 yrs of abuse in my 470cc
  6. f2dog

    I would like to go big bore

    I would go for more known brand. Why not spend 200 euros more and get a kit from CW ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/41001-K01-KIT-CYLINDRE-WORKS-d-94mm-SUZUKI-DRZ-400-2000-2014-BIG-BORE-/271778467818?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_71&hash=item3f47424fea
  7. You should measure the outlet (The end towards the cylinder top) Could very well be a 37mm FCR, and if so, it ain't worth the issue making adapters to make it fit your bike.
  8. f2dog

    OEM vs Athena vs CW

    That's correct. For the drz, they use a 3-ring piston, and it last as long as any other quality piston kit. When I bought my 94mm Athena kit, it was delivered with a Wossner piston, which is one of the best you get .
  9. f2dog

    Mystery flakes in engine oil

    Checked if anyone has "fixed" the drain plug or side case with JB weld or similar ? Another place could be the water plugs in the cylinder head
  10. f2dog

    Official Dyno Results! (FCRMX+MRD)

    Keep the emn, to check on the needle, you have to do half throttle readings on the dyno to get the correct afr. Emn should be an ok needle for your setup.
  11. f2dog

    Oil burner!

    The oil is circulating when the engine runs, and the frame fills up. After a while the oil sinks down to the sump, and you will read no/low oil on the dip stick on top of the frame. Run the engine for 3-5 minutes, and then check the dip stick.
  12. f2dog

    Official Dyno Results! (FCRMX+MRD)

    E-Model has 48 on the crank, so around 40-42 @ wheel E-Model has better cams, fcr 39, but a more restricted exhausts, so numbers should be pretty much the same
  13. f2dog

    Official Dyno Results! (FCRMX+MRD)

    Dyno without a baseline has no value at all. Most dynos are different, and shows high/mid/low numbers There are different brands of dyno's as well... Guess you got 40-42 hp after the mods. On a "kind" dyno, you might have got 50
  14. f2dog

    462 build top rebuild findings

    Rhc 187 is made by web, it's the grind Ron Hamp specified...
  15. f2dog

    Carb question

    Don't know what's it been used for, but it's a vacum port in the inlet. The port over goes probably to the petcock, the one below has no use, and could be replaced with a bolt.