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  1. timlopez

    No Toil airfilter oil causing premature wear?

    I use Rockoil K2 full synthetic. I do not think that is Castor bean derived. The compression before i tore it apart was 225 psi verified on a second gauge. the manual calls out 185 max. Probably carbon build up. The bike is a little rich not lean. It is jetted per Dirt rider magazine 2005, they moved the clip 1 down which makes it a little leaner. The spark plugs are usually pretty black not mocha brown. I ride from 1 to 8 thousand feet. There is a good possiblity that the bottom end is only going to last me 200 to 400 hours. I spoke to Hot Rods and they were no help in determining a bottom end life span or maintenance interval. Tim
  2. timlopez

    No Toil airfilter oil causing premature wear?

    Thanx for the replies. I have used several air filters over the years. I use a Twin Air and then a PC filter cover over the top. When Twin Air started to make the dust cover then I started using that instead of the PC. Both were coated with Notoil and allowed to dry. I would usually clean and reapply oil to the dust cover until the inner filter looked dirty and then clean and oil both. I found the air filters would last about a year using the green notoil oil, then they dissintigrate or the seams would separate. I may have 2 filters I would switch back and forth over the year. I do not like to eat dirt so I usually hang back but of course at times the filter gets pretty dirty.
  3. timlopez

    No Toil airfilter oil causing premature wear?

    The first picture is the intake side. The second picture is the inside bottom piston.
  4. timlopez

    No Toil airfilter oil causing premature wear?

    there are some scratches on the intake side of the piston. I will try to post some photos tonight.
  5. No Toil Airfilter oil system. I have loved this product for its ease of application, cleanup and environmental friendly, but it may be responsible for letting enough dirt through to eat the bottom ends of my motors. 2005 KX250 2stroke. 2005 purchased new KX250. Use Rock oil synthetic 32:1 and No Toil air filter oil 2008 2,700 miles and the bottom end bearings shed enough metal particles to take out the top end. Install ProX piston and HotRod lower. 2010 Using only Twin air filters with an outer dust cover. Preventative maintenance top end where the mechanic tells me some dirt is getting past my air filter as evidenced by dirty stain inside the bottom of the piston. Install ProX piston Dec 2012 after 122 hours of run time another PM top end and again there is the dirty stain inside the bottom of the piston. This time I am told to quit using No Toil and use Bel Ray airfilter oil. The mechanic is seeing a trend of top end wear on 4 strokes and piston and bottom end wear on 2 strokes. Now I will have to wait about 2 years and another 100 hours to see if the bel ray helps. The bottom end is starting to loosen up and I anticipate it failing in another 100 hours. These are my facts and opinions. I am 48 years old and do not race, I usually short shift, but I have climbed hills in 3rd or 4th gear wide open at times. The question is: Has anyone else been able to attribute increased engine wear from using No Toil air filter oil. Or am I experiencing a typical bottom end life.
  6. timlopez

    05 KX250 pipe help

    Ya, I looked into and thought about repair but I also want to take the opportunity to upgrade, if it makes a noticeable improvement. and add the carbon fiber pipe guard. I plan on keeping the bike for a long time, I even have a brand new in box motor as a spare. My stock pipe is really crunched at the neck, The main tube. I can not believe I did not know exactly when it happened. I was looking at the bike the next morning after the Sat ride when the pipe looked funny and then wow it is really crunched in several areas. i do not know if they really could fix it. If I get motivated I might post some pictures
  7. timlopez

    05 KX250 pipe help

    Thanx alot. Now how about a pipe guard. I like the Eline Carbon Fiber but they can't decide if it fits. FMF Gnarly #022053 with the Eline #1861-0134 pipe guard
  8. timlopez

    05 KX250 pipe help

    I am asking for personal experience on aftermarket pipes. For instance on a 1990 550SX jetski I can say from experience that the aftermarket pipe and SS impeller makes a huge improvement.
  9. timlopez

    05 KX250 pipe help

    I crushed my stock pipe and need to either fix it or buy a new pipe. Thinking about the FMF Gnarly. I ride mostly trail, single track and hill climbs. Any suggestions. I have been happy with the stock pipe but have nothing to compare it to. The bike is stock except some jetting and FWW. Thanx
  10. timlopez

    Added FW Weight to KX100

    Rejetted a few months ago, last night added a 12oz Steahly Flywheel Weight (FWW) to the 09 KX100. The wife and 14 y/o son were pretty scared of the power and having some problem with stalling, lack of low end power. The FWW seems to have fixed the problems. They said it has evened out the power curve and is much better to ride. Surprising to me they think the low end has improved substantially. This was one of the easiest and fastest mods I have done .
  11. timlopez

    Carnigie 4/26/09 (Sunday)

    Robert, When will you get there and where are you parking. Tim
  12. timlopez

    Looking for riders in Norcal

    Hollister Hills tomorrow am
  13. timlopez

    Looking for riders in Norcal

    ntrlfive. I live in Livermore and am always looking for another riding buddy. I just got my bike top and bottom end. Half tank into break in. Carnegie is closed for red sticker and last weekend for Hollister. I also belong to the www.valleytrailriders.com who have a montly ride to a bunch of far away places.
  14. Check with Maryland DMV. In California you would need to follow these requirements How to apply for a noncommercial driver license A noncommercial driver license is issued in the following two classes: Noncommercial Class A Noncommercial Class B A Noncommercial Class A license is required if you tow: a travel trailer weighing over 10,000 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) which is not used for hire. a fifth-wheel travel trailer weighting over 15,000 lbs. GVWR which is not used for hire. a livestock trailer that is not for hire, weight over 10,000 lbs. GVWR but not over 15,000 lbs. GVWR, and is operated within 150 miles of the farm by a farmer to transport livestock.
  15. timlopez

    Can't find exhaust valve shaft locking pin

    Mine came out pretty easy. I used both methods of turning the head upside down and using a strong magnet. After I did my topend it went out and I found out the bottom end was bad. If you have any metal shavings or slop in the connecting rod you need a bottom end. If in doubt take it to someone that knows. Good luck. I got my bike back together after 6 weeks.