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  1. Vansmack

    What did you do to your Husky today?

    I moved some towels and blankets that were in the way in the garage to the seat of the Husky.
  2. Vansmack

    09 Husky TE450 rad guards

    They come with a lifetime warranty too. If you did happen to damage them/one, they would replace it. I have always used Flatland radiator guards in the past but they do not make one for the 'fan' Husky's yet. I have run them on a few bikes, they have been tested, they are the shiznit!! If they come out with a set that would fit my bike I might switch. I use the Flatland skid plates too, they make some quality stuff. Unfortunately they specialize in KTM, Yamaha, and Gas Gas.
  3. Vansmack

    09 Husky TE450 rad guards

    I went for Bullet Proof Designs in black. http://bulletproofdesigns.com/Husky.htm Not my bike, but that is what they look like.
  4. Vansmack

    Rear Licence Plate Relocator Pictuers

    OK, here are the pics. Full plate pic, drill hole in center aligned as high as it can go. For now I have a zip tie securing the bottom of the plate. I meant to put another bolt but I'm too busy playing X-box for that. Underside pic, you can see the plate is pretty even with the fender. Side view. You can see where the top corners of the plate were bent over. Top down shot to see more of the bent corners. That's it!
  5. Vansmack

    Rear Licence Plate Relocator Pictuers

    I can't believe having our plate in any sort of manner we come up with could be any worse than what the street bike riders do with their plates after installing a fender eliminator kit. On my commute this morning I was following a guy who had the plate and brake light installed so low down inside the rear fender that you could not see the plate at all, and could barely see the brake light. I don't know how they get away with that.
  6. Vansmack

    Rear Licence Plate Relocator Pictuers

    I'm using Palmer's picture here, but I drilled a hole in center of the plate, then used the bolt that holds the plate light assembly to hold the plate on, this way the plate is even with the end of the fender. I'll get a picture of my setup and replace this one as soon as I can. Chris
  7. Vansmack

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    Do you work with the big balls of Buckley? There is some cool stuff there. Chris
  8. Vansmack

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    E-mail related IT stuff, I run an Exchange system. From building and installing the servers to the backend application. I don't do Outlook, just the backend Exchange, SMTP gateways, etc.
  9. Vansmack

    Valve adjustment

    I think he broke the driver, not the screws. Are you using a bit or a full Torx driver? Try an actual driver, like the Craftsman one, those bits always seem kind of soft.
  10. Vansmack

    Air intake backfire screen

    I think most everybody takes it out (I did), the feeling is that there is little chance of an FI bike backfiring through the FI unit into the filter.
  11. Vansmack

    09 TE510 Gas Range

    EXACTLY!!! I told my wife, you buy crap all the time that you do not need because it is on sale, this was on sale and I needed it!!
  12. Vansmack

    09 TE510 Gas Range

    As did I.
  13. Vansmack

    2009 TE510 Rekluse Pro Install question

    Husky123, did you do the suggested install with the medium setting? Have you checked what the actual measurement is between the discs with feeler gauges and not just with the included wire things, perhaps the gap is too small. That is the only thing I can think of. Wish I could help more, mine is working flawlessly. larsn, you'll be happy either way. Does that model come with the clutch override now? If not, you may want to invest in that. I think that would make the cost of the z-start to be the same as the Pro though. You could try talking to your dealer, tell them you wanted a Pro but based on their misinformation you are not getting what you really want. Chris
  14. Vansmack

    Fuel Pump Modification?

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I got it apart, but I was sure I had the problem. I figured for once I'd be the one taking the pictures. Your welcome everybody, glad I could help. If you want some Coffee, I posted it to the Cafe as well.
  15. Vansmack

    Fuel Pump Modification?

    Did the fuel pump mod today and took some pictures. Here you go... With the tank upside down, take out the six screws holding the fuel pump on. Gently pull the fuel pump assembly out. Here you can see that the pickup has slipped. It pretty much pops right out with the factory zip tie. Here it is back in place. There is a certain way it needs to align to slide all the way in. Second zip tie installed, nice and secure now. Reinstall the fuel pump. Someone had asked about a fuel filter somewhere, it's on the inside and is replaceable.