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  1. slothspeed

    Dirt bike crankshafts.

    It wont work because the metal from Honda and Yamaha are from two different locations on the Japanese Island. Like acids and Bases.
  2. slothspeed

    Stripped oil cap

    I like the screwdriver idea. You could also use the screwdriver(Not heated) and fill the rest with hot glue gun.
  3. slothspeed

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    The Apex group has some quality brands. Dotco, Cleco.......
  4. slothspeed

    Case Halves Gasket Maker

    Permatex says the right stuff is not for gasoline. Link. in fact this is quote from website. "NOTE: Not for use as a head gasket or on parts in contact with gasoline." I learned to weld Aluminum more than 30 years ago. Im currently X-Ray (Aerospace) certified to weld Titanium and Aluminum. If I weld it with the wrong welding rod then its Wrong! My years of experience really mean nothing.
  5. slothspeed

    18" Rear Wheel spacers

    Thank you. Will do that
  6. slothspeed

    18" Rear Wheel spacers

    The WR wheel came with my bike. I bought these Tusk Spacer and they have a section of the spacer that fits between the bearing and axle. I picked YZ250. maybe I just need to pick WR450 but not sure if they had more than one axle size for different years. My bearings are 22mm ID and axle is 22mm OD. The spacers on the bike do not have a stepped diameter (25mm on Tusk) near the bearing. They also have plastic dust shield, OEM? Spacers from my wheel are identical both sides.
  7. slothspeed

    18" Rear Wheel spacers

    I have a 2012 YZ250 with WR450 " rear wheel. What rear wheel bearing spacers do I need? The YZ ones for the 19" wheel do not fit.
  8. slothspeed

    Books in Suspension? Or best place to learn?

    The best thing I got from the book was that making a bike too stable can reduce traction. Better to make it move around slightly more than you like. Not pogo on the spring mind you. If you have a place to test with variety of obstacles, along with Restackor software and a High speed camera. Almost anyone could have great suspension. Clicked posts have great information about shim stacks and their interactions, Circuit timing, Pressure balance etc, Must reading if you really want to understand how all the components work together. The suspension bible is like a book about engines. Describing all the components, how camshafts open and close valves, compression ratio, timing etc. Clicked posts would be how to design and tune a race engine.
  9. slothspeed

    Best Tire Pressure Gauge?

    I like this one for 2 reasons. The 20 psi max makes it less likely to peg the gauge. And they sell replacement gauges, gauge protector and hose separately if needed. Ive used it for more than 10 years. Quickcar Keep this one in my camelbak. You can tell the quality difference compared to most auto parts store gauges. Pencil Gauge I use the dial to compare to the pencil gauge. I run 5-8 psi in rear and 10-12 in front.
  10. slothspeed

    What does cavitation feel like?

    PEEK plastic would probably work for development. But those printers cost from $10K to $250K
  11. slothspeed

    2 stroke rev limiters

    Did not know that. Some of the 90's CR125 ignitions advanced the timing after 12K rpm. It hammered the cranks and pistons on shifter kart motors. Since the rules specified stock ignition we ran a year that did not have that specific curve. I dont think the designers did it on purpose. Its just that kart motors turn over 13K so they did not consider that rpm as the bikes did not turn that high.
  12. YZ, no headlight. Close ratio gears. Terrible for hwy speeds.
  13. slothspeed


    I did not respond to the original poster as in my approximately $8K spent with Rocky I think only returned one item for exchange. A brand new pair of Gaerne boots as I needed a different size. They handled it perfectly which makes me about 2% qualified to tell everyone how great their customer service is. Do miss their 10% on next order and the rewards program greatly. Saved a ton when that program was in place but still order most of my things from them. Thanks for the great post with real examples. And the info about new ownership.
  14. slothspeed

    Baseline suspension setup

    Really great info. If you did a similar write-up on KYB I would take the day off to read it.